[Video|Open] Backdated to late afternoon
30 March 2012 at 09:08 pm
[Hello everyone, have a girl shifting back and forth in a very excited, but also nervous kind of way. She wraps her hand in her hand with a smile and waves with the other.]

Uh...hi! I know not everyone knows who I am, but my name is Rapunzel and I've been reading up a lot recently about things people do for fun with other people, because I love having parties, but I'm not really good at knowing what to do at parties--[she cuts herself off there with a sheepishly laugh]--yeah, so I got a few books and there was this one game that sounded really fun and I wanted to try it out with everyone. So...who would like to play a game of Truth or Dare? Like, right now!

The book said that someone asks "Truth or Dare?" and whoever's turn it is picks one or the other and the person who asked then asks a question for truth or gives a dare. You have to pick one or the other and whichever one you pick you have to do as best you can or you lose. And since we can talk to each other over the network we don't even have to be in the same room to play!

I mean...that is if you want to. You don't have to if you don't, but I just thought it could be a fun way to...well, have fun, and get to know each other, you know? [And as she stops her rambling she may be losing a bit of steam and becoming a bit more unsure. Maybe she should have thought this over a bit more before asking?] So if you want to play just say you're in and someone else can ask you "Truth or Dare." And uh...if you pick dare, you can just show it through the communicator, or meet each other face-to-face to complete the dare. Should be easy, right?

[a bit quiet she says under her breath] ...I think. Did all of that make sense? I hope that made sense. Maybe I should read the book again.

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22 March 2012 at 10:45 am
[ a real short 'n' simple question from a grease-covered engine monkey with what looks like an ugly beast of a contraption forming up in her immediate background: ]

Ain't any chance there's anyone with a spare plasma cutter on hand, is there? Guess I could make do with a cutting torch...

[ wipe, and there goes another smudge of black onto her cheek. ]

If you could let Kaylee Frye know, that's me-- and Dean, stop scowlin'! I know you're already gettin' your temper up but it ain't even finished yet and you can't judge 'til it's done!
Wish prank mingle
13 March 2012 at 02:41 am
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The actual spell )

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06 March 2012 at 11:43 am
Alright, I'm stumped, and it's pretty hard to stump me. I get that I'm in prison and there's apparently no escape. If you crack the glass, all the water pours in and even if you manage to get out, the 168.327 times normal gravity will crush you flat. Clever. But this really doesn't look like a prison. I mean, what prison hands out gift baskets? Not exactly the most intimidating first gesture.

So my big question to my fellow "inmates" is: what exactly is going on here? How did they snatch me up and hold a trial that I don't even remember? I doubt they really care about justice, but why lie about me getting a trial?

[A sigh. This is really getting him nowhere.]

The point is that I'd appreciate information besides the info in the pamphlet. Thanks.
[The 157th Day]
05 March 2012 at 05:59 pm
Good morning, everyone! [This morning, it isn't Acumen's disembodied voice greeting you: it's a video post of a smallish robot, sitting on the grass and playing idly with a cat on its lap. And it sounds -- unusually happy, perhaps.] My name is Sentience, for those of you who do not know me. I am now the warden of this facility.

I would like to extend my thanks to those of you who helped me to correct this situation. I would like to encourage all of you to sleep in today -- you're probably exhausted, and you have more than earned the rest. I have arranged for a party, as I believe I indicated I would; a banquet this evening at the shelter.

Please rest assured that I have every intention of making your lives here as positive an experience as I can. To that end... I will be answering any questions I can that you may have for me, and I will take any requests or suggestions that you may have in altering the way this facility is run, to make it a better place where you could live more happily.

Let's see... There are no completed requests in the queue. Today it will be cool again, and... New inmates will be arriving! So please be aware of that disruption to your daily events.

((OOC: For those of you who participated in the plot, you once again woke up in your own beds this morning, but this time everything was just as normal, except for the fact that as Sentience indicated, you are extremely tired. Characters who did not participate in the plot will have no idea that anything happened, and will have to learn about it the normal way! You may video or voice reply to this post, and you may threadjack anything. Despite the video, Sentience is not anywhere you would be able to find it in the dome.))
16 February 2012 at 06:29 pm
[Like another Tim Drake, this Tim now has his Robin costume. But unlike the other, this Robin isn't creeping about in the shadows, oh no. He's swinging around the buildings while whooping with glee, walking on his hands along ledges, running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop - sometimes even jumping off them - and tumbling all over the place. The whole dome is now one big playground for him.

Catch his attention anywhere if you want, or maybe he practically runs into you because he's not really looking where he's going all that much, glad to be able to move about in the air again. To him, it's as close to flying as a human with no powers is going to get without help from someone else.]

[OOC: Open for kissing but he's 13 so chaste stuff on the forehead or cheek only please!]
12 February 2012 at 01:24 pm
[ Video flickers on. First blocked by a fleshy pink palm, and then blacked out until the image adjusts. It's dark out and whoever's recording must be drunk, or freshly woken up on the curb of a multi-dimensional prison. The view swings away from the dark outline of a ball & chain to the front of a torn and bloody cardigan.

No guns. No swords. No hood. Not a single red-haired trouble maker in sight. ]


I hate Colorado.
[ video + action ]
07 February 2012 at 01:06 am
[ The video opens up on a woman looking somewhere between frightened and angered. Definitely conflicted between the two. The only thing really keeping her sane right now is the fact that she woke up near the koi pond, and the last thing she wants to do is destroy such a pretty place she's found herself surrounded in.

