[Event] Night of Floating Lanterns
20 May 2011 at 08:18 pm
[It starts with one light at first, lifting itself from a roof nearest the beach--a solitary lantern glowing and drifting away on the light breeze. From one come many, several burning glows bursting to life and rising up above the trees and the buildings, lanterns of all shapes and sizes floating along like a river of lights. They bob and weave around each other, lightly bumping to change their directions, similar to stars high up near the apex of the dome, the waters below sparkling from the glow.

At the beach there are several tables where inmates may receive a lantern of their own to light and send on its way into the sky, joining the others as they burn through the night.]

[The lanterns are all around the dome, but they will eventually make their way to floating above the waters at the beach. Feel free to see them just about anywhere outdoors! If you want the full effect, check out the full scene from Tangled.]
[Action | Open] forward-dated to mid morning
16 May 2011 at 03:42 pm
[After watering her tree and having breakfast, Nakama sets out for the clothing store. She's managed to pull together decent outfits for the past couple of days, but there's no denying that her wardrobe is mostly jeans and plain t-shirts, and that just doesn't cut it for her anymore. As self-conscious and reluctant to stand out as she is, she just feels like a girl with a boyfriend should try a little harder.

It never occurs to her, of course, that Ushiro apparently had no problem with her dressing like that when he fell for her.

Anyway, she's there at the dress rack, flipping aimlessly through sundresses with a frown on her face. Why are so many of them tank-top style? She doesn't like showing that much skin...]

[Around noon - video intended to be both voice and private, double-fail.]

[Nakama accidentally hits the video button instead of voice, and when her face appears, it's badly bruised and cut. The worst of the bruising is around her eye and throat.]

Ushiro... could you feed Miko for me today? I dunno when I'll be home.

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[Action|Open] Backdated to afternoon
13 May 2011 at 03:56 pm
[Anyone who looks toward Sector 0 might find something is different today. Maybe it's that the tower has been freshly cleaned, or that the clock is a little off, who knows? Or maybe it's that young person swing around it like a May Pole on bright gold rope.

Oh, did someone think that was rope? No, that's her hair. She is having the time of her life though, so don't distract her...not too much, anyway.]

Woooohooooo! This is so much fun!
[Swordsmanship Class | Action | Open]
11 May 2011 at 10:00 pm
[With today's lesson, Cain intends to make sure his students have been learning the right things in his classes. It is also designed for his own amusement, but he wouldn't dare admit that openly.]

[After all, it would take years for any of the beginners to become formidable fighters. If his students are at least able to keep the pointy end out of their eyes, he considered it a fine accomplishment. But there is one lesson he can instill in them in a reasonable amount of time: how to keep control over themselves and to analyze their situation. Maybe he can't craft them all into fantastic warriors, but he can get them thinking properly.]

[That's why he's doing a mock tournament today--get the competitive blood pumping and see what happens. With his usual casual but authoritative air, Cain paces slowly back and forth in front of his students while explaining today's activities and the rules.]

--Alright, each bout will last three minutes. The person with the most blows against the other wins. You don't have to hit too hard, or try for a knockout, because you'll be disqualified if you do either one. The winners will gain personal glory and honor, and a token prize if those lofty goals aren't enough of a motivator.


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[Action/Video | Open | Shelter/Sector 0]
10 May 2011 at 09:59 am
[Ordering your meal in the Shelter cafeteria? There's a thick purple braid sticking out from behind a the fridge as a bot prepares your meal. Picking up your laundry? There's a flash of round spectacles right where your laundry basket used to be. But don't worry! This lurking figure is not after you -- padding along the corridors, sneaking through doors unless it slams right into her face is Kohran, equipped with a notebook and pen, taking notes, and doodling...]

[Somewhere along the way, she switches the feed on, very curious~]

Oh-- excuse me! Good day Marina! I have a question!

Care to share your experiences with Marina's robots? For a place where we're supposed to spend eternity in, these guys are part of our day-to-day living, so maybe there was a time they made your day, or they made you really mad...?

(( OOC: Kohran's just about everywhere in the Shelter -- the halls of the living quarters, laundry, kitchen, baths, cafeteria, following bots wherever they go! Stumble upon a crazy robot lady? :D ))
action / closed [backdated to morning]
03 April 2011 at 10:46 pm
[It is early in the morning, and Kanaya is lightly slumbering. Yesterday had been a rather hectic day when Vriska, Nepeta, and Terezi had ended up consuming some sopor slime. Kanaya was still rather vague on the details of just how that occurred, but it ended with her picking up Vriska and taking her back to her respiteblock.

