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[May. 2nd, 2009|08:25 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Remy
What: realizing that Darius isn't good at avoiding trouble
Where: Italy, to start
When: tomorrow morning/afternoon
Warnings: cursing, references to mischief, college humor.

Things never work out as they're supposed to. )
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[Apr. 22nd, 2009|09:20 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Scott
What: Drinking, hanging out, looking at scantily clad women
Where: a beach in Spain
When: early evening
Warnings: um? Copious amounts of teenage boy-ness, with a side helping of 'OMG, people expect me to be perfect!'

I'm gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up )
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[Apr. 20th, 2009|09:42 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
What: Going to see a play, being teenagers
Where: Cork, Ireland
When: middle of the day
Warnings: Horny young adults, slight emo possible.

I take delight in the juice of the barley, and courting pretty fair maids in the morning bright and early )
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[Apr. 11th, 2009|05:54 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Alexa and Darius Summers
What: Random encounter and conversation
When: Random moments
Where: Random art show in a random country
Rating: TBD

It was a beautiful day for a strange meeting... )
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[Apr. 9th, 2009|09:44 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Sophie
What: probably yelling at each other
When: afternoon
Where: Chez Frost
Warnings: Darius might curse?

A lonely life, where no one understands you, but don't give up, because the music do. )
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[Mar. 30th, 2009|07:59 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
What: Being dorky powered teenagers together
Where: New York, then Genosha
When: a couple days ago
Warnings: Lord only knows

We're in a dream in the happy house, We're all quite sane )
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[Mar. 21st, 2009|07:24 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Darius, Remy, Jean, NPCs
Where: The Purifier's base
When: early Sunday morning
Warnings: random power manifestation, allusions to violence, daring rescues.

Why does this always happen to me? )
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[Mar. 21st, 2009|07:24 am]

[Tags|, , , , , , ]

Who: Cable, Darius Summers, Domino, Doug Ramsey, Jean Grey, Henry McCoy, Ray Terrill and NPCs
What: Shopping, Purifiers, Fight, Drama, and Birth!
When: Today, Genosha time.
Where: Genosha and New York City
Rating: R for violence. Also, long narrative is long.

Days of Future's End... )
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[Mar. 20th, 2009|06:42 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
When: Tuesday morning
Where: Casa Del Ophelia
What: Explanations, glompage
Warnings: will update if there's anything, mild language for the moment.

Just a place to call your own )
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[Mar. 15th, 2009|07:49 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Logan and Darius Summers
Where: Frost Mansion, in the morning
Warnings: Just awkwardness

At least he won't get stage fright? )
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[Mar. 5th, 2009|11:57 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Adrian Veidt and OPEN
What: Originally intended as a little look into his mind, now an open thread
Where: Central Park
When: Pretty much right now
Why: Because.
Rating: Well, if no one tags in, the post by itself is G. If someone tags in, who knows?

Read on... )
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[Feb. 3rd, 2009|10:10 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
What: A Vacation
Where: The Airport, thence to Hawaii
When: near the 14th
Warnings: Heaven Knows!

Ophelia was very excited indeed. The airport was full of things she'd never seen before and once she forgot to move, watching the board with all the flights listed on them change.

It was so busy and so big and she was so very bouncy! She found herself hurrying to keep up with Darius and then she kissed his cheek.

"I can't believe we're actually going!"
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[Jan. 26th, 2009|01:49 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius Summers and Ophelia
What: Getting together after the past weird week...
When: now-ish
Where: Ophelia's home
Warnings: Mindbending amounts of cute and adorable, most likely.

Ophelia had set up the DDR game in the den, and she had been very busy with popcorn and chips and sodas and cookies and...as much as she could do in her current hyperactive state.

She was so very glad Darius was himself and could not wait to see him again. She had missed him more than she expected to. If she let herself think about it, that fact would worry her.

But she's hyper now, and happy, and...fairly sane. All of those together work out fairly well.

