August 2010



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Aug. 13th, 2010


Phone call to Archer

::ring ring::

Jul. 30th, 2010


Individually Locked

{ These messages are posted in the afternoon on Saturday, July 31 }

[ Locked to 1004 ]

How's he doing? Sorry you had to be there on a Friday night, but I really needed this I'll come by in a little bit.

Also, what do you think about this "masquerade" thing? Were you here for the last one? I [...] heard things about the last one.

[ Locked to 705 ]

I don't even know what to say Do I pretend that it didn't I should have checked on you before but

I'm sorry that I [...] haven't been around. Family emergency, I was in the south for a few days.


Did you get through the Full Moon okay?

[ Locked to 307 ]

I saw the message about vampire attacks. Are you okay?

[ Locked to 906 ]

Hey. I [...] saw somebody asking about you on the forums a little while ago. And with the time traveling and full moon shit, I realized I never [...] asked if you got through it all okay.

Hope you're doing alright.

Jul. 11th, 2010


I... uhm. Does anyone know a good way to...

Get your mind off of things? I'm having problems sleeping. Uhm. I haven't since the full moon? I don't think. I just...

Could really use some advice.


Jul. 8th, 2010


public from 906. around 4am the night of the fail!moon

[after this. if you don't want to click, trenton kind of destroyed his portrait and died.]


can someone come up here

i dont know what to do he

hes dead

Jul. 1st, 2010


public - 307

As much as I'm sure none of us really wants to relive what happened the other day, in the interest of figuring everything out as much as this building will make that possible, you're going to have to humor me. I'm sure it'll be of great interest to a lot of you, anyway, to know exactly what's happened, what you missed, and what your currently-hospitalized loved ones may have gone through.

What I know so far is that people have gone to Chicago, early 1929; Russia, 1917; and France, likely 1789. I know that people have gotten hurt, sometimes badly, because of this. If you could say where you went, what you saw, what you did because I've been doing some research and I'm seeing things that aren't right, so I'm curious as to what the hell you all did, and who you were with, and if they were hospitalized or not, I'll compile a list and send it out later if everyone's interested. If anybody has anything complied already, I'd like a look at it.

If you don't want other people to know, just send it to me privately and I'll be sure to credit you as 'anonymous'. I can keep secrets, unlike some people. And don't complain at me about probing too deep into anything and being a nosy bastard. It's pointless, this is helpful, and complaining isn't going to change anything.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, disregard this. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you're new to this building, nice to meet you. I suggest you move out as soon as possible.

Jun. 30th, 2010


Locked Individually

{Posted on June 22nd, 3 days after they returned to Bellum}

[ Locked to 906 ]

I'm not sure how to word this, as I seem to have a talent for coming across as angry or unfeeling on these forums. I would like to emphasize that in this instance, I am neither of those things. Perhaps a little angry.

I know that we didn't part on the best terms, but given what had happened after I saw you last [...]

You don't have to elaborate. You don't have to explain or say anything further if that is your will. But please. Please let me know that you returned to Bellum safely.

[ Locked to 904 ]

It seems that you had a rather harsh introduction to Bellum Letale. Are you well?


#201: Public.

Missing King Cobra. If anyone happens upon him, he will answer to the name Ra if cooed to him delicately, and only bites those wearing any colored slacks which are not black. A reward of $200 has been saved up by me personally and will be afforded to the founder upon Ra's safe return.

Please return Ra to:

Miles Glass The Magnificent
Apartment 201.

P.S. Ra, if you're reading this, you're sorely missed. Please come back home.


Posted by 1202B



Can we have a roll call or something? To make sure everyone's back where they're supposed to be? Like, is anybody missing anyone?


PUBLIC: Written from 103

Hey everyone, nice setup here. Definitely more convenient than a bulletin board in the lobby, that's for sure.

I guess I just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Parker Sullivan and I just moved into room 103 last night.

What to say, what to say... I suppose I ought to mention that I'm new to New York City--I'm from the Midwest originally, but I just graduated out of the University of California, Berkley. Definitely the best four years of my life so far, but things can always get better with new places and people, right?

I've already found the local co-op, recycling center, humane society and Goodwill, but if anyone could point me in the direction of some of the better grocery stores that sell free-range meat and locally grown produce, or a farmer's market, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm also looking for volunteer opportunities, so you if know any centers that are in need of help or would like to swap vegetarian recipes, feel free to knock on my door any time. It's covered in posters and newsletters, so it's really hard to miss.

By the way, thanks to whoever left the cookies in the lobby--the vegan ones were awesome.

Jun. 18th, 2010


I'm not... feeling too hot. And I've got a headache that just. Ugh. Comes and goes. I've already taken stuff for it. Anyone know something else that could help? I'm about ready to cry from this.

Jun. 15th, 2010


[public: did someone mention crazy? -- someone is playing the piano in room 201...]

Ginger ale was in fact invented by a doctor. However, I'm fairly certain that more than one party was involved in the act of its purloining; thus, let us then say that it was naively conspired. Purloined!? Why, yes. All ideas are stolen from the realm of the-not-yet-known. Inevitably, each idea is thrown into a mess of plenty of ideas, of which is called reality. Where it is then evidently carbonated and shuffled with ginger, madagascan vanilla, star anise, and other like spices which are subtle, yet bring out the poignant monologue of the stomach easing ginger ale blend.

