June 5th, 2010

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Locked to 1203B

You were right

Sorry I kind of went

Would you be terribly disappointed if I decided to retire as the resident Batman?

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posted from 1102; public

My name is Esme Grigore.

There is no need to explain to me the nature of this place - I know it well enough, and the changes in it have already been told to me by my sister in 1203. I have also been told that, on the full moon night several months ago, she was harmed.

I would like to say, just to be clear, that if anyone sees fit to do her harm again, on a full, waxing, waning, or new moon, they will have me to reckon with.

That aside.

Reading the tarot is my business, and you'll find my readings more accurate than your average new age street woman with a veil and a deck of new cards that she thinks make her qualified. If you would like to schedule a reading, you need only contact me.

I would like to settle here with a minimum of trouble. Leave me be, and I will do the same for you. you know who you are

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Public from 105

[After catching up on the building dramatics via the forums]

It does not concern me, what anyone thinks they are or who they believe they turn into when moon mother is full and heavy in the sky. I have a spear and many knives, and I do not mind using them if anyone turns their anger on me. There is talk of powers also, yes? I can open all of your doors if I wish it. I recommend staying away from mine.

I much prefer bluntness to false, friendly introductions. I do not want to sleep with your women, and I do not want to steal your things. Your politics and dramas, they do not concern me. If I play my music too loudly, I recommend the purchase of ear plugs.

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802, 1104A, R1

[After this and this]

[Locked to R1, 802, 1104A]
Meeting in R1 at 8 pm to discuss this building shit we've gotten ourselves into.

[Locked to R1]
Be sober.

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[After seeing one, decidedly dog-like wolf in the park]

Locked to P3

If I get you the money I got left (about a quarter million), can you invest it for me and rent me somethin that ain't here?

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Left outside 1204 )

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[Left at the door of R1]

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden. )
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