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30 November 2010 at 10:48 pm
[Several of the hospital rooms were now occupied by some very tired people. One of them was Tieria. Basically out cold, he lay utterly still in the bed the bots had left him in. The situation was eerily familiar to those who had seen the effects of the sleeping epidemic and how he had been affected then.]

{OOC: Okay, so this is for anyone who wants to come looking for Tieria. You can bump into each and whatnot. Most likely, he won't wake up... unless it's like really really late in the evening... like probably past midnight. For those who were here and remember, this'll work similar to the post Ribbons had up after his first collapse from using QBWs in where people can chat and spy and hover and worry and argue and whatever else all in one spot to prevent comm spam. ^_^;}
[Log] Forward-dated to the dead of night...
28 November 2010 at 09:41 pm
Who: Tieria Erde, Ribbons Almark, Regene Regetta, Hiling Care, Revive Revival
Late evening, Day 90
Where: Sector 3, undisclosed location.
Warnings: Rainbow text.

'Take a chance, like all dreamers can't find another way...' or What happens to those who mess with a power more potent than theirs. )
08 November 2010 at 08:00 pm
[The voice that's about to come through is extremely excited. Ridiculously so. She's speaking quickly and as if something extraordinary has just happened.]

An underwater prison! I can't stop going glub glub over it, it's all very exciting! Of course there are less exciting parts to it [She pauses to play with the chain around her ankle, an action that can't be seen, but you can probably guess what she's doing if listening hard enough.] They reely know how to hook you in!

But! There is something a little...fishy about all of this. [Her voice doesn't give away if that was meant as a joke or not.]
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26 October 2010 at 12:29 am
[Tieria cursed as the lights went out, cringing as the sirens wailed loudly. He was on his way to Sector Three.]

Are we going to have to start carrying flashlights all the time now?

[He moved to the side, listening to network traffic on his comm as much as he could over the sirens. So far, no reports of monsters. In this racket, though, it would be hard to hear them if they came. Once he found the wall, he sent out a short query via quantum brainwaves to confirm where the others involved in this morning's meeting were. It wasn't anything complex, just a questioning feeling, really, as they'd probably need to conserve their energy if this ended up lasting all day.]
[ action ] (and then some?)
20 October 2010 at 10:16 pm
[OOC: Threads with Neil and Gino are closed. However, anyone can feel free to tag here if you need to reach Tieria about something or want to come by. He's not going to be straying far from the area today.]

[First, he found that Setsuna not only hadn't come back to the apartment last night, but hadn't come back this morning. Having waited a little while, he was about to leave to check the missing persons list when he heard Neil's announcement. There was his answer. He talked with Neil for a bit before going about his morning routine. It was a little strange without Setsuna now... empty. He paused while he checked the plants, staring at them for a moment.

Another teammate missing...]


[After Gino left, but before Neil arrived, Tieria knew he didn't have much time... not that he had much time anyway if he was going to pull off a wide sweep. He wanted to make sure to avoid contacting Anew as well. She'd been upset enough after their talk, but he couldn't trust the network. He knew Lacus was very skilled with a computer... He sat down, watching the door as he reached out carefully to Regene, Revive, Ribbons, and Hiling.]

{{We need to meet in person tomorrow.}}
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18 October 2010 at 09:18 pm
[ His voice holds a mixture of relief and disappointment. What a way to start the day. ] I'm not sure who all knew him, but... it looks like Setsuna F. Seiei is gone from the dome. [ And we know this to be serious business because he used the full name. Shut up, it's a Gundam thing. ]

[ It's not like Lockon to make brief network posts, but this is news he can't exactly keep to himself. ]
[Video | Open] Nightfall
15 October 2010 at 11:48 am
[Those of you who are outside at nightfall and expecting the regular moonrise and starscape are in for a surprise. Rather than the moon, what rises in the night sky is a much larger Earth, backlit by the sun. Also visible are what might seem a strange sight... jutting out from Earth in three locations (two of which are visible at present) are the orbital elevators, long slender tubes for transporting people into space en masse. Each elevator ends in a base where there are many solar cells to collect sunlight for energy.]

