Feb. 12th, 2010


the mailbox {valentine's day}

{A mailbox appeared beside the stairs in the lobby late at night on Friday the 12th. It was bright red with pink accents and a charming, old fashioned silver lock on the door, with a thin slot for letters and cards. A sign on the side explained that valentines could be dropped in for anyone in the building--they need only have the room number of their recipient written on the front. The sign notes that valentines will be delivered under residents' doors in the early morning of the 14th.}

((OOC NOTE: As usual, letters can be signed or not signed, posted attached to a username or anonymously. Only cards or letters will fit through the slot in the mailbox. Reactions are to be framed as the person the card is addressed to finds it lying slipped under their door, and should be done as comments back to the card comment to keep everything centralized in one post. For examples as to how this sort of post is structured, see the Christmas Present post.))