And now she's just waiting for Darius to get here.
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[Jan. 25th, 2009|07:00 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Naamah and Darius Summers
What: Meeting, freaking out
When: Today
Where: Her house
Rating: TBD

Freaking out is way too easy to do! )
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[Jan. 15th, 2009|03:16 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius Summers and Alex Rogan
What: meeting to discuss a scholarship.
Where: The Companion House's main office
When: Early afternoon
Warnings: doubtful.

Darius had been nervous. This meeting felt wrong, in a way. Being invited to a hotel? In the capitol of Genosha? But this wasn't the Genosha of his home world. He'd spent enough time there to know. And what harm could come of meeting someone in a park about a scholarship? If anything happened, it was almost the perfect for it to happen. With his family so close, it would be hard for anything catastrophic to happen.

He whistled as he walked, texting Scott quickly. At the very least, he'd go hang out with Scott afterward and recap the whole thing over a beer.

He straightened his coat before walking into the reception area, smiling politely at the secretary, and asking about his appointment.
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[Dec. 29th, 2008|09:47 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Ophelia and Darius
What: Learning to walk in heels
Where: Ophelia's house
When: now-ish
Warnings: deathly levels of cute. Sweetness at a level only insulin will cure.

Ophelia just barely managed her way down the stairs in the heels, clinging onto the railing the entire way. She catches sight of herself in the long mirror and has to laugh.

"I used to have such grace once upon a time..."

The heels are about three inches high...which might not be much, but it was very high for Ophelia. Once she was on level, uncarpeted ground, she was more unsteady, but at the same time, more firm on her feet.

She turned sideways and looked at herself in the mirror again while she stood still. She really did like the way her legs looked in them. And if she was going to wear skirts that hit ever-so-slightly above the knee as she was now, she wanted to look good.
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[Dec. 20th, 2008|07:58 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
What: looking around her house, mild flirting.
Where: Ophelia's home.
When: earlier in the day
Warnings: obscene levels of cute?

Darius felt a little silly as he walked through the streets of New York. He was carrying a Wandering Jew, the purple and silver foliage brushing over his hands as he walked. The urge to shelter it from the cold was strong, but he refrained. A little time in the cold wouldn't hurt it, and he'd look foolish cuddling a plant.

Still, he was careful with it as he went, sheltering it with his arm when the wind was particularly cold.

He arrived at Ophelia's door quickly, driven by the cold and the wet. Just being here made him smile, and he knocked, hoping she wouldn't take long. It felt as though his bones were solid ice.
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[Dec. 4th, 2008|09:44 am]
[Tags|, , , , ]

Who: Darius and Scott, later joined by Lorna, Alex, and Jean
What: insanity
Where: Genosha
When: last night
Warnings: All of them. tl;dr

Sick sad little world )
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[Dec. 3rd, 2008|09:03 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Naamah and Darius
What: comparing funny names
Where: a coffee shop in London
When: A while ago. At least two weeks, probably more.
Warnings: seeeex. tl;dr

Goodness gracious great balls of fire )
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[Nov. 16th, 2008|06:39 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Ophelia and Darius
Where: Ophelia's hospital, out and about, maybe
When: afternoon
What: consuming hot chocolate
Warnings: doubtful. Cuteness may be lethal.

Darius bounced through the halls, glad to be seeing Ophelia again. He had a thermos full of hot chocolate, and had another surprise for her that he hoped she would like.

The nurse at the station smiled at him, and he greeted her by name. Darius was good at remembering names and faces.

He walked in a more dignified manner when he got to Ophelia's hallway, and tapped on her door frame before poking his head in. "Hey!"
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[Nov. 16th, 2008|06:33 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Scott
Where: a steakhouse in Genosha
When: early afternoon
What: eating, being teenaged guys, discussion of the craziness that infects their family
Warnings: teenage boys

Darius was still in his suit, tie loose around his neck when he arrived at the steakhouse. His portfolio was tucked neatly into his messenger bag, and he looked around, excited. Despite himself, he was looking forward to seeing his dad again. Even if it wasn't his dad, but. . .

Scott had been a huge part of Darius's life, and he still found himself wondering what the older man would do in certain situations.