Oh. And the threat of her powers being stripped. ]

Does this 'Acumen' possess the capabilities to strip a person of their basic genetics? [ She questions now, looking a little upset.

She sighs and the anger falters a bit into what almost looks like fear before it's gone. Coldness instead. ]

My imprisonment is a mistake. [ Not claiming innocence but...

She adds this a bit softer now. ]

Where is the sun?
[video | open to action]
06 February 2012 at 10:06 pm
[A video post engages and all that is immediately visible is Roy's face - and he looks somewhere between disgruntled and slightly amused, his red hair tousled and a little dirty, a wry smirk at the corner of his mouth.]

Okay, I get it. Roy's a jailbird. Again. Thanks universe, that's really funny.

[He sighs and shakes his head a little.]

I know the basic drill about jail and all, and I got the gist of the rules from the pamphlet and stuff. This place is even one heck of a lot better than the last hole I was in, but I still got a few questions. For example, official rules are one thing. What about the unofficial ones? Anyone want to fill me in on the taboos and all that before I run into them the hard way? Knowing my luck, first thing I'd do is piss off the resident big bad and get my butt beaten in again.

Anyone want to help a guy out?

[A pause, and he looks a bit rueful.]

And uh, yeah, as a side note, I know this is pretty freaking unlikely considering where I am and probably why, but are there any ways I could get a call to the outside world? Or home or whatever? I mean, it's not like I'm in a third world country this time, don't I get a phone call?
30 January 2012 at 04:30 pm
[Filtered to the other Tim Drake]

[Guess who's finally getting off his butt and talking about this.] So, uh... Hey. I was just wondering if you got charged with murder too. I guess I kill the Joker because he captures me, brainwashes me, tortures me, and it drives me crazy so I... Yeah.

Nice future I have to look forward to if we ever get out of here, huh? Anything like that happen in your world?
The 152nd Day
30 January 2012 at 03:00 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 152nd day of the third generation. The weather will continue to be cool today.

Construction has been completed on the stable and riding arena requested by inmate Zero Kiryuu. All interested inmates are encouraged to visit the stable in Sector 6 and see the horses there.
[That's right, Marina: you now have ponies to ride.]

Inmate Tim Wayne, the item you requested is available for pick up at the entrance to the shelter in Sector 0.
[MINGLE / Open to ALL] Snowball Fight in Sector 4!
11 January 2012 at 07:35 pm
[ Wandering around the snowy park? There are two things to look out for: (1) don't trip over the bright orange ropes that close off a large open area, (2) take cover and watch for a stray snowball, and (3) ... you know, you might want to join in for this is a Snowball Fight.

Only guidelines: no weapons, no head shots, no stuffing snow down someone's mouth, collar or anywhere else uncomfortable. Play to your heart's content! Spoiler: there's no winner.

Warm drinks and snacks are served in a nearby tent (ah, thank goodness for space heaters!), while towels and blankets are also available. You might want to take advantage of the snow as well -- make snowmen, snow angels, your own sculpture as you wind down~ ]

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The 149th Day
09 January 2012 at 06:11 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 149th day of the third generation.

Preparations have been completed for inmate Sasha's snowball fight.
[In other words, there is snow on the ground again.] Inmates who do not wish to participate may be advised to give the area a wide berth.

Inmate Subaru Nakajima, the renovations you requested are now complete.

...Additionally, inmate Cheshire Cat. If you require sustenance, the bots in the shelter kitchens and restaurants across the dome are ready and waiting to make any variety of food you would like. The koi fish are not intended for inmate consumption and further incursions will result in action by this system.
07 January 2012 at 12:54 am
I've heard a couple of new people around, so I thought I'd make myself known. Hey guys! I'm Gino Weinberg. And I'm offering my help to everyone, well actually, all the new Marinarians. [Yup, he's borrowing the term Yuuki coined!]

What can this guy do for me? You might be asking. Well, I can't get that chain off your foot and I can't get you back home, but I can help you with all those pesky chores you're no doubt doing right this moment. I'm a great hand at laundry. Just ask Kallen and Suzaku! And I'm pretty good at gardening too. So just give me a call if you need me! I'll be pretty much available all day. And the days after.

[He gives a wave and shuts off the camera. You can find him in the laundry room! Or - wherever the robots are taking you to do chores!]
03 January 2012 at 04:13 am
[Have a Tim. Have a Tim who does not look happy at all. If you're really good at reading people, you might be able to tell he looks a little worried and pretty upset too. He's being charged with murder? That's impossible, he'd never. But being charged with murder is a pretty big deal so he's really anxious although he's trying his hardest not to let that show.

It's not working very well.]

I have no idea where the Eloquois Ocean is and I don't care. I don't care if this place has a park or library or beach or ar- ... [Okay so he can appreciate an arcade.] I wouldn't care if there was even a stupid castle here. All I care about is where I can find a phone or something so I can call Bruce. You know, Bruce Wayne? Of Wayne Enterprises? One of the richest men in the country? My adopted dad? 'Cuz he's really not going to be happy when he finds out I've been thrown in jail and tied down with a stupid ball thing I can hardly walk around in. If you won't let me talk to him, then I want a lawyer!

I already was in juvie, I already did my time for all the stuff I did before, and I haven't done anything bad since then! [Let's... just leave the word 'illegal' out of this. >_>] All of these charges are bogus, especially the first one! ... Okay, so I did steal before but like I said, I already paid for that! But murder? I don't kill people. I never have and I never will. I wanna know where you're getting all this information from because it's wrong. I. Don't. Kill.