[ text ]
24 May 2012 at 10:04 pm
ii'm 2tartiing two thiink that today ii2 offiiciially let'2 2how the world our feel2 day.
the world at large doe2n't need two hear them 2o how about you cram iit up your 2eedflap2 and 2top two thiink about that before expo2iing the re2t of u2 two your 2hame.
iit'2 liike ii'm 2ufferiing from miild 2econd had embarra22ment for all you poor grubmunche2 over here.
or maybe people are fiinally 2tartiing two lo2e theiir miind2.
[Audio & Filtered Video]
17 May 2012 at 07:31 pm
Hello fellow shitstains, tell me more about your strange love quadrant that has nothing to do with pity or hate. Look at me, being oh-so-fucking magnanimous and not writing it off as idiocy.

[Video;; Filtered to Sollux]

[He looks nervous, dreadfully nervous. He's even doing that thing where he gnaws at his lower lip a bit when he's riddled with anxiety or self hate. He stays quiet for a long time, regretting that he did video because fuck how is he supposed to say this...]

Hey, look, I'm an idiot, we both fucking know that. Idiot doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm so far fucking past idiot; idiot is panting and huffing and dying at the beginning of the race, hello I'm about to run through that fucking ribbon that declares that I'm too far past idiot. I don't think there's a bigger bulgebrain out there. This is me trying to say I'm sorry, even though I know there's no reason to accept it. But I'll apologize anyway because fuck, you deserve it.

We should talk about this... Meaning I should stop being a huge fucking coward about things.
12 May 2012 at 08:15 pm
Tho... Can thomeone ekthplain why thethe beeth are yellow inthead of purple?

[ in the background is the pleasant buzz of, you guessed it. bees in the background. Sollux seems pretty at ease with them, despite the question. sure does have one in his hand, scrutinizing it behind his red and blue shades. ]

I'm not complaining, thinthe having defective beeth are better than having none at all. But they are defective, making a roundish hive inthead of a mainframe one. Bet I can fikth that one, though.

Do you even make honey... [ yeah, he just asked the bee that. ]
[video | open]
10 May 2012 at 07:17 pm
[Sam smiles, looking more impish than usual. His voice is hushed as he speaks.]

In just a minute Dean is coming home, and I have a surprise for him. I thought there might be some others who wanted to enjoy it with me. And for the record, he has this coming.

[There's a click at the door as someone tries it only to find it is still locked and inserting a key instead. Sam shifts the viewing device to bring the door into the frame. It's aimed a little low, so you can't see the bucket that was carefully arranged above it, but you can see a sudden pouring of white chalk dust over Dean as he steps through the door.]

[ Dean stands there, white as a sheet and pursing his lips before he wiped the dust out of his eyes. ]

Sam, I really hope there's a good explanation for this, because either way, I'm gonna kill you.

[Sam is just laughing.] That's for the toothpaste in my shoes this morning.

(OOC: Sam and Dean will both be responding with a brief IC delay provided Sam lives.)
O1 [Voice]
10 May 2012 at 12:21 am
--There, that wasn't too hard. A simple device really. Functional and easy to use.

From my understanding this place is an Asylum, which we have been transported to for various reasons that may or may not apply as actual crimes that deserve incareation. However, the architect suggests otherwise. Hardly a prison or asylum by the proper definition. I admit it is curious, but it matters not. The answer will eventually allow itself to be revealed, through a series of interwoven events. Like a story. Only a matter of time before the page that reveals the answer is turned. But, I wonder if any of you will be satisified when that page is turned and you are told the truth.

That aside, I wonder if you would allow me the pleasure of a conversation. You being the one who is observing me over this network. Of course I wonder how many of you will be new to me? I am already aware of nine existences that I recognize fully and to expand that would be a very great honor.

Don't worry about being bored. I am known to be an excellent conversationalist.

[ooc: before answering please fill out this permission post because it will be important regarding his omniscience which has no restrictions in the asylum. I won't be able to answer your tag your character back until you fill this out.]
02 May 2012 at 08:49 pm
[Hello Marina, a short troll is grumbling, huffing and puffing in anger at you via video. Look at him on a bunch of pillows, some his own, some not and some most definitely stolen from Sollux's bed.]

First of all, whoever created pillows, fucking genius!

Second of all, none of you are the ones that invented pillows so you are all fucking idiots.

[Let him just shift to get more comfortable.]

