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Feb. 26th, 2016



Hi everyone. I apologize for this SUPER last minute news... but as of tomorrow all icons will be GONE. I have decided to cut costs in life and one of those is the server space I've been hosting everything on for nearly 10 years. (HOLY WOW).

Due to this, ALL ICONS will be deleted. So all you will see are those angry red x boxes. I know, they're super rude and we don't like them but it is what it is.

On THAT note.... I want to thank all of you for being a part of my journey this last decade *gasp*. I started this group for my friends and it ballooned out of control in the most wonderful way possible. This little site helped me through the bumps of adulthood, and gave me some giggles while looking at funny celebrity faces and the comments you all made in my posts. I lost the drive to post years ago but always kept eyeing it simply because I loved all my members and how you TRULY appreciated the work that went into this.

Please make sure to save everything you need... and if you should need me, for any reason at all... <3

Stay classy, and I luff you,


edit: either I lied or my domain people like us too much. Either way, START SAVING. This stuff could disappear any time between now and May when the domain name actually does die. I don't know how this stuff works. -_-

May. 20th, 2013


Membership change / rules

Due to the fact that I can no longer keep up with membership emails, I have decided to make this PUBLIC access. You no longer need to comment and request membership.

That being said, please still respect the rules and credit me, it would be nice to know they are still appreciated.

So... please join, and enjoy the icons. Rules are below.... thank you for checking out my journal!

1. My icons are NOT bases. This means, do no customize or edit in any way. I do not do fancy texting or gradients over my icons, and most are cut simply. This does not mean that they can be edited. My current style is 100x100, no border. If you would like any other style, you MUST put that in with your request.

2. Please credit in your icon keywords or comments. EVERY post of mine has a sample image of how to do this properly. Icon thieves exist, it's just a fact. But if you put the credit in your keywords then the blame is on them, not you. You can still put a link/credit to me in your user info if you would like, but please also put them in keyword comments.

3. PLEASE comment with what you take Look at it this way: the more I realize my icons are actually being saved and used, the more I'll make. If I make a post of 80 icons of someone and nobody comments, chances are I won't be making icons of that person ever again.

4. By all means... share the love. Nothing makes me happier than logging in and seeing more friend requests and people sharing the word about my icons. NEVER had I imagined this would get as big as it already is, so I thank you all for appreciating my work so much.

5. Requests: I am currently NOT taking requests, and currently trying to revive myself with updating with new icons.

That's it!! WHEW, you survived :) Thanks again for finding my journal and appreciating my icons. If, at any time, you can not find what you're looking for here, please check out my affiliates. If I know of a comm that has icons you're looking for and I can't get to your request right away, I have no problem recommending it.

Jan. 7th, 2008



Hey guys! Here's a list so far of my affiliates. I will be keeping a running list of these in the UserInfo as well so stay tuned for more updates. More will be listed as soon as I find who all moved where onto IJ.

Affiliate Listing

Want to affiliate?
If you'd like to affiliate, here's what to do:
1. Please mark [info]iconsbytink as a friend. You can still join IconDust if you wish, but marking Tink as a friend will help me check my affiliates for updates. Yes, I check because I like to point out your icons to others in case I don't have them. That's what affiliating is for, right?

2. Please comment the designated post in [info]iconsbytink so that I know to add you in. Also, please list me in your affiliates. Because, well, duh.


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