Jun. 11th, 2010


School's out, la la la, you know the song and if you don't, you really need to get out more.

On to more important things: the World Cup started today! And even though RSA only tied, they still scored the first goal and it was perfect. Like, there was no way anyone could have saved it.

Who's watching? I know we've got some Europeans up in here. Anyone gonna represent?

May. 31st, 2010


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How's my favorite future-lawyer doing?

May. 27th, 2010


Post from P5

[The voice is hesitant and unsure, accompanied by a halted tap of keystrokes]

Marian? John? Much? Is there anyone here?

May. 26th, 2010


P1, Random Internet Posting

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What does a man need to do to be lucky enough to take his favorite former babysitter out to dinner?


Posted to: Dictionary Fetishists - giving 'bibliophiles' a whole new meaning
Subject: Laser hair remoaval!!!
By: xxhairlessbabe69

Unwanted hairs?! Come to the ONE and only famos hair remoaval salonn NOW WIT LOCASIONS IN FOURTY CITYS!!!





This better not be as much of a disaster as Daniel's post was

As most of you are aware, the Full Moon is less than 48 hours away. Some of you might have made plans to keep yourselves and others safe. Everyone at this time should be aware of what the moon entails - changing into 'stories' or 'fables' which are dormant for the rest of the month. In the past, there's been various people who have been put in danger.

If you're able to stay in your room and keep your fable within their and safe so much the better - a group of us are willing to help with barricades should you need them. We'd like everyone to keep safe and ensure that no one is harmed by events of the moon. Certain people might be able to keep their fables protected by various means - if you need assistance, we'd be happy to help.

Let's keep in mind that everyone here should have the same goal - everyone, no matter what their fable is, needs to be kept protected.

Should you feel unsafe or are willing to move to an area that has better reinforcements and is better prepared for our [...] fable counterparts, there's a proposal for you. If we pooled our money together for a first floor apartment, with the proper preparations, we could have it as a 'safe room' for the moon. This would be temporary, for this moon and perhaps the next, until we know how well it works or have a better plan. If we all chipped in, for the safety of the community, it shouldn't cost that much.

We'd like to elect someone who the community can agree on as being safe to have on guard, for afterwards. While we encourage everyone to come up with a plan to keep themselves and those around them safe, we'd like to know if you need assistance as soon as possible. Time is ticking and we need to get to work now, if preparations need to be made.


If you're willing to make a donation, head over to Cole in 802. If you'd like to make use of the safe room, head down to the first floor at 3. We'll begin settling in then.

[Locked to 703]

I'm getting you coffee, coke, and caffeine pills. How long have you been without sleep before?

May. 25th, 2010


Random Internet Posting

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Subject: Red Rose Slips
By: soulfullingerie



May. 17th, 2010



Hello, my name is Isabella Stegner, and I'm new to the building. I figured introducing myself would be a good idea, as I see this apartment as my permanent residence for the foreseeable future. I am 24, was raised in Maryland, spent the past year in San Francisco, and am a receptionist at Daly & Falk, LLP. for the summer.

If there's more you would like to know about me, please drop by for a visit so that I might know the face of whom I am speaking to. Old fashioned as it may be, I enjoy speaking to people face to face. Additionally, there's the caveat that one can never be too careful on a network; although, one would hope that she just signed a lease on an apartment in a building void of felons and sexual offenders.

May. 12th, 2010



I know I mentioned this a while back and got one takers, but I'm still planning on going karting in the near future. I've already got one person on board, so if any of the rest of you want to unwind god we all need to unwind after that crazy shit the other week, you should come!

The place is only an hour and a half away, and you should bring crummy old clothes. Let me (Sasha) know if you're down. It'll be oodles of fun, kiddos.

May. 7th, 2010



Slipped in the mailboxes of everyone living on the roof, penthouse and deluxe floors )


I know that everyone seems to have a lot on their plates right now I don't think I'm the only one who woke up weirdly on the full moon, and I really hate to be a bother, but I always say that when things get strange it's best to just act normally so please excuse me if I seem insensitive because it isn't the case at all, I'm just processing.

I need a bit of help on a mundane task. I feel utterly ridiculous, but does anyone know how to read these silly instructions on IKEA furniture? The Swedes do great things with meatballs and chocolate, but their instruction manuals leave a little to be desired.

Thanks, and again, sorry for...I'm not really sure, it just seems appropriate.

May. 6th, 2010


Locked to 1104 B

So pushing everything weird aside, lets focus on the day to day for a moment....Kiki moved out. And left me the dog and a note. Where do I get something called a "furminator" and what exactly is it?


Anyone need a lawyer or know someone who does? I'll even go against everything I stand for and go work for corporate America. I'm officially bored, and my only source of entertainment as of late has moved out and my last remaining roommate is a dog who just might start talking back to me if I don't find a J-O-B. Not to mention one day I will be broke, I can't live off of severance forever.

May. 3rd, 2010



Penthouses: Some construction people are coming through. They'll be done in a couple days. Sorry about the noise.

May. 2nd, 2010



Hello, everybody. I'm Christian, and I just moved into P5.

Anyone want to tell me what From the looks of things, what happened here last ni Something happened to me last night, and well long story short, my place is filled with trinkets that aren't mine.

So if you're missing anything, I'm really sorry. Let me know and I'll get it back to you.

ETA: Is there a Daisy Fitzhugh in this building? I was told there might be.