04 October 2010 at 09:40 pm
Good morning, Marina! Also, hello new people that arrived this morning! If you need any help, I would be glad to assist you in any way possible!

[Elizabeth is rather in a good mood....or hiding some of the morning people she dealt with already. Right now, she is sitting in front of the desk in her room of the estate in Sector 5. She is lightly swinging her feet back and forth in her chair, making the finishing touches to a doll that is standing right in front of her. A doll that looks like a young girl. White curly hair that adorns a black top hat with ribbon and a blue rose on it, light pale skin, eyes closed, a black and white dress with various frills at the edges of each layer. Her legs are covered in dark blue tights and matching dress shoes. Other noticeable things is a large gold pocket-watch under her arm and a white baton in one of her hands.]

Ta da~! It's finished! All I need to do is give her a name. Anyone have ideas? [Or you can ask why Elizabeth has such a strange doll in her possession. To some people, it's actually her Angelic Layer doll she has been working on for days.]
[action; semi-open; backdated to around mid-morning?]
30 September 2010 at 08:53 pm
[Pearl is in Jennifer's kitchen, poring over a children's cookbook. she's been meaning to do something to thank Miss Jennifer for letting her and Mystic Maya move in, and everyone likes cookies.]

[...unfortunately, Pearl's never cooked before; the only food she really knows how to prepare is salads. but it's a children's cookbook, so it can't be too hard, right?]

Floh...ur...? I don't know what that is... Ah, but I'm sure whatever it is, it's labeled... [but try as Pearl might, she can't find it; the flour is labeled, but not prominently, and so Pearl misses it.]

...um...I could come back to that one. Let's see...brown soo-gar? Ah...I don't know what that is either. Maybe I should ask someone for help... [but she doesn't want Miss Jennifer to find out. it's supposed to be a surprise!]

(OOC: Open to residents of Jennifer's house and anyone else who has a good reason to be in her kitchen.)
14 September 2010 at 02:24 pm
[Agito's been asleep for the last day and a bit, having gotten into a fight with someone. Akito had scolded him, naturally, but after awhile the shark had told him to buzz off. He'd be fine by himself.

So the light is outside, practising his riding. He isn't very good when compared to his other half, but he's getting the hang of it again. At least he isn't falling over as often.

Akito hums to himself, just skating around. He kind of hopes he bumps into someone. He misses meeting new people and talking to his friends]

((OOC: Because chat made me, Akito's wearing this~ X3))
[ Voice ]
07 September 2010 at 10:10 pm
Blah blah blah... There's got to be a mistake. Blah Blah who's in charge..

I'll make them pay, blah blah blah...

I'm a good person blah blah blah!


Can't even find something new to say instead of going off just like about ninety percent of the people that are here. Gee. If we could be out of here, don't you think we would be by now? Do you even read what's on the screen?
08 September 2010 at 10:26 am
...so much for going home.

This crime list is so bogus. I'm a good guy! Good guys don't go to prison! We're supposed to put the bad guys in prison! Aww maaaaan...

This is so not fair...

((Whiney BB is whiney. Also tags will be sporadic until I get home))
[Action | Open]
07 September 2010 at 01:09 am
[It's MOVING DAY for the Feys!

Having accepted Jennifer's offer for them to live with her and the other housemates, Maya and Pearl are spending part of the morning moving their belongings over, with some assistance from Jennifer, so that it's all done before the baseball game coming up.

The cousins spent plenty of time packing up yesterday, but it's really a fairly small load since it's mostly identical sets of clothing, Steel Samurai merchandise, a few books, and toys. Still, they're taking a few trips back and forth between the Shelter and their new home so as to not overburden themselves.

On these trips, they're also accompanied by Missile the Ditto, who is helping carry a few small things while she isn't taking the form of boxes herself.]

((OOC: Feel free to run into them anywhere along their path! (I think the house is in Sector 5 4 but Parsnip just disappeared so I won't be able to confirm until later.) But it's probably best to keep the at-house thread to just housemates and anyone else who has a reason to be there.))
Location: Sector 0/4 - Morning
[Action & Video | Open]
06 September 2010 at 08:29 pm
Huh?? How did I end up here?

[Red is pretty sure he was in bed three seconds ago. Now he's in a park like the one he first landed in. Also, it's not nighttime anymore. He's really confused! Well, there is one thing he can do. He promised to tell Jennifer if he ever got lost, so...

On the video (which he knows how to use! even though he can't private anything yet) you will see a very confused looking blonde-haired kid.]

Um, Ms. Jennifer? Can you help me get back to the house?

[The restraints, the arrival message, and the welcome basket? Yeah, he hasn't noticed any of that yet.]
[Video - Open] - I hope I'm doing this right. ; A;
06 September 2010 at 08:31 pm
[The video opens to show a man in a top hat with a weird haircut and purple eyes. He stares at you for a moment, with a strange expression on his face, and you can hear the squelching of a latex glove clenching in the background.]

