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IJ info needed

I have several friends who are hesitant to come over to IJ because they're not sure the site can take it. Is there anyone who could point me to info about Squeaky's preparations for handling an influx of LJ refugees? As for the User Stats, it says there are 45,301 total members (atm) but only 1680 are "active." What does "active" mean? That they've posted in the last day/week/month?


The 1680 figure seems to be wildly inaccurate, [info]ceruleagos posted this in her journal:

* Total accounts: 45301
* ... active in some way: 10604
* ... that have ever updated: 14097
* ... updating in last 30 days: 3003
* ... updating in last 7 days: 2154
* ... updating in past 24 hours: 709

I know he is working on the servers, and he's already upped the friends limit once and may do so again, but I don't know the specifics of what he's done so far and is still planning. I'm trying to see if I can scrape up the money for another perm account to help out with finances.
Thank you, that's very helpful!
I pulled it from the stats page, which you can find here:

Yeah I just couldn't be bothered going and loading the page. Though I have now and find it awesome that NZ is 6th on the countries list. Only 2 of those 65 accounts are me! :P
Hooray for Kiwis! I'm another one :)
I know he's planning to update the site code at some point in the near future because I posted a support question about not being able to select tags and was assured that was on the list of things to fix.

And I believe he mentioned somewhere that he'd have another server up and running soon (if he doesn't already by now, because that may have been a few weeks ago).
Yeah, I think I remember about the other server... I know in the second last news post he said he was preparing for the next influx, didn't he?
I think so. I remember him saying that traffic to the site had tripled literally overnight the night Ponderossa got suspended and that's why the site was down for a few hours each night last weekend.
lol yes. I've quoted that a couple of times because it cracks me up.