August 13th, 2010

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Phone call to Brian

[After the building goes boom.]


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Quatro-text to: Helena, Gabby, Oliver, Aiden. [Very, very late on disaster night.]

[This can be edited if I forgot someone, or if someone else wants to say they had her number.]

Imperial Court Manhattan. Room 22.
Letting you guys know.

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Dropped at the scene of the Bellum-rubble:

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Phonecall to Stefan

[A day after the building is destroyed.]


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Phone call to Daniel

[A few hours after the building is destroyed]

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[Sent at 9:21 PM the day Bellum goes kablooie]

Subject: Hi


I just woke up. Did all that shit really go down today? I thought Brian might be losing it Let me know you made it out alive.

- Max

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Phone call to Archer

::ring ring::

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[The e-mails and phone call are from before the last full moon]

Drunken e-mails and phone calls )
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Phone-Call to James

[A few hours after the building collapses]


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In the off-chance of survival.