This isn't why I bugged you today, no instead, I bugged you all to ask how you deal with asshole roommates that should be punched right on the fucking lisp. Suggestions? Comments?

(shhh my phone never corrected anything to Vatheon what are you talking about.)
27 April 2012 at 10:56 am
[Patrolling again, Zero makes his way around the dome during which there is a brief stop off at the shelter billboard. People don't do this as often as they used to, but Zero needs help and it's not the type of personal information he's willing to talk to anyone about face to face.

Yuuki is also not the type of person to wander across the the dome and go to the shelter for no reason. At least he doesn't hope so. Either way, he's going to have to keep a closer eye out for her tonight on his rounds. The very last thing he needs is her finding something like this.

Ensuring that there was no one else in sight, Zero tacks up the paper on the bulletin board before fading into the streets of Marina with only the prints of his shoes in the snow as proof that he was there.]


[OOC: Sorry for the tl;dr. All notes will be anonymous. Feel free to threadjack away unless someone prefers not to.]
[open][ video | action ]
27 April 2012 at 10:10 am
[She's been avoiding the Defense Force headquarters and avoiding the bars which works out since she can't actually go into them. And with the temperature drop and the snow out, she's avoiding the outside too. Instead she's sitting on her bed picking apart the insides of a computer, and making adjustments to it.]

You know, your private posts are a lot easier to hack into than they should be, but you really don't say anything all that entertaining in them either.

[ Video - filtered from Saya | Action ]
16 April 2012 at 11:20 pm
[ the feed clicks on to catch Hei quickly smoothing his hair flat. He's look a touch different then usual today with his green parka mislaid and walking briskly through the streets with naught but jeans and a button down white shirt on. It's definitely colder then he would like for this kind of attire but that doesn't stop him from speaking as he navigates the sidewalk. ]

Roommates. How do you handle them without... getting in each others way constantly?

[ Yes, folks. He doesn't know how to handle living with someone when he's used to one room apartments and changing cities every few months. And having a mark stay with him a night or two is a completely different agenda then, well... cohabiting. Waylay him on the way from Sector 3 to the shelter if one must. Assuming, that is, you can catch him. ]
[MAIL POST | Day 162]
13 April 2012 at 06:31 pm
  • Rapunzel: a letter from Snowman.
  • Anew Returner: a postcard from Hiling Care.

[Today's mail route is a little bit... different.]

[Probably largely because the mail lady is a lot bit different today. It still appears to be PM, though at first glance it may not be easy to tell--what with her sudden sparkledog canine appearance.]

[Despite that, she is going about her business as though nothing is unusual. In a uniform with appropriate holes cut for her wings and ears. A few feet off the ground. And occasionally flickering green. Perfectly normal.]

[... PM will take the magical dog-face-making ring off once she's sure that Noir has gotten the message.]

[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 163 go here!]
[Video | Open]
02 April 2012 at 08:18 pm
[Suddenly there is video! And now there isn't. Oh, but now it's back! Give him a break, he's a carpenter, not an A/V geek.]

Hey, so did anyone know that prison came with headgear? I was not aware of that. I kind of feel like I should be one of those really pretentious rock stars who can't be bothered with a microphone. Also, kind of awkward to have this thing over one eye when you only have one eye.

Right, so... I was with some people. And there was a giant hole where a town used to be. Buff? Wil? ...I'll even take Andrew. Are you on this thing?

(OOC: He has an eyepatch over one eye even though not every icon confirms this!)
25 March 2012 at 11:56 pm
[ Open for all; Midday ]

[ so the bad mood has pretty much carried over and Sollux is finding stress relief in the only way that he knows how. WHY Sollux is pissy is kind of even beyond his reach at the moment. he has no real reason to be, but he just is. it's really no wonder that he's kind of holed himself up with the computers. in fact, he's using three of them at the moment, keys clacking away with hues of red and blue surrounding them. Sollux Captor is going to town, coding and coding and coding. people approaching? he probably won't even notice or care. ]

[ Closed for Karkat; Late at night ]

[ well really their joint hive is the last place that he wants to be. too much crap to deal with here, but Sollux is pretty drained. using his powers comes with a price and exhaustion is about to take hold. usually in his previous phase he'd be awake for days. not this time. the strain of using his powers and the flip flops in his mood have taken a toll. god, how he longs for a proper recuperacoon at the moment. yet here he is, stuck with a stupid bed. that's what humans called them, right? beds? what a stupid name.

almost as stupid as he is for getting worked up over nothing. maybe some sleep would just make everything go away. ]
20 March 2012 at 04:20 pm
[ it's your friendly neighborhood Bookman! and he has something to tell you all, now that he's more or less awake. ]

So, I guess I should assume everybody who was in the English class last time around has completely slacked off. Except munchkin. [ wry ] Man, you all are lucky Gramps isn't around.

