August 2010



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Aug. 12th, 2010


Call to the Supplier

[After the pulldown of the building, from a hotel nearby.]


Jun. 18th, 2010


Outside 703

[After this]

Left outside 703 in a box, along with one vial of medicine. )

Jun. 17th, 2010



I'm looking for a wolfhound puppy, a girl. She responds to the name Seamus.

Jun. 16th, 2010


Locked to 202

Hey, Llama King.

You need anything? Maybe a garbage bag full of toothpicks, or something with lots of little parts? Something complicated and time consuming, maybe?

Jun. 12th, 2010


Locked to P3 )

Locked to 1104B )

Locked to 802, 202 )

Jun. 9th, 2010


[Locked to 802, 202]

Headed out of town for a day or two, I've contacted everyone who needs contacting, I'll be in touch with you as soon as I get back.

[locked to 1104B]

I'm going out of town for a day or two, can you water my plants, walk Quincey, and feed my fish (his name is Hal and he's awesome)? Don't throw any wild keggers. If I come home and see you playing beer pong with frat boys, we'll have a problem.

Jun. 5th, 2010


802, 1104A, R1

[After this and this]

[Locked to R1, 802, 1104A]
Meeting in R1 at 8 pm to discuss this building shit we've gotten ourselves into.

[Locked to R1]
Be sober.

Jun. 4th, 2010


Locked to 202

I can't just do nothing, I can't

Dr. I don't know your last name Micah I'm sorry to bother you.

My name is Rosalie and you probably don't remember me, but we met briefly when Cole got bitten.

I know you know Daniel because you helped with Ella. He's an idiot and an alcoholic and I know you can't really do anything without his consent, but if he does decide to do something about this and Ella then would you be able to help him with that?



[locked to 202]

Hey man! Haven't seen you in a while, heard you had a guy locked in the basement, thought this might be an opportune time to catch up. Cole came by to talk, just wondering if you needed anything as well.

And I tried to make out with my wife, I blame you and the booze. :-)



[After this]

[Locked to 905B]

You could have told me.

Jun. 3rd, 2010



I'm left to wonder if things get better, in a place like this.


Did you settle in alright?


It seems I'm a little late to volunteer, but if you still need participants for your tribunal, I am fairly new and don't know any of the people that seem to be involved.


I still owe you a drink, I think. unless i'm not to be trusted

Jun. 2nd, 2010


Locked to 202

I don't know when you'll see this, depending on how the situation in the catacombs is going... but there are some things we need to figure out. It sounded so logical at the time but now This is the right thing to do, it has to be

First of all, the voting idea didn't go over as well as I thought. The idea of having eligible candidates give a reason as to why they should be on the trial came up, but in the end most of the people I spoke to preferred a more random choosing system; five names could be chosen at random and if any have a conflict of interest or a bias they can either step down or someone else can offer proof of why they can't be impartial. At this point I think forcing them to vote if they don't agree with the idea could make things worse.

Concerning the trial, I have some witnesses who've volunteered, as well as Dr. Archer in 102 who volunteered to test the hair found on the blanket Aaron was wrapped in. [...] Can you get your hands on it somehow? We'll also need two people to play the role of prosecution and defense. I've contacted the two people with legal experience and they've agreed to help, but not quite in that capacity.

And [...] punishment will have to be considered, if he is found guilty. I can't do this alone, it's impossible I really just want to say fuck it and and kick him out of the building

May. 29th, 2010


Locked Individually

[ Locked to 705 ]

You get through the full moon alright, Captain?

[ Locked to 202 ]

Thanks for the supplies, Llama King. They helped a lot.

[ Locked to 605 ]

Thanks for getting Javert to stop shooting. The noise was giving me a headache.

[ Locked to 307 ]

I think you should learn some of 204's vampire jokes.

Van Helsing could tell one right before he stakes Dracula all dramatic-like.


[Posted mid-morning on Friday, after finally checking his messages]

Locked to 1203B

Shit, I'm going to KILL Ichabod I can't believe you're breaking the law with Stefan You fucking smoke, too?!

We need to talk. Please?

Locked to 202

It was Trenton. He killed Aaron.

May. 28th, 2010



Everyone is likely equally exhausted, and by now I'm sure many of you have gone to bed, but I felt like I ought to say this now, for everyone to read at their own discretion.

If you met a man last night going by the name 'Jackson Miller' under my apartment number, he is not who he says he is. His name is Professor James Moriarty. He's I can't believe I'm saying this from the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Please believe me when I say that he's extremely dangerous and you should stay away from him. He's the prototype for the modern super villain. He literally runs all of the crime in London. He is cold, ruthless, will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and he is more than willing to kill people who get in his way.

I felt like I had to say something so that he didn't have the chance to go undetected again.

That said, [...] I'm not him.

needless to say, I'm not going to be in the safe room any time soon


I don't I didn't

I'm sorry.


Public from 703

[Posted about 2 hours before sunrise.]

[There's a bit of silence before her voice begins. It's clearly tired, though she tries to hide her exhaustion with a wry tone.]

To all the people who are still awake - there's probably like two of you - let's play a game.

[She takes a long pause, trying to collect her thoughts.]

Let's hear what tonight has taught us all. If you learned anything, put it here. [She laughs, the sound tapering out into a whisper.] Make it good.

May. 27th, 2010


Voice post; 202 & 706

I miss my monthly tea. [Playful, with a tangible heart of truth.] This is not much better than my awful apartment. [Irene and Iris tend to use the same possessive quite a bit. She sounds a little down on the end of a sigh, and has no plans to tell them about the professor or his threats. It's just a chat.]


Voice from 202

Holmes, old chap, if you're about, we've a dangerous fellow shooting at everything that speaks or moves. Perhaps you could have a word with him? You seem to have a flair for these things, if memory serves.


Public from 703

[Some rustling is heard, a bit of harried scratching in the background. There's a bit of uneven breathing, and finally a female voice.] Hello? Is this on? Shit, I don't even know if I have a microphone. [The sound falls out for a moment before coming back, unsteady.] Okay. Okay, I think I found something that looks like a microphone. I think.

Whatever. Look, am I the only one that is suddenly trapped? I can't open my door or window, and I'm not sure if this is just some prank my friend is pulling or- [A loud pounding is heard in the background, followed by the sound of a chair being pushed back.] Just a sec, some asshole's making noise. [The female voice gets a bit softer, suggesting that the woman has moved away from the microphone.] What the fuck is going on in there? Luther?


[there is more banging, a mutter which can't quite be made out]

Wherein guns are shot and people yell. )

May. 26th, 2010



Locked to 802

Assembled. Be by with him in 30. have you tried hiding a reconstructed skeleton in a garment bag? Cutting it close, I know. Complicated day.

[No replies, since sundown is 45 minutes away in game.]

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