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September 19th, 2012

Friends filter

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Just so it does not appear that I have dropped off the face of the Earth, if any of you are in need of reaching me, your best bet is by phone or Farnsworth. I will not be looking at the computer much until Myka wakes up.

[OOC: New additions to this filter include Lois, Natasha, Andrea, Robin Hood and uh...anyone else that's had a couple comm convos with Helena and met her in person.]

September 11th, 2012

Filtered against Evil and Vampires aside from Lexi

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I know we've had a handful of new arrivals since I last brought this up. If anyone here is interested in theater work of any sort, be it performing, writing and composing, management, or backstage work like set building, costumes, makeup, etc., I'm leading a group of performers. We're still in planning stages, and we could really use more help, especially for behind the scenes work.

Magic-users, we specifically need some help from you. Zatanna was going to help us with glamours so that we wouldn't attract too much attention for having celebrity facetwins. With her gone, we'll need someone else to help us out.

[Filtered to the Theater Group]

Hey everyone. Meant to send this over the weekend, but... well. Shit happened, obviously. To those of you who've lost friends, my sincerest condolences.

We're now down at least a couple of members of our already tiny group. Zatanna's gone, and Oliver, who was going to sponsor us, but they're the only ones I know for certain. I've seen a few of you popping up on the boards. Others, not so much. Please respond to this so we know who all is still here. [EDIT] Maureen is gone as well. And possibly Rachel - love, if you are here, speak up![/edit]

On a more positive note, Marguerite and I went looking around for a venue last weekend, and we've found a few places we could try renting out. I know a couple of you have money to spare thanks to the Seal or wish-baubles or what the fuck ever. I'm not going to demand any one person pays for the whole thing, but whatever you can contribute would be much appreciated.

We need to figure out what sort of show we're going to put on. I believe someone suggested a cabaret style show, the last time we met up? Anyone have other ideas, come talk to me.

I just wanted to say how very sorry I am about your boyfriend. If you need some time, I will completely understand.

September 9th, 2012

Filtered to friends*

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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat just happened?! Are you guys all still here? ...did anybody new come in when everybody else got taken out, you think...?

[ooc: *includes: HG, Claudia, Britt, Penny, and Freddie]

Filtered against Evil & Katherine

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I'm still here, in case anyone's wondering. Fuck you in the fucking ass, Seal. With a fucking pitchfork. I'm getting majorly drunk tonight, if anyone else cares to join me.

cut b/c omg ALLL THE FILTERS (Steph, Wesley, Tom, Lexi, Troy, Rose, Marguerite, Emma, Faith, Piffy, and Andrew) )

September 4th, 2012

Filtered against evil and Katherine

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Guys...it's been a long time since our last D&D game...and there's new people and stuff. Any takers for this weekend? Whatshisface doesn't work at the comic book store anymore but I can try my hand at Dungeon Master if we can't find somebody else... It can't be that hard, right? Abed made it look easy so

You're comin' right? I haven't seen you in a while. My fault, sorry.

Filtered against Baddies & Katherine

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LOIS. When are you coming back? Your apartment is cleaner than you left it! Never mind it being because I stole some of your tops

KIM. Hanging out was fun! We should keep doing that. That's really all I have to say in your direction ATM.

PETER. Dude. Why is it I haven't actually seen you in ages again? Are you too busy flirting?

JASON. Do you even exist any more? Did the seal eat you?

EVERYONE. Lois and I want to go play paintball soon. Anyone else want to join in and make it a big event?

September 2nd, 2012

Filtered against Evil

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I swear to God, when I find out who slipped me a roofie and dragged me -- unconscious -- all the way to freaking Kansas, heads will roll!

August 29th, 2012

Filtered against Lucifer and bad things that are bad.

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Shiny new apartment? Waaaaaay better than living in a basement.

And my laptop is all high tech and fancy and moves at the speed of light. Xander likey.

Quick question: where does one rent a movie around here? I tried to find a Blockbuster, but they seem to be MIA? What happened to Blockbuster?

...it's also possible that I'm going to need a job. Andrew, could you put in a word with Iron Man for me? Tell him that I'm good at...stuff.

August 26th, 2012

Filtered Against Evil Beings

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Why has no one told me of these chocolate chip pancakes before? I like them!

August 25th, 2012

Filtered against LUCIFER. And Darth Vader. IS DARTH VADER HERE?

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I'm on the internet. I'm on...the internet. I am a person and I am on the internet, featured as a character in a series about Buffy.

Oh god. Oh god. That means that you're all...

Lois? When I said that I would have your babies, I didn't actually mean - it was a joke. I was joking. Ha, ha, ha! Ha?