Here's the plan, folks. Days ending in two and seven, from five p.m. to six, I'll be teaching a basic English class, starting on day 162. Yuuki, you've got no excuse now. [ he is so winking ] And for people who were bored in the basic class, I'm adding an advanced class on days ending in five and nine, from three t'four p.m. That's going to start on day 165.

If it's all right with Euphie, of course. [ looks ready to turn this off, then remembers: ]

Oh, an' bring pencils and paper. Curse words get taught in the advanced class. [ GRIN /click! ]
[Action | Closed]
19 March 2012 at 08:29 pm
[Karkat watched the screen wide eyed, hiding a contented look behind ravenous fistfulls of popcorn (A food he's finding himself eating far too often these days). The popcorn seems somewhat never ending in the large sized carton that's in his lap angled so Sollux could have some if he so well pleased. Karkat's other hand full of some form of chocolate and mint candy that was waiting for him to finish chewing the fluffy junk food.

He lets out a soft sigh between fistfuls of food to shove down his throat. It was good be be away from everything, albeit a bit boring. It was nice not to worry about everything he had to before. It was also good to see his best friend not blind, toothless and well obviously alive. He was also pretty happy lately, without the voices in his head.

And FUCK that was a pretty obvious smirk on his face, Karkat stop thinking about stupid things and watch your goddamn movie, you've been emotionally invested thus far!]
[video/action; open]
19 March 2012 at 07:26 pm
There are so many kinds of tea here. [A tiny, somewhat tentative voice wonders aloud as the communicator does indeed fixate on the general store’s rather large tea selection, a bit later in the morning. She had just wanted to stock up for her usual shut-in tendencies and those nights when she can’t sleep very well, but rows upon rows of tea brands and flavours she had never heard of had surprised her a bit.]

Oolong, ginseng, vanilla earl grey, orange pekoe, Satsuma, maple, snow dragon, star of china, spearmint, yerba mate –

[She does stop at that last, perhaps a bit self-consciously. She hadn’t intended to list out so many, but she been caught up in it and hadn’t realised, either. Her tone takes on a good-natured bit of self-consciousness as she steps away from the selection – not far, but pointedly back.]

How is anyone supposed to choose?
[ text ]
03 March 2012 at 08:43 pm
Unhackable to Karkat )

Open to all; Cut for Troll Text )

(( Text reads:
god, i've already been here for two nights and i'm about to rip off my horns in boredom.
what do any of you fleshy creatures DO around here anyway?
the arcade is out of the question since i tried that already and none of it is challenging. ))
[Voice/Action | Closed]
28 February 2012 at 12:26 am
[It's a dawn of a new day, and York has been up early readying himself to attend to a critically important bit of business. Is it a Brave Vesperia mission? Defense Force errands? Solving crime?]

[York slips his communicator on and activates a filter.]

Karkat, it's time.

Bring your best movies over. I've made popcorn.
☠ video
22 February 2012 at 11:29 am
[Sougo is sitting lazily in his room, poking at a ... voodoo doll? Yes. Perhaps you can see how it miiiight look like Michael, and if not, he's going to mention it anyway.]

Asshole, tell me if you feel something.

[Behind him are some photos that have been taped to his wall. Where did he get them from? He'll never tell. But they sure made for a fun darts session. Unsurprisingly, one is of Michael. Another? Maybe of Suzaku, and another of Helix. They're all of guys he's met here. None of the ladies or kids, oh no — he likes the ladies and kids he's met here. He focuses on those photos again, throwing a dart at each one.]

Eat shit and die. Eat shit and die. Burn to a crisp and die. Eat dicks and die.

((ooc: if you want to assume your character has a photo up there, because they're one of the dudes he's met, go right on ahead. >:3))
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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The 154th Day
13 February 2012 at 02:28 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 154th day of the third generation.

Inmates Miwako Sakurada, Tim Drake, and Raistlin Majere, the items you requested are available for pickup at the entrance to the shelter in Sector 0.

((ooc: Although Acumen is unaware of this, THERE WILL ALSO BE A MISTLETOE BOT EVENT TODAY. Click that link for details, and have fun!))