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GJ 07 revisited?

It seems that as of this entry, ij is having little or no notifications, the icons are all down, the site is slowly loading up.

Sound familiar?


Hmm. I'm not quite that convinced it's dying just yet. I haven't been getting notifications regularly from LJ off and on the last week either. IJ has regularly had problems like this so actually I find it less troubling than I would otherwise.
Not really. I don't know about anyone else, but icons are up for me and the site hasn't been slow in loading. In fact, I've been getting more timed out pages on LJ than anything.
Has it really been that long since GJ? Shit.

But, in relation to your post, I'm only having trouble with the icon aspect, which seems to fix up if I move out of Google Chrome and use IE7 instead.
Squeaky made a post
I have had no downtime or icon issues. Hmmmm . . .
The difference, IMO, is that Squeaky pays attention to everything that happens and communicates with us.

I had my icons disappear late last night, and the notifications were off a few days ago for a few hours. That's the only issue I've had. But yeah, Squeaky is always on top of it, and that's why I'm here.

Oh, and he doesn't do back-end deals and lie when he gets caught.
But yeah, Squeaky is always on top of it, and that's why I'm here.


This is precisely why I created this journal as a backup...so when LJ has a baaaad ((no pun intended, promise...XD)) day, I can still post to my heart's content.