And, uh, Catwoman? If you saw me talking about you being sexy in any way...actually, you know what? We'll stick with that. I am not ashamed.


...or you are a crazy person named Peter Parker and I'm just - no. Nope. If this whole fictional thing is a real thing, then you, good sir, are going to be a real thing too. I need to
Who else is
I think I
I can't breathe

August 22nd, 2012

Filtered against evil and that Katherine vamp

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superman sings disney songs

can he be any cooler?

July 29th, 2012

Filtered against Evil, Dark, Katherine, and Ed

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So well over a month ago I posted something on here about starting up a theater group, since pretty much all the singers, actors, and other performers have had their careers thrown in the toilet by being fictional. Thanks for that, Seal. Yeah, anyway, shit happened and that kind of got sidelined for a bit, so here I am again, bringing it back up. So!

Actors, singers, dancers, magicians, musicians, makeup and costume and set artists, writers, other backstage and behind-the-scenes crew, what the fuck ever you do, if you are interested, come talk to me. I know there's a lot of new faces, too, this is extended to everyone interested as long as you aren't evil.

We need to figure a couple major things out, including
-Who's going to be involved and how? What can you do?
-Where are we going to do this? Do we want to try and rent someplace, or should we start smaller?
-How are we going to get funding for this? What can we do on a limited budget?
-A lot of us have famous faces. I know there are people who can do subtle glamours to keep us from being recognized and causing legal troubles and media attention. Can any of you help us out?
-What exactly do we want to do? What kind of show do we want to put on?

So yeah, come throw ideas around here, and we ought to meet up sometime soon so we can discuss this further in person.

July 25th, 2012

filtered from evil, Katherine, and Dark

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I found a frog on my windowsill. Aren't frogs supposed to be an appo apock an end of the world kind of thing? Captain kept trying to paw at him, so I put him in a cleaned out, empty mayonnaise jar. I think I'm going to call him Petey.

Also, it's been a while since I posted anything about dance lessons. I teach dance in the gym for anyone who wants to learn. You don't have to live in the apartments to take classes. Most of my students don't live here, anyway. I teach mostly jazz and acrobatics.

Filtered Against Baddies, Katherine, and Mr. Dark

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So, what do you guys do for fun around here when you're not supposed to go out and punch baddies in the night but you totally do anyway because you don't have the anti-demon training yet? Not that that's all I ever do, I just don't know Lawrence yet. I'm not used to cities this small.

So. Tips? Comments? Suggestions? General conversation ideas? I'm open here, people.

July 20th, 2012

Filtered against evil and Katherine

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Oh man, has anybody else been watching this Big Brother thing? I thought it looked kinda interesting so I gave it a go and now I'm hooked. I just got caught up.

July 18th, 2012

Filtered against evil/Katherine

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Jesus jumping on a pogostick, Batman! The lack of tech in this house is unacceptable and must be fixed immediately!

July 13th, 2012

Filtered against evil, Moriarty, Katherine, Gaia, Mr. Dark

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Somebody should take the internet away from me.

Because of things like this.

And this too.

July 12th, 2012

Friends filter

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I want you all to know I will be gone for a few days. I have some things I need to do. I can still be reached by phone or messages here, so do not think the Seal has sent me back or that I have died.

I do not know if I can do this
At least I'm not alone this time
My strength is waning, I can feel it
I need to do this, but it might just destroy me

[OOC: And again the people included in this filter are Myka, Claudia, Svetlana, Darcy A, Lexi, Molly, Loki, Tony, Bruce Banner, Troy, Harry, Clint, Clark, Ruby...and basically everyone that replied to her last friends filter post. Because again, she's a social creature and I forget who all she talks to on a regular basis. ._. And no, no one outside of those going to Paris will know where she's going. Just because Moriarty moved on doesn't necessarily mean she trusts he won't try to kill her again if he learns she's still alive.]

July 5th, 2012

Filtered to Friends*

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Jesus, I hole up for a couple hours to get some work done for once, I come back on the board and everything's fucking exploded. Fuck. I have no fucking clue what's going on. Mind giving me a shout out here so I know you're all okay?

*Friends includes Amy, Darcy, Priestly (he doesn't care if you hate him Priestly! You're too much fun!), Troy, Rose, Wesley, Tom... uhhh... I think that's everyone. If I didn't mention someone's name that you expected to see, just give me a shout ;)

July 2nd, 2012

Filtered against evil and stuff

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Oh man, Annie's Boobs is here! I just found him in my room cuz I heard a weird sound and I thought maybe there was a ghost in th I missed him SO MUCH! Today is awesome!
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