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tags question

I have a question. I'm toying with the idea of starting a comm on LJ to *actively* help people move (provide tech support, correct misconceptions, and move people *anywhere*, not just InJ, but Wordpress, etc). Sort of like popping a six-pack and getting your friends over to help move.

Anyway, I can wrap my head around everything (icons, commenting, setting up feeds) ... except tags. When I moved, the tags didn't move with me. At 4,000 LJ entries, that's no small thing. Is there a method of moving that will take the tags along too?

BTW if you'd like to form this kind of comm, please do. I have little tech knowledge myself. And increasingly the people left are not hold-outs, they're *stranded*. Also someone who speaks Russian might be an idea -- it seems silly to be separated from a population of bloggers who're living in an even more dire political situation.


I'd be happy to help contribute to such a comm, though my tech knowledge also isn't that extensive, I have had some experience with wordpress, openID, and running my own domains.

I don't know anything about the tags issue though. I'm using both services, not migrating, so I haven't had to deal with that issue. As far as I know, there isn't a way to move them right now, but who knows... I could be wrong.
Personally I will be sticking to the sidelines if the tags issue cannot be resolved. It would be like the horse getting to water and having nought to drink...

But if someone else wants to set this up at LiveJournal, it would be a welcome sight!

except tags.

tags are an indexing process that is inherent to each separate server,.. other than a routine(program) to scan the imported journal and reintegrate the tags present into the new server structure, there is no other way to move them than redo them manually,..i don't believe a program to do it automaticly exists,..o.o

Re: except tags.

This worries the hell out of me. :/
ljmigrate moves tags, icons, and moods with entries. I used it to backup my lj to jf back when strikethrough was happening, and continue to use it to update my lj mirror every couple of weeks. Works great -- makes a backup on my hard drive, then duplicates the entries on jf, all in one swoop.

I think such a comm would be a great idea!
Does it work for InJ? There was also some trouble getting Semagic to recognize that InJ was using tags, as well.

If we could find someone who could test it out and adequately explain the process, then I'll put my money where my mouth is. Tags are a dealbreaker.
That I don't know... I'm trying to think of anyone I know who used ljmigrate to move to IJ... if I can find anyone, I'll ask.

Since Squeaky just did a big update, it would be worth trying again, even if tag transfer didn't work before.
Yep. I did it for my comm and journal to IJ and GJ.

It requires a mac, though. ;)

It's command line but very easy.
Actually, I think all it needs is python, so I don't know if it's mac-only.... huh.
It works fine for me on Linux, it's not mac-specific.
Thanks! I'm really most interested in making this as step-by-step as possible.

At this point, everyone who's got enough tech know-how has probably left. So at this point the guys left need real hand-holding, with really detailed FAQs.
LJ-migrate works for any and all Livejournal clone sites. There's a tutorial her for Windows and here for Mac.
There's a way to move comments? :O
Alas, not those. That I know of. My comments are *backed up*, which is okay for me because not everyone on LJ is present on InJ anyway, and their usefulness is in preserving the conversation. That may have to be counted as an acceptable loss.

Tags, however... most people who can't move need them to find things, so that's journal functionality at its most basic.
Ah, and here I was getting all excited. Oh well. I've got my whole journal archived as well, so it's not really a problem... the only thing keeping me from deleting my LJ at this point is that some people on my f-list have anonymous commenting disabled.

And I didn't start using tags until I moved to IJ anyway... well, I used them, but it was very sporadic and didn't actually help me find things. But I can see how that would be useful for someone who already had a tagging "system".
Can't you comment by signing into InJ? And using the OpenID thing?
LJ treats OpenID the same as anonymous comments.

That bites.
It does. ):

Well, I think you can comment on a locked post if the user has friended the OpenID account - but they still have to have anonymous comments enabled.

Which seems really silly, but - whatever.
I just saw that on [info]meta_roundup! Awesome.
i know you can move them to wordpress. when i migrated my film journal the comments all came. not threaded anymore, but that wasn't a problem for me because that journal wasn't all that comment-heavy anyway, just a few per entry.
How did you get the comments across? I moved my lj to wordpress awhile ago, but I couldn't figure out how to get comments to move. (In theory, ljarchive can do it, but in practice, it's buggier than hell and no one's supporting it any longer.)
i followed the instructions here. easy as pie, and i didn't have any trouble with ljarchive. in fact, that the comments came was a pleasant surprise!
There is a community that does roughly what you have in mind, leavin_eljay on LJ. They have a sister comm leavin_eljay set up on JF, but none on Insanejournal yet.
Once my browser stops freaking out I'll check that out. :D

In your opinion how does it do with
- organization
- knowledge
- hand-holding ?
I have no first-hand experience. my main journal was always on Journalfen, and my LJ was just where I dump my quizzes, so I never needed to move.

My second-hand impression is, they do a a great job for the folks who move to JF, see to it that they can get journals in the first place (account creation on JF is not open) and help with the first steps of settling in and finding people and comms and stuff. I have no idea how they help with the technical side of moving content, over and above to linking to the various tutorials that float around for that.

Their focus is on getting away from LJ, no matter where, but I don't know how well they have other journaling services covered. Just judging from the fact that they have no comm mirror here, I'd imagine they would be very happy to find more IJ-savvy members or affiliate communities or whatever.
In my experience, LJ-sec will move tags if they are in a community. I had experience in this will helping [info]icondust move - her tags wouldn't transfer to her journal, only the comm.

If you'd like a very clear tutorial on how to use lj-migrate, I have one here:

I have no idea if it migrates tags, however.


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