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August 14th, 2013

August 14th, 2013


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So now that Miss Wraith Slayer is back, when did you want to go to St. Louis? Can we go like now?

no evil

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I've never been able to be so open about who I am, I'm not really sure what to think about it just yet. It's a lot to take in.

I was too busy over there wigging out when you asked me before, but..I didn't fully forget. The last thing I remember from home was killing the Mayor.

No evil

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Back from camp and ready to kill things in need of killing! Just putting that out there because I'm subtle like that.

Anyone else notice our darling brother missing until well after sunrise? Where were you, Elijah?!

Discussions have happened and there's plenty of people who've said they're willing to help you where they can. I've got an idea that Lexi's not too keen on and I'll admit, it's rather quick and dirty, but we've got to start somewhere.

Whatever happens, however much you end up hating this and hating us for putting you through it, no matter how much you want to quit, you can't. It's all or nothing, because if you give up, I won't hesitate to end a problem before it begins.

Take a few days, figure out what you want to do, but let's get started on this soon, yeah?

No evil, no Matt, no Elena. no...idk anymore

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[ooc: We are all going to pretend this post happened at like 2 am in Ireland even though its like 1pm something in Ireland. TIMEY WIMEY PEOPLE]

You know when you're on a haunted castle tour and listening to the guide prattle on and on about things that are supposed to make you all scared but hey you died at 17 and some things just aren't scary after that? And then somehow it went into wolf legends and how the Irish wolves were exterminated and then supposed wolf mating habits and I'm going how is this related to haunted castles????

The whole wolves mate for life thing is bullshit, right? Which, hey internet, being all 50/50 on this is so not helpful!

So. Inquiring minds possibly drank a whole lot of gin to get to this point.

Werewolves don't mate for life, right?

And then what’s even a mate?

I need to stop hanging out with werewolves. I’m like the little vampire who shouldn’t be. Like seriously, their bites kill. I'm a masochist. That has got to be the answer.

I need more gin.

no evil

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Well, it's certainly a relief to be done with that day.

If we're here next year and the Perseid Meteors peak around the same time, it might be good to do again.

Or we could go to San Francisco.
Lizzie Bennet
He How are you?

Texts to Oswin

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>> Hawaii is awesome. I'm actually getting to leave my hotel this time.
>> Forgot to ask if you wanted souvenirs. If so, tacky, not tacky or both?
>> I can get you a giant tiki mask if you want. Or a grass hula skirt. Or other tacky stuff.
>> Anyway, my real point. How is everything in Lawrence?

No Evil

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So, catching up on the various media things and I have a question. Justin Bieber. Is he actually evil? I know I'm way behind on the times, but really, what the hell is with that kid? Can we kill him?

[Filtered to Stefan Salvatore]

It's been decided it's my turn to stay out all night after Nik and Elijah did recently. Now, where oh where could I go?!

Filtered to Buffyverse who aren't Buffy

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Okay now I'm not Miss Tact. Tact is generally tiresome and I don't engage in it. But Buffy knows about how we are fictional here. Which alright, she could have found easier but does she know about Joyce?

I don't know how to tell her that when she's this little.

I'd mess it up.

Someone else do it.

Filtered to the Clone Club (aka Cosima and Alison)

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I got some money, so if there's anything you guys need or want, it's a joint fund. So you know, you can take what you need from it.

Also Alison, your gun and taser should be coming soon.

Cos, you need anything?

As a thought, do you guys want to stay here in the complex, or would you like to get a place of our own? Just throwing that out there for discussion.


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yyou are so fucking full odf shit. all thrat bullshit back in Vegas. thatwass jjst to get me to fuckng follow you.

[ooc: apologies in advance bb! Peter is angry and lost and lashing out right now.]

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[Text message to Adam Hauptman]
  • Hey.
  • It's Mercy.
  • Elena

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    I need brain bleach stat.

    No evil and no one under 18.

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    So, hi everyone. I'm Bo, recently new resident to your fair city. And I, unfortunately, have something of a problem. Being as everything is pretty much out in the open here, I thought that this would be the easiest way to get this done.

    I'm a Succubus. Where I come from, it's a species of fae. And what that means is that in order to survive, I need more than just food and water. I have to feed on a person's chi. The easiest way to generate this chi is through a sexual encounter, but it's not the only way.

    Now, the reason I'm posting is because it's been a while since I last fed. If I don't feed again soon, I can't guarantee anyone's safety and that is the absolute last thing in the world that I want. Ideally, I'd like to strike a deal with someone (or someones) where we can make a trade. You help me out, and I'll help you out. I have extensive weapons and hand-to-hand experience and training, so that's definitely on the table. I'm a fair to middling cook, a little bit under that with housekeeping, but I'm willing to trade those services as well. Pretty much anything you can think of, though.

    I don't think I could possibly make this post any more awkward than it already is, so I think I'm going to leave it at that.

    Filtered against evil

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    So my sixties class is scheduled for tonight. Is everyone who was planning to attend staying at the complex? If not, I'll postpone it until next week for safety reasons.


    You won't be out tonight, right? Dean said there was something dangerous out there.


    God, don't antagonize th
    You have to be more carefu
    There's nothing I can do if
    Katherine is one thing but


    Please remind Jeremy to filter when he talks to Caroline and has anything to say about the Originals, even if it's vague. I don't want him to end up

    No evil, no kids

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    Heads up, Lawrence - we might have a new and exciting round of fugly evil shit coming our way.

    Not sure how serious a threat it is overall, yet, we've only got one dead we can connect to it, but it sure as hell wasn't a normal non-supernatural death, and one death is more than enough to be on the list of 'do not want', so everybody keep your eyes peeled, and be extra careful. Bring a gun with you, or someone who can use one, if you go out, especially at night.


    I'm sorry. We'll get it. Promise.

    Let me know as soon as they've got the results, okay? You do your by the books thing, I'll start on the hunting the fuglies thing, and when this is over, I'm calling weekend getaway.

    [Family/Friends, sans Jules for sensitivity reasons]

    Juliet's partner, guy who went missing? We found him. He was chewed on pretty damn bad. No EMF, and I didn't get any sulfur, either.

    Jules doesn't want me impersonating an officer, so I can't get close enough to Juliet's gonna get us more information as soon as they know more / get an autopsy done, but, for now, we're running on "lots of teeth" and "there were leftovers" for clues.


    Wanna come with me tonight, see if we can't pick up a trail or get a clue or something?

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    Filtered to Matt and Elena )

    No Evil

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    I actually got a job, its just a few nights a week for now but its a starting point right?

    Turns out one of the bars needed a bartender and one of my old covers actually was one, plus I'll be able to spot anything funny thanks to the other life. So I'm kinda going legit?

    no evil

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    Caroline? I've been told to ask you for Kia Ora and now I'm curious.

    No Evil

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    I believe I am finally comfortable with this machine. The wonders of this age do not cease to amaze me. Apparently my sister had something called a program that allowed me to use this computer, I believe it is called. These words are unfamiliar so I beg your forgiveness if I make a mistake.

    I met some of you the other day with the horses, but I am very bad at remembering names. My name is Armand St. Just. I am the brother to Marguerite and brother-in-law to Percy. My French is better than my English, but I have been told few of you speak fluent French so I will try to converse in English.

    Marguerite, did I do well?

    okay, whatever scott, no evil. happy now?

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    Okay, seriously? Like, no, seriously?! You want me to just believe that this isn't a personal vendetta against myself or the other people I know, because for the record? It totally feels that way.

    Allison? Scott? Stiles? Is anyone here?
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