Haha... [giggles nervously] So this is a prison? That's really...unexpected...and weird... [frowns a little]

I don't suppose there's any chance of being let out...? I have to get back to my factory quick, 'cause I left my heir alone in the inventing room, and if something goes wrong, the whole entire factory could blow up! [He says that in a rather excited tone. He doesn't want it to happen, but it sure would be interesting!]

Oh, and by the way, the candy in this basket is really gross. It tastes like Slugworth made it. [He frowns at the thought.] The chocolate isn't mixed right at all, and the flavor of the hard candy is, like, ew. [Finishes eloquently.]

[He looks at you, a slight disapproving frown on his face.]

[[OOC: He's in Sector 5 right now, kinda near the convenience store. > m< In case anyone wanted to know.]]

[[Moar OOC: Orz I screwed up my icons by renaming them...I don't think I can fix it, so just...ignore the icons on my older replies. ; A; *so sad*]]
21 August 2010 at 01:03 am
-- a sci-fi movie with an underwater city in it? Or... hmm-- wait, maybe this is supposed to be Atlantis. But in the future! That'd explain the eyepiece! Of course, that has to be it!

[ The seemingly-random declaration was followed up with a triumphant fist-smack on his open palm, despite the ridiculousness of his claim. Nonetheless, once that was figured out, the brunette didn't waste any time moving on to the next issue: figuring out how this super-cool high-tech eyepiece worked. ]

You know, for a dream about future Atlantis, I was kind of expecting robot mermaids, or laser-guided tridents, or... what would Atlantis look like in the future, anyway? Did anyone ever officially figure out what it looked like before? Maybe--

[ A pause in which Kazuki presses a button. And the sound goes out. Although his lips are still moving. One can only assume he's spouting out more ridiculous nonsense. It doesn't take long before he un-mutes the communicator, finally having figured out that it's been recording this whole time. ]

FELLOW ATLANTIANS! ... Wait, maybe I should've given this more thought. What should I say... Greetings?
[Video / Action | Open]
20 August 2010 at 06:47 am
[Despite all the chaos of the day, Maya made her way to the Pet Café earlier and finally decided on a shibu inu puppy who looks a lot like a certain police dog (in training) she remembered from back home. After signing her contract, she's made her way to the park with her new companion, where the two met up with Pearl.

Maya's turned on her communicator onto video and is playing fetch with the puppy along with Pearl in the park for a bit before she addresses the camera.]

See my new puppy!? Her name is Missile Mk-II!

[Missile barks at that, wagging her tail playfully.]

[Fetch continues for a bit until something strange happens. The dog's coat slowly fades from a natural red to a purple tinge and then suddenly outright purple.

Maya stares at the puppy as Missile MK-II deposits the ball at her feet, wagging her tail and panting, as if nothing was wrong.]

M-Missile? W-What's wrong!?

[Maya turns back to the camera.]

H-Has anyone had a puppy suddenly turn purple?

[Missile cocks her head and adds:] Ditto Ditto...?

((OOC: Yes, Maya's somehow adopted a Ditto.

But it's not very skilled at copying...))
Location: Sector 4 - Park / Late Afternoon
[video || OPEN]
17 August 2010 at 07:11 pm
[The video flickers on and soon. There. Standing before you...is the man of your dreams and for some reason...you are so drawn to him. You want to know him, you want to be him, hell, you just want him in general.

This tall, dark, and handsome stranger cranes his head to survey his area, smiling magnificently, and then in a booming, sultry voice, speaks.]

What a wonderfully convenient facility.

[He directs his attention to the screen. Is he undressing you with his eyes? Why yes. Yes he is.]

Hello, ladies. How are you? Fantastic.

Might I inquire as to what your man smells like? Does he smell like an Old Spice man?

Does he smell of adventure?

If not, perhaps I can be of some assistance. [Smile and TING his teeth ~*~SPARKLE~*~.]
17 August 2010 at 03:47 pm
...okay, I can get the whole being transported to another place thing. And I dig the fancy comms.

But dude, WHY is my shape-shifting so off? Not cool!

And where is everyone? I know you couldn't have just dumped me here on my own. There's always at least two of us on these things. Cyborg? Rob? Starfire? Heck, Raven?

Guys, where aaaaare you?
16 August 2010 at 11:16 pm
[Isn't this a familiar sight?]

[There is a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW unicorn sparkling as it GALLOPS RIGHT ON UP TO YOU. YUP.]


ooc: feel free to attack/destroy/eat the unicorn for the unicorn still has many lives left and it will just come back!
[Voice/open] NEWBIE LAUNDRY POST 8D [action/open]
05 August 2010 at 01:47 pm
Why do we have to do laundry in jail? Why do we have to wash everyone else's laundry? You people wear too much different stuff! It's stupid!


[This grumpy young lady tried fighting off the bots that fetched her and her compatriots and got tasered for her trouble.]

And why do I have to wear this stupid chain, anyway! It's not murder if I was going to eat them! [Grumbling and hissing as she folds a shirt with far more force than necessary.]

[In the dome's laundry facilities, the newest inmates are hard at work--or hardly working--on the seemingly endless stream of clothes to wash, dry, and fold.]

