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IJ sitescheme customisation

I've seen a lot of people saying that the siteschemes on InsaneJournal are eye-searing, so I made a tutorial on how to prettify them.

Unfortunately, this tutorial is only valid for people using Firefox, Opera or Epiphany. I *think* there's a way to make it work on Safari, so if someone could test it and write a tutorial, I could add/link to it from my post. I'm afraid IE users are stuck, though.

Feel free to pimp the tutorial far and wide, and to create new styles on UserStyles.org.


Epiphany? I have heard of the other two, and have Firefox. But what is Epiphany? Is it a browser?
Yes :) Epiphany is a Linux (and apparently Mac OS X) browser. Honestly, I've no idea how many people use it, but I have it available, so writing a tutorial didn't take too long.
Thank you! My eyes thank you!
This is really useful and thanks. What I am struggling with is trying to find a layout and look for my ij that accommodates a nice banner picture like I have here... http://sildil.livejournal.com/ . I ALMOST got it sorted, by using one of the layouts that seemed to allow one, but no matter what I did, the header ended up with the top 1/4" covered by the navigation strip and a HUGE gap between the banner and the actual journal entries. I really liked my LJ layout and it's one of the only things I will miss when I eventually migrate here fully. Any advice/links? I have a permanent account here and am not VERY good with 'do it yourself' coding, though can find my way round html a bit.
It looks fine in my browser. Which browser are you using?
Yeah that's in LJ, but I want the same look in insane journal, that's the problem. x
Hm, doh :D

Go to the Public Layers page. Find your layout, open the raw code, and copy everything.

In another tab, open Your Layers. Create a new top-level layer, type layout. Edit it and paste the LJ public layer inside, deleting what's already inside. Save and compile.

If you get compilation errors, get back at me and tell me which layout you're trying to transfer. If you don't, get back at me and I'll explain what you need to do next.
OK, so far so good in that your instructions are REALLY clear, except I got compilation errors, (S2 Compiler Output at Sun Aug 12 13:14:35 2007 Error compiling layer: Compile error: line 21, column 5: Can't declare usage of non-existent property...) and a few more bits. I am trying to transfer the three column layout, if that helps :)
I was expecting that, to be honest :)

Open this code, instead, and transfer it to your layout layer. Save and compile.

Once that's done, go to LJ's Your Layers and find the theme and user layers you use, under Child of Layer #aaaaa: 3 column. Open both in raw code.

Go back to IJ's Your Layers and create two new layout-specific layers, one theme and one user, for 3 column. Copy paste your LJ layers in your IJ layers.

If you get an error message, it'll most likely be because you pasted the user layer in the theme layer or the other way round :D If it isn't, then paste layerinfo source_viewable = 1; at the top of the LJ layer that's posing the problem, and report the url to me.

Once you've saved and compiled everything, go to Your Styles and create a new style. Choose English as the language, 3 column as the layout. Save changes. Then choose your new theme and user layers, which should be the only one available anyway. Save changes. You'll be sent back to your style page, so click "Use" for the new style you created, and reload your journal :)
OK, again so far and then I got the compilation errors.


Is this what you wanted?
Nope. I need you to paste the little code at the top of the *LiveJournal* layer, and I need this one's url :)
OK, tried it again and did it REALLY REALLY CAREFULLY this time, and if it didn't work, reversed the stuff in the box AND IT WORKED!!!!!!


The ONLY thing is that the page background is pink rather than black, which I CAN live with unless you can tell me what to change? But seriously THIS IS AWESOME. I have saved your instructions for furture reference.

I have to say your explanations were very, very, VERY clear indeed.

Thank you! xxx <3
It seems to me as if it's the default layer blending in. Are you using another theme than the default on LJ? In that case, go to the raw code of the children theme you're using.

Copy all the lines beginning with set and paste them in your theme layer, below the layerinfo lines, but above the rest of the code. Make sure you aren't duplicating anything, then save.
Thank you! In fact it was even easier, I just had to go into the options and change the colour. So thank you for ALL your help, it has been a real learning experience! x
OK, there I was, happy and thrilled with my ij layout and decided to change the mood icons. That's ALL I did and I immediately lost my layout. I managed to get it back to the three columns and changed the colours again, but even though I enter the header url and the size and do everything as before the damn picture will NOT show up. SO SORRY to be a complete pain, but...any advice? What did I do/am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Or should I start again...
o.O No idea why it did that.

As for your header problem, in your CSS, you need to change two things: #container should have a top value of 409px (the px part being *very* important), and #header should have a height of 409px. You can fiddle with the top value of container if you want more space between your header and your posts :)
Thank you thank you, I love you and would have your babies if I hadn't already been through that process....

Got it sorted!
Hi, would you know anywhere i could find out how to bring Expressive over for use on IJ? I tried doing it myself but it won't compile, shows a "column 5: Can't declare usage of non-existent property" error message, and I'm just not up enough on coding to know how to fix it. Any ideas who might be able to help?