What I mean to say, is that mostly anything created by doctors is in fact safe, drinkable, and often edible. For the respect of the brain-children of science, I indulge in medicine. Why don't you? I have a prescription. There's a cold going around. Does anyone have a cold? The sniffles? The wiffles? Feeling unlike yourself? I can help. I'm very helpful and thoughtful. My moon is in Pisces.

nOW FOR MY NEXt trick, I'll need a volunteer--don't fret folks!

... The last one only spent two weeks in the ICU ...

sHOULD i SEE you and feel you may be needing some yourself, I'll do well to suggest for your sake. My observation skills are as astute, impeccable, and infallible as Galileo. I will be able to tell if you have an ailment requiring cough medicine. Of course, my opinion and kindness are all given through the abundance and goodness of my heart, whereas that wretched doctor would tell the world that HE invented ginger ale ALONE and by HIMSELF! For this my face is sad for you.

Jun. 13th, 2010



U stilll have the portrait?


Phone Call to Luther

{ During this }

[Ring. The phone is on speaker phone, and when he picks up, he'll be able to hear the sounds of the bar around them.]


...does anyone here happen to have some aspirin? for some reason, i have none and i think i might be dying.

Jun. 10th, 2010


Locked to 906


It's been Did you You haven't talked I haven't seen How are

Are you well?

Jun. 2nd, 2010


Locked to 906

Had I known that you were so If my presence is an inconvenience then I will kindly Griffin was right about


Your posts on the public forum concerning Bellum Letale's newly formed trial system were worrisome. Hooting and hollering will not obtain the results you want. Your expression of emotion only stacked the odds against your favor.

I would suggest that if you wish to work productively in your [...] companion's favor, you busy yourself with the details of the event. The library contains a number of books concerning law, I'm sure they could aid you in finding a reference point with which to argue his innocence.

- Dr. Archer

Jun. 1st, 2010


Locked to 906.

Hey Isobel, I'm Chris, we talked a little on a post of mine the other day. I saw some of the other tenants were pretty rough on you on the Jes Tribunal post last night, and I wanted to check that you were okay.

May. 31st, 2010


Left in front of the door of 1007 later in the evening. There's a quick knock but no one sticks around to wait for someone to answer. )



[After this.]

Here goes nothing

Most of you are likely already aware of this, but for those of you that aren't, this building seems to be outside the scope of the law. The police aren't going to help us, and I'm sure some of you have noticed that anything reported to them concerning residents of Bellum is ultimately ignored or forgotten about. This is, obviously, not acceptable. We may be ignored by the city's law enforcement but that does not mean that any of us are above the law. There are people here who have broken the law and others who will do so in the future, so we need a way to ensure that justice still prevails.

Thus, the point of this post: Micah and I have decided that our best plan of action is to set up a tribunal to deal with issues that arise in the building. This tribunal will be made up of five people, and they will be elected. Every resident of the building is allowed one vote, which will be cast anonymously, and the five people with the most votes will make up the tribunal.

I ask that everyone votes for someone whom they believe will be fair and unbiased, preferably without their own ulterior motives or vendettas that may impair their judgment. Also, please don't vote for yourself. This is a serious matter, and I hope that you're all committed to a fair and democratic tribunal. This is not meant to be vigilante justice, but a way to make sure that everyone is safe and those who break the law - which still applies to all of us - are allowed a fair trial to determine the appropriate consequences for their actions.


You're all probably wondering why now, and there's a good answer for that. One of our residents, Aaron Jacobson, was murdered about a month ago. His body was found buried in the catacombs, and the police investigation into his death is pretty much nonexistent.

We have reason to believe that Trenton in P4 murdered Aaron. Lacking any real police presence, Micah and I arrested him on charges of both murder and rape sorry Boyd and he's currently being held in a safe place pending a trial. This is why the tribunal needs to be set up as quickly as possible. Just because law enforcement has forgotten about us doesn't mean we should stand by and let murderers walk free do nothing. This likely won't be the last time we deal with something like this, either.

Any questions, comments or concerns can go here; while a separate post will follow for voting purposes. Let's see how long it takes for people to complain

Locked to 703

I know we've never met, but Micah needs you down in the catacombs. He needs you to make a cell for Trenton, somewhere to keep him until the trial.

[Added in:]

Locked to 1104A:

I think I'm going to need your legal expertise.

Locked to 608:

I'm sorry if this seems a little forward, but I noticed that you mentioned in your introduction post that you work for a law firm. Would you be willing to help with this trial in a legal context?


[Locked to P4]

I haven't heard from you in a while, so I'm just wondering if you're all right. I... saw what happened on the forum during the moon, and I thought we could talk and I don't know.

Give me a call if you get this.

[Isobel's cell# here]

(edited the next morning after no reply)


Has anyone heard from Trenton lately? I... just wanted to check in on him and I haven't heard from him yet. Just wondering.

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