[[OOC: Feel free to tag any of the three trolls, or start your own laundry thread amongst your own newbies!]]
29 July 2010 at 06:02 pm
Do a little daaaaance.

[Suddenly, more demanding,] OBEY. [GIR laughs while he orders some angry bots to escort every single one of you to one of the parks. Fighting back will only result in punishment...and believe him, you don't want to know what GIR has cooked up for you then.

While you walk you may notice that dawn has suddenly become night again, the lighting is still working though it's all very...vibrantly colored and disco-y--maybe a strobe light here and there--and that the once peaceful silence has turned into blaring techno.

GIR starts to sniffle happily.]

Y-you're all so beautiful.

OOC info under the cut! )
27 July 2010 at 03:22 pm
[Sakura's just stepped out of the house for one second to peer outside the door.]

...I really can't see anything. Does everyone have flashlights? I should get some too for Itachi-san.

[she takes another step outside to peer outside. How long would it take for her to walk to the store? She could get a folder and some flashlights - and her train of thought is cut off with a squeak....What - what was that? She can see something. Oh God, what if it's a - ghosts weren't real - there weren't any in Marina right?! At least if there were, they'd be friendly ghosts. Like - really nice people that are see-through and not at all like the floating, creepy people that haunted youandpossessedyouandscaredyouandkill-]


[and then she feels the hand on her shoulder. insert hysterical screaming]


Whoa! Sakura-


ooc: This is what happens when Shiba creeps up on lolis everyone. Shiba is blue |D AND HE WANTS A WALKING BUDDY
9th Connection :: [Action/Voice | Open] Bacon tacos of DOOM
27 July 2010 at 03:08 pm
[Early Morning | Action]

[Bless Innovade technology, it was quite possible to set one's own body to wake up at regular times. However, the inner body clocks conflicted with what their eyes could see. Ribbons for one, was quite certain it was morning, but the skies remained dark -- perhaps Miss Lacus' celestial display was malfunctioning?

The next thing that registered in his senses was the smell -- of meat, spices, cheese and most of all, the meaty salty aroma of BACON.

Ribbons slowly crept from his room to go downstairs, where the scent of the food suddenly became stronger. What could possibly -- ?!

He drags a curtain aside, only to find the driveway and the doorstep with


[... and then there was the "morning announcement". If a face meeting palm could be heard all over the prison, then the time is now.]

[Morning | Voice]

[A few moments later, Ribbons placed an open call, clearing his throat.]

Good morning, fellow inmates.

Is... ah... anyone in the mood for tacos? I most specially would like to invite those with voracious appetites.

[He doesn't sound as confident as he did the day before, but... he's trying, in the midst of visualizing what will happen if the whole lot is not consumed/cleaned very soon...]

(( OOC: Ribbons and Hiling are pretty much stuck in their house/lot as it were so feel free to drop by~ |Db ))
[ video / open ]
27 July 2010 at 12:55 am
[Orihime managed to sleep through the morning announcement, but she didn't sleep through the robots who came to her door at apparently the middle of the night at 7AM with armfuls of candy and insisted on doing her hair. She turns on the video, still in her pajamas. The robots are still carrying in wheelbarrows of candy into her living room, and her hair has been artfully styled with flowers in it.]

This is the best morning ever! [beams] --What's going on?

[Edward's tinny voice can be heard in the background, fussing over the bigger robots and crying "No messes!!"]

((ooc: tagging in the morning! Chad, feel free to action-tag the chaos.))
The 73rd Day
26 July 2010 at 03:54 pm
...Acumen? ...Hellooooooo? LET'S MAKE BABI--


[Giggle while GIR proceeds to mess about with certain things in his new surroundings, gleefully asking what 'this does' or 'that does' in the process.

GIR eventually decides that he rather likes the dome in nighttime, so for now all you'll be seeing is darkness. But of course breakfast time doesn't have to suffer because of this! There's a gasp because now GIR has some ideas!

Should you be worried? That is entirely up to you.]


((ooc: Ok, guys, today's the day to meet your new Vermin Overlord! First off, you can always refer to this post for a day-to-day schedule of what's happening. This morning Orihime and Ribbons will be given special attention! GIR will be sending robots to Orihime's house to pamper her senseless and give her candy and as for Ribbons, congratulations, you will be sent a huge shipment of tacos with bacon in them.

Comment as you would any other day post and have fun~))
14 July 2010 at 05:30 am
[Guess who is excited for school? Nana is. She is so excited she is going to explode.]

Nana can't believe that school is starting tomorrow! Isn't that amazing? Nana's never been to school before but it sounds so very, very nice. They will teach letters and reading to Nana. It will be so fun!

Who is teaching letters and reading? Nana would really, really like to learn and will be very, very good in class and do everything the teacher says to do! Will there be a class for drawing? Nana has only tried it once or twice, but it would be neat to learn what more colors are and...and...other drawing things.

Umm...Nana has a question though. What is a 'curriculum'? Nana heard this word but isn't sure what it means. Is it important for school? Do people need special things to go to school? Does school have rules? Nana doesn't want to get in trouble by accident!