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I assume we can get ready for the next influx?


Cliff's notes: shit's broke and we ain't gonna fix it.


Whoa. I never understood how GJ could be free for users with no option to do a paid upgrade because surely those little ads wouldn't bring in enough revenue... I think?
I agree! He kept adding features but we never could figure out how he was paying for all the bandwidth and space with those small ads.

Maybe... his meth lab exploded?

It's kind of like CJ right now, albeit which is smaller and more volatile (hey, MolotovJournal isn't taken!), and I have no idea how the site owner plans to pay for the hosting every month given the way things have gone.

And I'm sorry that something you put so much work and help into is crashing and burning so badly just because the owner blew up his meth labwasn't vigilant or responsive.
And most of the features he added only worked sporadically.

Those of you who did support for gj really did have a thankless job. You all put in a great deal of work, and the way he's treated you is abominable, in my opinion.
Yes, that is very likely. System should've opened up a paid account feature, I think some would've gotten paid accounts.

so much icon love!

YES! I had initially thought about going to GJ but didn't want the ads... and I hunted around for an upgrade/pay feature to do it, and nothing!

Re: so much icon love!

If you'd like to use the kitty tea cup icon, it was made by: http://shimmerstar.greatestjournal.com/

I know, people have suggested a paid feature on GJ, but system ignored all of those. :/

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Thank you!

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You're welcome :)
(That's such an adorable icon you have! ^_^)

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Thank you! It's a stock-kitty from Veer I made, credit optional! :D

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Thank you :)
I saved it and credited you as well :)

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Yay, thank you! :D

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You're welcome ^_^