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Which was the worst journaling experience that made you migrate here to Insanejournal?

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Livejournal strikethrough, 07?
167 (69.9%)

Greatestjournal's owner system's constant unpredictable restrictions?
58 (24.3%)

48 (20.1%)


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I was never really very happy at GJ so the crapness of 'system' didn't bother me so much (not just because it was expected anyway - I'd never had decent experiences with GJ the way I had with LJ). LJ have really pissed me off over the last year >(

Russian Company SUP

SUP taking LJ over and censoring.
For me it was the second round of strikethroughs, well boldthroughs, that led to me starting a journal here.

Silly me was optimistic and thought 6A actually meant what they said after Strikethrough '07.
BOLDTHROUGH and the permabanning of the two artist was my last straw on LJ. I still go there to keep up with my flist and all, but more of them are coming over here.
The changes made by 6A were bad enough, but the worst part for me was seeing ways they went about it. I mean, those goons were terminally half-assed about absolutely everything -- even when it came to troweling on the bullshit. I don't know what was sadder, watching them put lipstick on a turd and call it a bunny, or watching half the users line up to cuddle it.
Livejournal being owned by Russians.
I really haven't completely and totally migrated over to here. I use GJ, but I really find myself updating my IJ more, which is weird. XD

But, yeah, Squeaky does give us a heads-up for what's gonna go down when he does site maintenance. system at GJ barely, if ever, does that.
I said Strikethrough, since that's what sent me over here initially, but everything that has happened since has just reinforced my feeling that it was a good decision.

The flagging, tag limits, and sale to SUP just poked me over into buying a permanent account here.
amusingly for me, it's a none of the above that made me come here. :o I just am obsessive about having multiple identities, though none of my journals are secret anymore. XD A little bit of strikethrough, a little bit of SUP, a little bit of GJ drama--I just like it here since there's a nice tight community with awesome management and the downtime is the most reasonable here--and well announced and/or apologized for. I can't leave LJ officially yet, though. I'm still stuck with the "friends at competition sites" issue and the fact that my favorite RP is still staying at LJ, so I have to stay at least for that even if I get rid of my main journal posting.
My friend had created an IJ to escape an old friend-turned-brat at LJ, and I created one as well to keep her company. This was after strikethrough. Though strikethrough pissed me off, it didn't affect any of my daily journalings directly, so I didn't think of getting rid of it (plus, I had already bought a permanent account for it). I was also very irritated by the lack of responsible handling at GJ, particularly the lack of icon space.
I was actually interested in IJ before Strikethrough but that gave me more reason to come over here.
I bought my account during the Strikethrough fallout in mid-June.

Other reasons I've seen for leaving:
  • Nipplegate '06, when LJ decided you can't show female nipples & aureolas in default icons--even if those nipples are directly involved in feeding a baby. (The idea of an act that's legal in public being forbidden for "explicit sexuality or obscenity" on LJ bothered a lot of people.)
  • Strikethrough, Round 2: Boldthrough
  • Flagging/SUP, which would be two separate issues, except that they hit so close together there's no real difference.
Other individual reasons include:
Suspended (or censured) for posting someone's "personal info" that was googleable or whois-able,
suspended for mistaken identity as troller,
tired of evasions and refusal to answer questions about TOS,
unsure which content they want to post is acceptable,
and the occasional "the software on my account is just fucked up and LJ doesn't know why."
Def. GJ's lack of info from system, since that was my main journaling site.
When LJ struckthrough and then started hassling two fanartists I kind knew around from the HP fandom, and for no other reason than so they could say they were cracking down on the kiddie porn (which they weren't even doing) when they sold themselves on to Six Apart a few days later.

I've been very happy at IJ.
I put other, but it was SUP's takeover and content censorship that did it, not Strikethrough.
I voted "strikethrough" but it was really a combination of things that led to increasing dissatisfaction with LJ, even a year before strikethrough. The SUP thing was the nail in the coffin - although I was already here by then, I actually closed and deleted all my LJ accounts at that point.
I'd been on Blogger for a couple of years, until family stupidity this summer made me realize I REALLY needed a place where I could lock posts away from the general public. Strikethrough was in full swing then, and GreatestJournal seemed a bit cold, so here I came, and here I stay. :-)
Strikethrough was the catalyst for me, but I'd been increasingly dissatisfied with other aspects of the site -- namely the constant addition of sheer crap onto my profile page, screwing around with my viewing settings without telling me, etc. It's nice to have somewhere where they're not constantly tooling with the visual aspects of my journal.
LOL--I clicked all three!

My number one reason for leaving LJ? Permanent account SUSPENDED AND PERMABANNED! All because they suspected me (wrongly) of being a troll who's been bothering them for years. I have another account they don't seem to know about, so I can still keep in touch with my old friends list. I also know how to get around their restriction and could ABSOLUTELY get around their retarded "permaban." But guess what? I want nothing to do with them. Why should I put content on their site that might attract readers to a page with an ad that makes them money? I could go on for another few pages about the flagging system and their absurd censorship too. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SOMETHING, DON'T READ IT!

As for GJ--WTF? It seemed like a good site, but they don't seem to know what they're doing. It's up, it's down, 100 icons, 10 icons, 100 icons--no, wait, make that 10.

I think IJ is awesome. I love it here. My bestest friends from LJ have joined me and I'm making new friends every day.
I bought my permanent account during the Great LJ Blackout of '04(or was it '05? these things are so easy to forget). I only really started keeping track of it during StrikeThrough though.
The sale to SUP, definitely.
Most definitely System's waffling about, well, everything on gj. I don't have an lj, and gj has gone so far downhill that I don't believe it's in any possible for it to be a decent journaling site again. So I've made my merry way to ij, and here I and my rp characters will stay for the rest of my journaling days.
I put "other" because it wasn't Strikethrough that caused me to move--it was the permabannings in August '07. The thoroughly craptastic examples of customer service that they've shown since then have served to reinforce my desire to stay here.
I scouted around for things after Brad sold LJ in the first place. After the first round of "news" posts I knew it was done.

Sadly most of the people I know have very dark blinkers on and are happily continuing over there.

I hope they have their fic saved somewhere.
I don't recall when exactly I made the account here, it wasn't just strikethrough alone, although that's when I first heard of this place.

I migrated in small steps, first I backed up my journal here and to GJ and remained on LJ, then I began to friends lock everything, except one dirty fanfic - but a lot of things caused me to finally give up posting in my journal at LJ completely.

I did not want to support that company anymore, so not renewing in October was my first priority. But eventually I thought about the adds and decided that I was still supporting them this way.

Those smug ljstaffers just lie to you in the face, coming up with more insulting and crappy posts (to lull in those who can't see beyond the surface) and impose more and more restraints.

Plus I hated it that they abused some important issue like child abuse / porn to push their own agenda which had nothing to do with caring about children. That was so sick and twisted, made me lose all respect for them to begin with and they certainly did not bother to win it back.

I guess they figured the broader base of their customers would be stupid and/or ignorant enought to stay no matter what they did or how many clever people would point out their bullshit.

I thought about GJ, but even before those recent screw ups I decided I liked it best here. When the nice 35 Dollar offer came, I bought a permanent account also I really could have lift with the basic features, but I felt like supporting.

And last, but not least I love to be "permanently insane" the whole theme of this site is just cool.

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