Jun. 5th, 2010


Public from 105

[After catching up on the building dramatics via the forums]

It does not concern me, what anyone thinks they are or who they believe they turn into when moon mother is full and heavy in the sky. I have a spear and many knives, and I do not mind using them if anyone turns their anger on me. There is talk of powers also, yes? I can open all of your doors if I wish it. I recommend staying away from mine.

I much prefer bluntness to false, friendly introductions. I do not want to sleep with your women, and I do not want to steal your things. Your politics and dramas, they do not concern me. If I play my music too loudly, I recommend the purchase of ear plugs.

May. 12th, 2010


public unless noted

[Locked to 102]
how r ur genes workin out 4 u?

i havnt been around much -had a trip last week- but i saw some things bout a neighborhood watch? some1 wana fill me in?

May. 5th, 2010


Neighborhood Watch starts tonight. Shifts of two, starting at 8 pm. Sign-up board is in the lobby.

Also, Cole in 802 surprise, Ichabod and I are going to be on-call for anything strange that happens. If you notice anything at all, give us a call.

[Google Talk number for himself and Cole posted here.]

Apr. 19th, 2010



just got back from gettin food

any1 kno y theres vines all over the lobby? theres also a trail of blood goin across the first floor. looks liek it gos down a few floors. just called the fbi my freind bob cops about it. goin to look down there if any1 wants to join.

and kids? protip: if u go down there without someone who can shoot a gun or defend you, ill kick ur asses from here til next year. dont do it. dont add to the blood. if ur relly interestd, i've got my phone. u can text me on my little cellphone thing.

[john posts his phone number]

Apr. 13th, 2010


are all of you completely out of your minds? you're seriously talking about magic? if it wasn't for the rent i'd break my damn lease and find somewhere else to live.

my name's william decker. i moved in the other day, fourth floor.

i work at a garage about six blocks down from here, so if you've got car trouble or something, i can give it a look and see what the problem is.