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May. 6th, 2023


accidental voice post

[Steven's been caught singing again.]

Mar. 31st, 2023


dan fm oops

[Dan is listening to Bad Company's Straight Shooter album, and obviously singing along. His phone thinks everyone should hear Shooting Star]

Jan. 24th, 2023


accidental voice posts

Herwì? Pela’ang?! Tsengpe...

[a few minutes later]

Kehe, kehe, Oe fitsenge omum

[About a minute after that]

KEHE! Oe zene kä ne’ìm

[OoC: Mouse over the Na'vi for translations. Jake is canon-bumped to the end of the film]

Jun. 28th, 2022


The phones are being bad CB

[Usually, if it's purposely done, there is a lead in, an announcement of sorts. But this time there wasn't the CB picked cut in partially in the middle of the song when the four individuals involved have their hands full. And it's just far enough away that it barely picks up the woman singing. Unless the voice is known it would be hard to tell which of the players it is.]
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Jun. 25th, 2022


Accidental CB Radio

[Steven's having a Billy Joel day, playing a few albums on his record player while he's tidying up some of his books, and his phone decides to broadcast him singing along to this one. He's really quite good, too. And has no idea that his phone is being an arse.]

May. 20th, 2022


Accidental CB

[There was a shuffle of fabric over the mic, and a little thump, as if a well placed kick little had turned on the CB. It was followed by some silence, but pretty soon a muffled voice, not too distorted not to be heard. There was sincerity in the words, and a little bit of a smile at appropriate times.]

You know Mommy loves you right? Mommy loves you when you make right decision, and Mommy loves you when you make the wrong decision. Mommy loves you on your good days, and Mommy loves you on your bad days too. Mommy loves you when you're happy, and excited, and smiley, and Mommy loves you when you are grumpy, and angry or sad. There is truly nothing in any universe that would ever make Mommy not love you, in fact I not only love you, but I like you. I like who you are! I love listening to the things you have to say. I love spending time with you. I love being around you. Mommy made her mind up about you the day you were born, and there is nothing you could ever do to change the way I feel about you. I'm so proud of you. All of you.

[There was some audible sniffles, before more shuffled fabric against the mic, and the CB cut off.]

May. 14th, 2022



[It started with her singing only for her to stop halfway through.]

Eh. This isn't my dressing room. Where in the seven depths am I?
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May. 6th, 2022


Accidental CB Radio (Dan FM again)

[Dan is seeing what his newish singing voice can really do, so he's working through some of his favorite female singers like Stevie (obviously), Susanna Hoffs, and Ann Wilson to see which one sounds best.]

Apr. 12th, 2022


not an oops CB

If any of yall have a problem with Elvis... Take it up with Eggsy he started it, I've been belting out 'The King' for four days. Enough for Mack to go, Momma if you don't get this out of your system... So I'm here to spread my ear worm to anyone else that knows his songs by heart.

[The music was clearly live as were the vocals.]

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Apr. 8th, 2022


Someone's phone is being an arse

[Eggsy is singing loudly along with this and is clearly very happy]

Apr. 2nd, 2022


Accidental CB Radio

-meone must have lost their phone. I'll hand it in to J.B. once I'm finished, he can stick it in lost property.

[quietly singing nonsense to himself as he moves around for a few minutes, trying to complete yet another inventory]

I dunno what exhibition all these things are for, but whoever ordered them is going to be in trouble. None of them have barcodes... Huh. Where did the rest of the hippos get to? They were... They were just here, I know they were. Oh, shit, Donna's gonna murder me if I've lost all the Tawerets...Wait, no. Where did I get to? This isn't the stock room...

Mar. 29th, 2022



...better work, doesn't even make any fucking sense.

I need candles. And tobacco.

And where's the tavern?

Mar. 28th, 2022


Accidental CB Radio

Su? Caspian?

[talking to himself as he's walking about. Clanking can be heard since he's wearing armour.] This is a queer sort of place, I must say.

Lu? Can you hear me? Reepicheep? ...Pete?

Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hellooo?

Mar. 23rd, 2022


[Accidental radio]

[It sounds very much like one half of a conversation, with silent pauses in place of the other person's responses.]

No sir you are very very far from where you want to be, you are half a mile from Brannenford and there no battles in the whole country. [...] No I am very sure, I think you are very lost. [...] Yes I hope so too- oh look! Did you see that?

Mar. 20th, 2022


Looking for a literal spar or in other terms a fight.

Anyone here interested in beating each other up in a spar? After all, I haven't gotten a good spar in a long time.

Hopefully nobody minds a Oozuru. If anyone sees a giant ape, it's me.

Mar. 18th, 2022


Accidental Broadcast


[Taps green button on his scouter]

"What the... hell?!

I didn't get all this stuff on Planet Vegeta..."

[Meanwhile Bardock's word's are broadcast across the radiowaves and he has no idea how to turn it off.]

"Shut off, you stupid piece of..."

Mar. 13th, 2022


Woops CB

[The sound is far enough to make it obvious that he didn't turn the radio on himself. A lute the only other sound beyond his voice.]

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Mar. 9th, 2022


CB Chatter

Dan Bucky FM

Anyone up around 5am would hear Bucky singing along to the song he's got playing on the radio in his kitchen. His voice would be in the foreground with the actual music a little far off since he's much closer to the phone than the radio, but he's never exceptionally loud-probably wouldn't wake anyone up unless they're a light sleeper. There would be small noises of him moving and working throughout and his voice would waver and ade a little toward the end. He's still oblivious to the CB until it clicks off

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Mar. 8th, 2022


[Radio, late at night]

Da letya kiza Kordala'i! Da sefreta! Sefra! Sefra!

[This is loud. She's shouting very loudly, sorry not sorry if it wakes you up.]

Mar. 6th, 2022


Accidental radio transmission

What in the fresh hell is this?

Am I dead? I'm dead, aren't I? The basilisk didn't eat my face, did it? Who am I even talking to, it's not as if the trees are going to answer you, Jaskier.

Or the squirrels.

[Slightly louder]

Geralt! Ciri? I'd even take the she-demon, Yennefer!

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