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Poll #740 Reasons for migration
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Which was the worst journaling experience that made you migrate here to Insanejournal?

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Livejournal strikethrough, 07?
167 (69.9%)

Greatestjournal's owner system's constant unpredictable restrictions?
58 (24.3%)

48 (20.1%)


I really haven't completely and totally migrated over to here. I use GJ, but I really find myself updating my IJ more, which is weird. XD

But, yeah, Squeaky does give us a heads-up for what's gonna go down when he does site maintenance. system at GJ barely, if ever, does that.
I think that more and more people are finding less and less uses for gj these days. Lack of communication from system is definitely a leading cause to that once awesome journaling site becoming a sinking ship.
Yeah. I mean, it was great when it had the 1,000 icons, private messages upon everything else. Now that system has downgraded the once 1,000 icons to a hundred and then back down to ten, then back to hundred and now finally ten, a lot of people are looking at sites like InsaneJournal, DeadJournal amongst other sites in order to continue journaling.

I rant way too much. XD
Yeah, though DJ, you need an invite code to join. Oh well. But hey one of my former gj-ers that just joined ij yesterday, has made my account a paid account. :)

LOL It's cool rant away. It's healthy.
Yeah, though I do agree with whomever runs DJ. That puts less of a strain on the servers in which makes the site speedy.

Yup, it is!
I guess so.


BTW hot icon.
fallenrhea at LJ made it. ^^
Awesomeness! :-D
This might be borderline creepy, but what the hell, want me to add you here?
eh. lol go ahead. -adds you back-