May 29th, 2010

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Rosalie? Are you up? How are the thorns? Needs some help? We need to I might be

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Left outside the door of P3 )

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No one's dead. A good moon, as far as I'm concerned.


was any of it are you safe are you staying there? i don't know

[Not sent]

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[Posted early Friday morning; no replies are sent till late Friday evening.]

If you haven't already, please dig through the forums for the post by #401 - your fables should have left messages for you.


I'd also like to take this time to apologize for any distress, Javert caused. If you have an issue, please feel free to adress them. I'll attempt a reply by this evening. Forgive me - I haven't had any sleep in over 72 hours.

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Locked to 205

[After finding this]

Thank you for the cookies, but there really is no reason for you to apologize to me. Dracula and I are not the same.

My name is Vlad. I apologize for what the Count said to you.

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[Posted mid-morning on Friday, after finally checking his messages]

Locked to 1203B

Shit, I'm going to KILL Ichabod I can't believe you're breaking the law with Stefan You fucking smoke, too?!

We need to talk. Please?

Locked to 202

It was Trenton. He killed Aaron.

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Locked Individually

{ Posted about an hour after sunrise }

[ Locked to 906 ]


Please contact tell inform me of your well-being health after this recent event.

Regards, Thank you.

[ Locked to P4 ]

I don't know your name You Resident of

I would like to apologize to you concerning a message left for you during last night's [...] event. Griffin My fable is controlling overbearing at times. I hope that his message did not bother you.


Dr. Archer

[ Locked to P3 ]

We cannot let them

Dracula and Griffin should never

You cannot tell anybody of what you heard

Breathe a word of my identity and you will become my newest donor

[nothing sent]

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905 (R1B), 1007, R1, P3, 601, 1206


I don't like your Dracula at all. How much do you know about what's going on with Daniel? It's all public information now merde


I need to talk to you and I'm coming up whether you say I can or not so you might as well

[905 (R1B)]

Beauty told me How are you doing?


Are you alright, Boyd?

You can tell me what happened, you know.


I don't know what Red wanted me to Did you change back okay? I think Red is very concerned about you on Boyd's behalf.


Was Christine okay the rest of the night?

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I know people are like, understanding about the whole story thing.

But I still like to apologize for Peter's yelling. And insulting, especially to P3.

[Locked to 905/R1b]
Can I call in work today for reasons of being really, really mortified?

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[Posted Friday Afternoon.]

I'm not going to go and just say I was


Too tired for this

I'm looking for Ella, Rapunzel, and John.


And anyone who wants to know about sparkling vampires.

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Locked to P5


After last night's moon, something has come up, and I fear I shall not be able to keep our previous commitment for dinner this evening because I suddenly have a baby to take care of. I hope this cancellation with virtually no warning will not reflect too badly upon me.


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Text Message

[Sent to Stefan's phone]

cole says he wont tell anyone. dont really wanna go.

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[ It takes him a few minutes to actually hit send on Rosalie's number, and he's pacing when finally calls. ]


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Public from 302

{ Posted early Saturday afternoon }

A little internet forum, isn't this cute? I wonder if this is the kind of thing my assistant was telling me about - lol cats or something. Are we supposed to type normally, or badly here?

Hello, everybody. My name is Brian - I just moved in on the third floor yesterday. These apartments are really nice here. I wonder why the rent is so reasonable. Do we have cockroaches?

Is this where I talk about myself? I'm a dentist - been practicing for about 15 years now. I tend to work long hours, and I get up pretty early, so to the people on the third floor - don't be surprised if you hear me coming and going at weird hours. I'm on call most weekends for dental emergencies. Which reminds me - if anybody has a tooth problem, please don't hesitate to contact me. I promise I'm nothing like that guy from Little Shop of Horrors.

That's about it for me. I look forward to meeting all of you.

- Brian

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Phone Call to Joanie Wicker

[Friday evening]


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Locked Individually

[ Locked to 705 ]

You get through the full moon alright, Captain?

[ Locked to 202 ]

Thanks for the supplies, Llama King. They helped a lot.

[ Locked to 605 ]

Thanks for getting Javert to stop shooting. The noise was giving me a headache.

[ Locked to 307 ]

I think you should learn some of 204's vampire jokes.

Van Helsing could tell one right before he stakes Dracula all dramatic-like.

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[The journal is slipped under Boyd's door after this. If she's watching, it goes halfway in, pulls halfway out again, and then after a moment's hesitation is slid quickly into her apartment before he can change his mind.]

the more i speak the more we are buried alive )

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Private to 108



I'm sorry Peter Pan is a snot.

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Locked to 905 --> R1B

Hi, Ella. Joss said you wanted to talk to me about the fables?