Meeting a Scott close to his age was bound to be trippy, and probably mind bending. But hell, what did he really have to loose?
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[Nov. 4th, 2008|10:43 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Ophelia
What: meeting, chatting
Where: her hospital room
When: first thing in the morning
Warnings: I'm going to hazard a guess at cuteness

Darius whistled as he walked to the hospital. He'd made up a story that sounded plausible enough to him, and was ready to be interrogated at the check in center.

The woman behind the counter smiled at him, took his name, and told him which room to go to without any ado. Darius laughed a little at himself and went down the hallway, whistling, looking for Ophelia.
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[Oct. 24th, 2008|02:42 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Emma
What: Coming home
Where: England, Emma's place
When: Early in afternoon

Darius trudged up to the door, more tired than he'd thought possible. The night's sleep had been much needed, and he was glad that Emma had offered it.

Despite all the trauma, it was nice to be back. He still wasn't sure how he should feel about Emma, but since she obviously cared for him, and his mother wasn't there, he saw no reason not to think of her as such.

He searched his pockets, and realized he didn't have his keys with him. Sighing, he knocked on the door.
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[Oct. 21st, 2008|01:43 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

Who: Darius Summers, Alex and Lorna Summers, Cable and Domino
What: Sinister's last line for Act One
Where: Their respective homes
When: Tomorrow morning
Warnings: Cursing, nudity, explosions, one narrative, two logs

I'm not even supposed to be here today! )
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[Oct. 11th, 2008|10:26 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |calm]

Who: Peighton and Darius
When: After this
Where: His place
What: Whatever it turns out to be
Rating: TBD

Never will Peighton get used to the Portkey )
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[Sep. 23rd, 2008|10:00 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Mr. Sinister
Where: The Peace Corps medical facility
When: Today, in the morning
Warnings: needles mentioned, evil afoot, possible tl;dr

But they believe it from the tears and the teeth right down to the blood )
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[Sep. 11th, 2008|02:10 pm]

Who: Darius and Peighton
What: Going out!
When: after their conversation
Where: London, her house, to start.

Darius was a little nervous, he had to admit, when he approached her house. It took a lot for him to come out of his shell sometimes, and he was used to knowing people before he spent time alone with them. Plus, he had to watch his back, now that Sinister was there.

He toyed with his phone in his pocket, and approached her home, knocking on the door. No sense worrying about it now. Here he was.
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[Sep. 2nd, 2008|10:01 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius, Nathan, and Domino
Where: Nate and Dom's ship
When: after their conversation
Warnings: tbd

Darius sat back from the computer, rubbing his eyes. He had switched to his glasses for the night when he'd put up the post to Nate, and was eyeing his contacts a bit, before shrugging it off. Not like there was any call to impress his older brother.

He spread out on his bed, yawning a little. He was just going to rest his eyes until Nate called. No big deal.

He was asleep before his head hit the pillow, glasses pressed into the side of his head.
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[Jul. 28th, 2008|12:29 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |chipper]

Who: Psyche and Darius Summers
Where: Las Vegas
What: Giving Darius some fun before he is shipped out.
When: Now
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Goddess to the rescue! )
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[Jul. 21st, 2008|01:19 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Rose Frost and Darius Summers
What: getting to know each other
Where: Rose's home
Warnings: language, maybe.

Darius was bewildered by everything that had happened. He was doing his best to regain his mental balance, but this was just too weird, even for him. For a moment he was irked when he realized that Chris and Hank had probably done stuff like this before and would know exactly what to do. But there wasn't much he could do about his luck up to this point, so he trudged toward the location he'd been given, hands in his pockets.

He knocked on Rose's door when he arrived, straightening his clothing unconsciously.
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[Jul. 21st, 2008|01:15 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Darius and Alex Summers
What: Meeting, talking, etc.
Where: Alex's tomb house
When: the afternoon after they talked.
Warnings: language. 100% incest free guaranteed.

Darius knocked on his uncle's door, adjusting his jacket in his arms. True to his words, he'd come as soon as he could get out of the house, and his hair was still wet as a result.

The outside of the house was nearly pristine, though that didn't mean much. None of them had ever wanted for money, so it was distinctly possible that the person caring for the garden wasn't Alex.

Still, it was something noteworthy that Alex was putting effort into the facade of normality.
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