[On the video, Lacus is smiling pleasantly, the Earth rising behind her in the sky.]
Good evening, Marina. A request to show the view from Earth's moon in the night sky has led me to change the usual star projections for tonight. For those of us who miss this sight, I hope it will make you smile. For those who never were able to experience space travel, I hope you enjoy the view.
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13 October 2010 at 07:08 pm
[Tamaki is at the butterfly pavillion right now, just watching the scenery and thinking about his plans for the Host Club. First and formost, he'd have to get more members. With so many girls in the prison just three hosts just wouldn't do.]

Hello, denizens of Marina Asylum. My name is Tamaki Suoh, and I am the soon to be king of Marina's first Host Club, a club dedicated to entertaining women in our free time. If you recall I sent out invitations to join me for a meeting pertaining to this, however I fell ill and was unable to hold it. I am sorry to those of you who were interested in attending.

I hope that there will be many of you interested in joining this club and helping me in my mission to make the lovely maidens here happy. If you wish to join please tell me or come join me under the butterfly pavillion where we may talk.
[Action | Open]
06 October 2010 at 12:39 pm
[Something was different about Hiling today. After an entertaining day of shopping, she frowned when, as she stopped to admire herself in a store front window, she noticed a distinct lack of balance in the chest region. One of the bags of rice she was using as filler had worked itself half-way out of her bra. She dropped her bags and reached a hand down her new sweater to adjust it, but then the other one shifted. Showing signs of agitation, she moved to fix that one too, oblivious to anyone else who might be around, or even on the other side of the window.]
[Video / Action | Open]
04 October 2010 at 09:29 pm
[A metallic octahedron-like figure appears via a video broadcast in what seems to be the Common Room of the Shelter. Although not humanoid in the slightest, the center of it seems to be a red lens 'eye' which moves slightly to focus.

The odd figure addresses the camera with an arrogant masculine voice.]

Acumen, huh?

[Shutters cover the red 'eye', and the machine turns slightly away.] Hmph, never heard of you. But such an introduction was completely unnecessary. Especially during my tea time.

[The shutters retract, showing the eye again, which turns again to focus on the camera once again. The entire shape tilts up and back slightly, accompanied by a noise that sounds something like a hydraulic lift.] To think you could arrest the greatest Brain Colony to live! How useless! I don't intend to be bow to your foolish "authority" and allow myself to be captured! Mwahahaha!!

You must be with Nerval to be so stupid. Isn't that so?

[He waits, briefly, for a response that doesn't come.]

Hmph, did your communications get all tied? You must be beside yourself in fear at my bold and powerful countenance!

Well, whatever. In any case, next time, tell him to send himself rather than some upstart no one has heard of!

Or maybe they will be no next time...As you'll be feeling the power of my Soul Shouts! Mwhahahaha!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[Turning his eye away from the camera, he to where another communications window should be, at least to him. It, of course, isn't there.]

Withered Leaf! Prepare to fire!

...Withered Leaf?

[He's been distracted up until now, but it slowly sets in that his location has changed a little. He slowly rotates back to the camera. The shutters close and open rapidly thrice. His usual room is gone and replaced with...something else.

Leopard's tone quickly turns from arrogant to furious and the gap between his upper and lower shells narrows.]




[Are those sweat drops on his form?]


[ action | backdated to this afternoon | open ]
02 October 2010 at 12:45 am
[Tieria was at the beach. He was glad his abilities were back to normal. It meant no more headaches. Still, he had really messed up with Anew yesterday because of it, and he had a feeling Lyle was going to come down on him about it eventually. That wasn't the worst of it, though, really. He hadn't wanted to push Anew away, but the whole misunderstanding had just failed spectacularly.

He couldn't leave it like this. He was going to have to fix it. He just didn't know how.

At least he'd gotten Revive to agree. Getting them all to work together instead of against each other now was going to be the really hard part. He dreaded the idea. Just Hiling's way of approaching yesterday's odd happenings had been a good demonstration of that. Sure, she had fixed his glasses and healed where she had scratched his face, but was it really necessary to go that far? If one looked close enough, there were still faint red lines from her fingernails that came down the side of his temple and under his right eye. Though, they were a bit obscured by his glasses and his hair.

