[info]sherlock in [info]07refugees

I assume we can get ready for the next influx?


Cliff's notes: shit's broke and we ain't gonna fix it.


Yes, I suspect people who were in wait-and-see mode are now going to be coming our way.
I almost migrated there rather than here in June from LJ, because the numbers looked better.

But there were enough strange 'it's been broken for a year, stay tuned for updates' signs around that I picked here instead.

I am now very glad I'm not having to move again.
Wow, that's epic fail right there. So glad I haven't used GJ seriously in a while.
*massages temples and sighs*

This doth not bode well for anyone.
Seriously. -_-

I wonder if it's too much to hope that the newcomers will read the rules at [info]asylum_promo and such?
On the plus side, A+ macros.
Agreed. I am loving having empty hard drive space right now, as I collect cat macros. So far I think I've seen maybe one or two repeats of macros I already had.
Agreed. I've been a right-clicking fool on that thread.
LOL, and this is why I didn't invest anything in GJ.
Yup, I put in my time to that site being mod of the gallery, support board and in the recent days, making posts since System didn't have the courtesy to tell his only two support people that the site is sinking (I'm cdenise on GJ).

He then doesn't bother to answer my email and posts that "Oh yeah the site's broke and we can't fix it."

He never informed his support team of anything.

A few months ago I told him support on GJ was a thankless job. I guess this is his idea of thanks.

Whoa. I never understood how GJ could be free for users with no option to do a paid upgrade because surely those little ads wouldn't bring in enough revenue... I think?
Yowch, that's the very definition of thankless, there. Welcome to IJ, and I hope you'll at least get to kick back and have fun here. I'll tell you, though, the GJ people obviously love you lots, because a lot of them seem to be demanding that he turn over the site to you. (Don't let him! Don't let him! Run like hell from that kind of responsibility-- er, sorry, LOL, speaking as a former webmistress who'll never do that again, there. XD Squeaky's great to work for, though. :D)
I wasn't too surprised when I read this, but I was a little annoyed. System didn't tell anybody anything... I just posted on there, telling my friends about my IJ account.. I'm hoping they'll come over here... I think at least one will...

IJ is so much better :)
Cliff's Notes Version: System is a petulant, spoilt little brat (or scuzzbucket, asshat, anything in the book -- insert expletive-like name here) whose toy has ceased to work so he's thrown it into the gutter. I'm so thankful I've moved all my journals here.
*struggles to look on the bright side*

Nice compliment for InsaneJournal.
Wow. Sounds like major burnout going on with their admin. Glad I didn't set up shop there after making a couple of GJs.
I've never been tempted to become a member of GJ and had not heard of them before strikethrough07. Lucky me. Their attitude towards their members is shameful.

What is genuinely depressing are the pleas from some GJ members that it has to recover. No; it is not going to recover. It is terminal. At least system is telling everybody to head for the lifeboats.
It's like "last call" at a tavern: “You don't have to go home, people; but you can't stay here.

Seeing so many people not wanting to leave when the situation is going to end catastrophically - it depresses me, because as bad as LJ gets, it will never get to the point where it will be telling users to go elsewhere; and I can't convince them to leave LJ and come here. (Of course, it will be "permanently suspending" any number of accounts; but that is different.)

I have revised my User Info page to delve into GJ's deterioration.

I'm glad I settled down here. Between this woe-is-me from GJ and the insane rant from the CommieJournal sysadmin, Squeaky is coming out "squeaky clean."
User Icons have also dropped to 5 per account there now too. Didn't take people long to notice that.

I'd delete my journal there, but we all know it really won't be deleted.
Well, I just deleted my account over there. NO big loss to me.

Shame really, to see them fold like this.

I may be talking out of my ass but!

Like I said before, only less bitchy here then I did there, I just hope the general snappy attitude does not come over here. I also would love if the laziness stays there too. I mean, I know that it's hard to swim through billions upon billions of pointless comments but then there's the same questions/suggestions being asked millions of times when it's already been addressed.

I honestly haven't paid attention to GJ much since 2003, until now while watching all of this. But the information I had from my occasional drop by of the website was that it was mixing and matching alot of different codes. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not a code monkey. In fact I know little about it but me and the husband was just throwing around gossip on the whole situation.

Didn't GJ use PHBB for PMs? Did they ever change that? And I'm somewhat sure that the galleries was by another script? Plus they 'apparently' screwed up the code, therefore they couldn't purge accounts.

Long story short, my husband, who knows more about coding but less about GJ, says it may be possible that some trouble could have been caused between license holders for the mixing GJ actually did. Also since they dabbled with the source code that's open source but never(??) released their modifications, they couldn't sell it (ie; sell account plans).

This is all just musings and there's no truth in it but it is something to think about.

Anyone's free to correct me but like I said, there's an idea.

Honestly, even back in 2003 when it first became GREATESTJOURNAL, people were skeptical, now they're all shocked, pissed, and suprised about this. Heh.
I was never really impressed by the set up at GJ anyways. It just looked so.. out dated?

Btw, where'd you get your icon? It looks -awesome-.
Can we start spreading those rumors now?

Did GJ ever have paid or permanent accounts? If so, it'd probably behoove them to start refundin' some money.
I used to think the drama and ass-hattery that followed every news post on LJ was the most entertaining thing ever, but after reading the announcements on GJ I think I may have been mistaken. Hee Hee. So glad I came here when that ~system dude said to. I'm even getting to like the quirky insane theme here, too. It really fits for a blogging site.