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Syn feeds and disappearing objects

I wanted to ask if others have been having problems with two issues:

(1) The first is that this morning I discovered comments missing from a post (mine and someone else's) and three of my posts had lost their icon links, reverting to my default (the icons are still loaded in my account). This afternoon another post lost its icon links. It had no comments so I don't know if the two issues are related.

(2) I've been having problems with syn feeds from LJ. I put in a support ticket on it and got a very prompt reply, but I'm rather wondering if it really explains things. The reply was

"Syndicated accounts will only update if the feed file is under 300KB in size. If there is a
larger RSS feed -- for example, the RSS feed of the metafandom community on LiveJournal is 374 KB --
then the syndicated account will return the "too big" error you have seen. (The frequency of
updates does not have an effect, since LiveJournal's syndicated feeds display a limited number of
entries at a time.)

You may wish to contact the maintainers of the communities or journals that have this problem, and
ask them to modify the feed. In particular, LiveJournal accounts have a 'synlevel' property that
can be changed from the default value to either "summary" (which will display part of each entry,
with a link to the rest) or "title" (which will not display any of the entry content, but will
include the subject and other information about the entry, along with a link to the rest). If the
journal owners or community maintainers are interested in doing this but don't know how, please ask
them to open a support request on LiveJournal."

ETA: I received a reply from LJ Support on how this is done:

"You can change the community's feed settings at the Admin Console (http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console/) using the following command:

set for examplecomm synlevel summary

You will need to replace "examplecomm" with the name of your community. (An account's synlevel can also be set to "title", which will display the subject line but none of the entry content itself, or to "full", which is the default behaviour; in the above command, you can replace "summary" with either of these two settings if you would prefer a different behaviour.)"

However some of these posts don't seem large enough to me to be causing this problem. Certainly as of late metafandom has had some large posts. But look at today's post from the Sunnydale Herald. If that doesn't come through surely the problem can't be the size of the feed, right? I've gotten some posts from other communities that have included giant graphics in them. I'd think those were exceeding the 374 KB.

Anyone else having these problems?


(1) This is a known issue and I advise putting in a support request over it. Post what happened with the link of the entry with missing comments and it will help our investigation :)
Thanks, will do.
(1) Could it be that you changed the name of your icons? I did this and my icons changed back to default like you described it.
Nope, haven't changed a thing since they were uploaded. And since the comments disappeared too, I'm guessing they were connected.

(2) does it work?

(2) I tried the admin console thing for a feed I created and the answer was: "You are not permitted to change this journal's settings."

I have to say that some of the feeds I have don't update as regularly as I would like it but I have no idea why it's working for some and not properly working for others. (for clarification: I'm not talking about feeds from LJ but from other sites)

Did the admin console thing work for you?

(2) too big message

I remembered that I've seen the same error message (too big) when I first created some feeds.

I think it's because the very first update is very big (because all data from the last two weeks is updated at once) and takes some time (noted here). In one or two cases I had to wait at least a full week until the feed updated for the very first time. The "too big" message disappeared after that.

I could be wrong of course but I think you should try and wait some time and maybe the problem will solve itself.

Re: (2) does it work?

I don't know. I changed the setting on a community I mod but it's not currently active (nor do I know if the posts would have been too large anyway :>

Re: (2) does it work?

Now I understand. I tried changing the feed itself (which is of course not possible) and you changed the setting of your community (which is possible).

I have had comments go missing as well from both my journal and an asylum post. If I post another comment to the same thread, both appear when the page refreshes and I can delete the second one. It's very strange but I see above that this is a known issue and I feel better to know it's not just me.
Hmm. I posted a new comment to the page where they went missing and nothing happened. It may still be the same thing though.
If I post another comment to the same thread, both appear when the page refreshes and I can delete the second one.

That, I've had happen to me over on LJ too. The actual missing-disappeared-were-there-but-now-not comments is IJ's glitch which Squeaky's trying to ferret out. It happens so infrequently in the scheme of things that they've so far been unable to pin down where the error is in the database to figure out how to fix it.

That's why opening a support request with a link to the post in question when it happens is so important.