It still stung a little, too...]
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22 September 2010 at 10:34 pm
[This is probably one of the strangest days Revive has ever had. It's not normal that he wakes up looking more like a canine than an Innovade. But he had... ears, tail, and it seemed like all of his senses were heightened. He had been hoping to step out of the shelter for a few minutes, trying to hide his new "features" as much as possible with an oversized hooded sweatshirt. The tail and the ears were quite annoying...

The heightened senses might have been good, except... he has a prey drive. Hence why he is chasing a green haro through Marina, somewhere between on two legs and all fours. You can't blame him; it looks like a ball. Don't worry about the haro. It obviously thinks this is a game, which apparently it is. Anyone care to encounter the dog-boy Innovator?]

[ooc: Lucky Revive has woken to find himself part-Weimaraner.]
[ action | backdated to late morning ]
21 September 2010 at 11:53 pm
[OOC: Because I've been dying to use this icon for ages...

Also, feel free to use this post to call Tieria if you need to.]

Cut for TL;DR )


Private Voice to Regene )


Private Voice to Revive and Anew, but separate from each other... as in separate calls to each )
[voice | open]
14 September 2010 at 08:01 pm
[It's been far too quiet for Q's liking. That one fellow with the green hair had everyone in a tizzy when he told them they were virgins. Well, if they like sex so much...]

Who wants to have prison sex?
06 September 2010 at 09:44 pm
[Have a video of a lavender haired rather androgynous man with a slightly feminine voice. He has woken up in a room in the shelter, but that's not where he had been the last he remembers. He appears rather confused.]

I thought this was only supposed to be temporary. This time with a restraint and a ... "welcome basket"?
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24 August 2010 at 10:44 am
[Hiling can be found in the park, perched atop a picnic table, her legs swinging beneath her. Occasionally adding to their number with a gentle blow into the bubble wand, she watches them float around her and away. After all the excitement of yesterday, she can only hope today will be half as interesting.]
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23 August 2010 at 09:56 pm
[Tieria had left the apartment early. 874 was gone, as were Mileina and Allelujah... again for the latter, though he was relieved that Revive and Alejandro hadn't been able to remain. That would have made for some more awkward moments. Anew had a rough time, he was sure.

And Neil's comment... That had hurt. Had he done something wrong to get Neil angry at him? He thought things were different. They had just talked that night after the class and...

He sat down on a bench in the butterfly pavilion, just needing some time to think, to be alone. Setsuna's attentions, while not unappreciated, had been a bit awkward. And asking about Rei... It had left Tieria wondering. Anew had taken that step. Could he? He'd always thought he wasn't allowed, but he hadn't been allowed to let himself develop attachments to his teammates, either. One could see how well that had worked out.

So, maybe...

But, this place. He couldn't stay here indefinitely. And they'd just be opening themselves up for more hurt... wouldn't they?]

[OOC: Feel free to jump in wherever. I only ask the thread with Rei remain closed. Thanks. XD]
22 August 2010 at 07:29 pm
[The video cuts on the sight of a boy with black hair on a perfectly normal-sized head and a trench-coat. It may be late at night, but nothing stands in the way of heroism!]

MY FELLOW HUMANS. Do not be alarmed, but there is a great danger here that you need to be made aware of. There are aliens among you! Not just any aliens! Like that troll alien. But one alien in particular who plans to destroy the Earth!

His name is ZIM and he is short and large red eyes and antennae. HE MAY BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Do not let him fool you into believing he is human! The green is not a skin condition.
17 August 2010 at 11:55 pm
[Alejandro's found himself a seat to sit in, he's not sure where he is or why he woke up here but he certainly isn't going to panic. He'll just examine this communicator he found until he can figure out exactly how to contact someone. He's turned on the video, but isn't entirely sure what he's recording is going anywhere.]

No doubt this place looks interesting at least. I'd just like to know the name of the one who brought me here.

ETA: (OOC: I'm so sorry for the molasses responses everyone, this week turned out busier than anticipated.)
[Video || Voice]
16 August 2010 at 11:54 pm
[Here you will see someone who looks remarkably like someone else who is already here. He looks rather confused... at least immediately. His emotions then turn to annoyance]

What the hell place is this? [He mumbles something about it being impossible that he were captured.]

Hiling, where are you? This isn't a joke of yours, is it?