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July 13th, 2010




Making sure to credit has always been a big topic, which makes perfect sense and as an icon maker I like it when people credit my icons (partly because it makes me feel great and because I know I'll look in people's icons to see where they got an awesome icon I may want to use someday), but when is it really appropriate to attack someone if you see they haven't put a credit on?

The way I see it… We are all human, occasionally we'll write code and not notice that it didn't show up (for example I tend to put credit in at least two places and occasionally I'll miss something tiny in the html and the credit will be hidden), or we get distracted (work, kids, animals, TV) and miss something… so does that give someone who is the creator of the icon, profile, layout and so on the right to outright attack someone, and call someone "a bitch" for stealing something and that it "really isn't that hard to credit something and it's pathetic that you haven't"?

I wonder sometimes if we get so cranky about these things that we end up hurting peoples feelings instead of just simply asking… "Hey, I noticed that you didn't credit X, I would really love it if you could credit it as I put a lot of time into creating it. Thanks!" Now, if they still don't credit perhaps ask one more time nicely before getting a bit snippy? I don't know, I am just sort of wondering where people are on this issue….

On that topic… Some HTML code profiles are really basic, when is it really stealing? When is it that someone just happened to think of the same basic layout and wrote all the code by hand without looking at (or taking) other coding from somewhere? Is it fair to attack people because the coding is similar? Who is the "original" creator of some of the more basic codes?

I'm all for crediting, I'm just wondering what everyone thinks on some of this!