It felt strange doing so. Only earlier that day, Kanaya had officially broken her moirallegiance with Vriska, yet here she was already impudently jutting her nose in her business.

Moirail or not, however, Kanaya cared for Vriska, and while she was letting go of her flushed feelings she knew that bit would likely never go away.

That was why she had brought Vriska here, and gotten her to bed despite the difficulty. She had pull up a seat, and sat there for the reminder of the night until she drifted off into sleep.]
[Swords Class | Action | Open]
30 March 2011 at 10:17 pm
[Did you know that you can do pop quizzes in a physical education class? Cain is certainly glad to prove it. Today, everyone will be drilled on everything they've practiced and learned so far until they're sweaty, lightly bruised, and/or tired.]

[Newer students will be given a much easier test than the ones who have been around since day one of the class, and those just joining today will be tested on their existing skills.]

[Before and after, Cain is his usual pleasant self, willing to chat people up and offer friendly advice. But during class, he'll be absolutely no-nonsense about working his students to see how much they've learned.]

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28 March 2011 at 09:41 pm

That was stupid. And it's all your fault, Terezi. But I'll still give you tea.

[Yeah, it might be easier to just wait for the bluhs to pass and purretend last night didn't happen, but she doesn't regret asking for a catdaddy. And she wants to talk. So.]

I got my teapots! Now I can have a purroper tea purrty. With red tea and Tannya and snacks~.
accidental video feed
26 March 2011 at 04:50 pm
[The camera feed turns on and the view is shaky, turning every which way and accompanied by the sounds of two girls. At some point the feed shows a bowl of green slime that looks far from edible.

And yet there is a gray-skinned hand reaching into it.

A few slurred words follow after the slime-covered hand disappears along with a chorus of wispy laughter.]

"So I told him... hahahaha ... I told him he had to just go. Just go! trust me and just... heheheehe Gooooooo"

"Holy fuuuuuuuuck... that is so... soooooooo funny... I just-... I just woooooooow..." [The camera view turns on them and lo and behold are Terezi and Vriska, faces colored teal and blue and smiling. Vriska is leaning against Terezi and drawing little shapes on the floor with the slime. Then she momentarily stops.]

"... You hear something?"

[ooc; TZ is teal and Vriska is blue Taking place at sundown in the shelter common area. Teresi and Vriska decided to play truth or dare. This post takes place a little after they get into their 'game', one of the dares being 'eat sopor slime' (which canonically is not supposed to be eaten and can cause brain frying, to put it simply). Yup. Also, action is available but we can't guarantee we'll tag every reaction comment.]
[video | open]
25 March 2011 at 05:59 pm

Anyone having the allowed sex yet?

[She might just be legitimately curious complete with questions, but if most people take it as an attempt to troll then, hey, all the better.]
action / closed
24 March 2011 at 05:33 pm
[Kanaya was beginning to realize that she was a very indecisive troll. After hearing Acumen's announcement she had left her room in the Shelter, deciding she would take this time to explore more of Marina and avoid the blackouts as she could. Acquiring more clothing was definitely in order as well. Getting around on crutches was a tiring thing too do, but she would grudgingly admit that it was a lot easier than toting around that chain and ball.

Still, yesterday's events were both embarrassing and enlightening. Drugged on medication or not she had acted in a completely unacceptable manner, particularly where Vriska was involved. Kanaya was no fool. She knew she wasn't quite over her feelings for her, but she knew that those feelings were unrequited and that she would only end up getting hurt and bowled over again and again if she pursued them farther. It was better to just put it all behind her.

Her intention had been to return to avoiding Vriska but as luck would have it, what troll did she run into while passing by the beach?

And her reaction?

To drag Vriska along with her to get some clothing for the both of them. Kanaya tried to tell herself that it was because she wouldn't be able to carry a lot of things by herself but she knew better. The walk towards the clothing store had certainly been a tense one, at least on her end, but now that they were here she thought there would at least be some sort of distraction until she figured out just what the hell she was doing.]
action / closed
24 March 2011 at 04:51 pm
[Kanaya was trying her best to keep out of the sector that was experiencing black outs. She was still relatively new to this place, so she didn't have many supplies to help her accommodate to the darkness.

That, and unlike the rest of her mostly nocturnal species, Kanaya liked the light.

Right now she was using the excuse to move to further investigate Marina. It was tough going. She no longer had her restraints but was instead sporting a slightly ludicrous looking black cast that had a bunch of cats drawn all over it in green, courtesy of Nepeta.

She was currently in the first sector, coming near to where the graveyard was located.]
[action/voice] [open]
23 March 2011 at 03:42 pm
When does the sewing club meet? I know we have one, but I haven't managed to go yet!

[Xion's in Sector 4, playing fetch with Mars. She is a whole year old now, so she's pretty excited! Not even rolling blackouts can bother her.]
23 March 2011 at 03:23 pm
[Conan's making the rounds of the dome, trying to work around the rolling blackouts. He wants to have an accurate mental image of everywhere; maps are useful, but they don't tell you what the people are like, or whether there's a hiding spot between this bush and that bench, or exactly how many steps there are in a building. These are things he needs to know if he's going to have any luck dealing with the real criminals in here.]

[He's currently enjoying the gardens of section 4; he doesn't plan on spending too much time here, since it'll require a more thorough exploration than he can give it right now if he wants to get to the rest of the sections today. But it's a nice place, and he's debating picking up something for lunch to eat while he's here.]
22 March 2011 at 08:17 pm
[There is a clang of noise. Only, 'clang' is not a sufficient word to decribe the ripe cacophany of falling metal and squishy teen troll. The communicator comes on in just enough time to catch the loud and really rather angry vulgarity hidden in the middle of the noise.]


[The noise stops, except for the necessary little tinkle of metal just after you think everything is all over.

Eventually there is a groan.

Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?
video feed | action
16 March 2011 at 08:00 pm

[Vriska is holding her glasses, completely smashed and totally unwearable now. She's sitting under a small tree with a cat curled up by her side. Not that she's really paying it any attention, too caught up in her own whirlwind of thoughts and memories right now. It seems like her eyes and arm are back to normal (no more robot limb!) and her clothes are... colorful.

Sets the crumpled glasses on her lap and rubs at her temple, lips forming into a deep set frown. Headache of the century right here.]


[ooc; Guess who just came back from an update... She taken from her most recent point (highlight the next part if you want to be spoiled) after Kanaya punches her and is checking up on Rose.]
16 March 2011 at 05:05 pm
[Step one. Scope out tree.

Step two. Climb tree.

Step three. Fall down at least once, because the tree is unforgiving and gravity will not give you a break, not for a second.

Step four. Frantically fix hair! This is important.

Step five. Check a mirror.

Step six. You don't carry a mirror.

Step seven. Climb tree again! Succeed this time. Don't look down, don't look down--

Step eight. I said, don't look down!
Step eight-b. Feel slightly queasy, get tighter grip on branch.

Step nine. Extend out on branch. Take a moment to make sure you look cool, like you've done this hundreds of times before and weren't just inspired by an old episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman-R.

Step ten has been omitted for time.

Tap-tap-tap on the window,
] Hey, Lenalee-san!

((OOC: Sob Ryoji decided to climb a tree into an apartment building window. Feel free to come across him.))
The 106th Day
14 March 2011 at 09:57 pm
[This is a placeholder for the daypost, since Acumen's player may not be around to write something up. If you were expecting a request, a yelling-at, etc, please consider it given. Assume it is a clear warm day!

Feel free to leave kiosk requests here.]
[MAIL POST | Mail 105]
11 March 2011 at 11:43 am
  • Nakama: a letter from MOMO, and another from the Wayward Vagabond.
  • Tohru Adachi: a letter from Kitty Pryde (Evolution).

  • To Everyone Sasha knows by name: Valentines gifts from Sasha.
  • To Josak's friends: personalized Valentines from Josak.

  • Kamui Shirou: a package from "Kamui" (Fuuma) anonymous!

[Today is a bright new day for the postal service, with the introduction of... uniforms. PM sent a message to the post office volunteers to pick one up at their convenience. She already changed into hers. It is the most beautiful thing she has ever worn.]

[Since valentines deliveries have been staggered out, she can handle the route with the help of her new volunteer:]

[Haro rides along on the front compartment of her mail cart, with a uniform hat taped carefully to the top of his head. He can't carry much and isn't the best conversationalist, but PM appreciates his company and enthusiasm for the mail!]
[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 106 go here!]
08 March 2011 at 08:55 pm
I must admit that I still find myself in a mild state of incredulity. To be spirited away to a penitentiary in a nebulously ascertained area by means unknown, is in itself cause for indignation. To do so in the middle of my ensuring the propagation of my species makes it more so. Particularly when, as you say, it is 'best' for me and the timeline from hence I hailed.

[the irritation in her voice is clear, but after a small pause and sigh, it lifts a little]

I apologize. Little will be achieved from griping. If those in charge of this facility and this machine, Acumen, was it? If you are listening I beseech that you at least return to me that Very Important item which you have taken. I assure you it is by no means dangerous.

If any others are listening, which I believe must be the case, then of you I ask to enlighten me. Whatever you can tell me about this Marina facility would be most appreciated.