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September 28th, 2014

September 28th, 2014

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I've decided I should be social.

Are some of you willing to facilitate this with a trip to a less than reputable drinking establishment?

For those new here. I'm Gamora. Not here long either but I've been taking some time to adapt to Terran culture and "technology"

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So, does the constant influx tend to be a thing? We're gonna need a bigger boat.


You doing okay?


So, good friend of yours this Alaric? How's he settling

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[Locked to Jill Dragomir]

jill!! there's a girl named claudia who wants to take us shopping with her and another girl named lois. can we go??

Filtered to Lexi and Ginger

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Damned vampires drank me out of Bourbon last night.  And drank most of the other whisky's.  And, I don't get another delivery until Monday.

And, there were only three of them.  How much can three freaking vampires drink, anyway?

Don't have time to go and get some from the liquor store.  You girls don't have soem spare bottles I can buy off you, do you?

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What the bloody hell is this?

Filtered to Werewolves (No Klaus)

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Okay, so it may be a complete, paranoid overreaction and this reminder/warning may be completely out of line, but better safe than sorry, right?

So the girl from the Mystic Falls world, Hayley? She has a baby who...apparently magic miracle child can make hybrids. Meaning somehow this kid rewrote everything we know and now Klaus wouldn't even need the blood of the Petrova line of dopplegangers to vamp/wolf you guys out. He'll lead with the fact that you'd not be forced to turn on the full, no more being tied to the moon. He may leave out the part that you also will have to bend to his will and whims and, while it is possible to break the sire bond, it's damn hard and he'd probably try going out of his way to prevent that from happening.

Now, credit where it's due, Klaus has been different here. Better, believe it or not. But call me paranoid, I think you guys should be prepared and have the knowledge if it comes up.

Do with it what you will.

Caroline & Henrik

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So, there's this new movie I think you might like to see, little brother. It's called The Boxtrolls. We should see it, the three of us.

You busy?

Should I even ask how your meeting with her went? Who the hell is she
What does she want

No evil

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Okay, Ward's post got me thinking about this. But with how the Seal is being a gigantic jerk and we don't have the one stop spot of the Complex really anymore. Plus most of us are spread out in our own places. We might want to fine tune how we help new arrivals.

The whole telling them over the boards about Hell and Heaven and being fictional is pretty damn jarring. And it can be a while before classes are available. Especially the welcome to Lawrence one depending on what else is happening.

So ideas on how we can streamline this so that people get helped quicker and aren't likely to explode too much? Or maybe there isn't a way to do it, but considering angels or demons could decide the graveyard is a great place to start hanging out and possessing newbies before they get amulets or the stuff that wards of angels we might want to come up with some ideas.

We've got cameras on the graveyard now, right?


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So. Hi.

I hear you're doing best man duties for a certain upcoming wedding. And since it is my goal in life to make sure this wedding goes off brilliantly, I wanted to see if you had any questions. There's books and reference sites, too. So many websites.

Modern weddings are pretty different than 1832 weddings so if you need any help, just ask!

No Annoying evil or heavenly douches

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Right.  My dog's just had puppies.  There's five of the wriggly little fur balls that need new homes.

Anyone interested?

Puppies )

And no, this is not a test.  Or a game.

Livvy & Harry

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The reservations for my birthday supper are set for 6:30 at [business name] on Wednesday. I got a table for six just in case either of you would like to bring someone, but if you don't that's okay. It's at [address] and it's not a very dressy place so no worries on that front. I can't wait to see you there.


Would you like to have supper with me on Tuesday? One of my students told me about a newer Thai restaurant that sounded interesting. I know you like spicy food so you might enjoy it.

Texts to Anastasia

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» Ana.  you might want to look at the boards, love.
» There's someone who looks like me.
» Think it might be Will.

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[Filtered to Steve Rogers]
I've been thinking about taking a trip.

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[Private to all his siblings]

Katherine and I are going away for the weekend with Regina, Greg, Ana and her boyfriend who just showed up. If you need me for anything, let me know and I'll return.


Did everything turn out alright with that girl? Hayley?

Filtered away from Klaus

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So um...what do people do for fun around here? Are there any clubs or cute guys around here?


I never got to say thank you...for what you did. Saving me and all.

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So since couch-surfing sucks, I figured a bigger place would be a good idea. There's room in Building 3 available. Anything special requests, like, first or second floor?

Also, this friend of mine, Molly, her birthday is on October 1st and she's invited us and some other people to dinner.

Is it weird that I still call you Kirk? I mean, most people call you that, but you're my friend, soooo... which do you like?

Also, just fyi, Perry and I are going to grab one of the doubles in Building 3. I'll let you know which one and when I've got all my stuff out of the old apartment so it can be rented out to someone else.

(eta:) [No Evil]
Hey, so, I know we got some new people in the past few days. If you need a place to stay, there's apartments available at Greaves House. If you want to stay, come talk to me or to James Kirk, and we'll get you set up and everything. Oh, and I'm Harry Lockhart, I own the place. James is the manager.

[James + Vamp Academy People]
Hey guys, I just wanted to say, we have plenty of double-bedroom apartments free, so you guys don't need to cram all together in the singles. I mean unless that's your thing, in which case, carry on. But if you want more space, there's bigger places available. If you're worried about getting too spread out, there's three doubles on the ground floor of Building 3 open. Just, you know. Whichever makes you guys the most comfortable, and all.

Filtered to Harry Potter

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So. Um.

There's sort of some stuff I should tell you. If you think you're up to hearing it all yet.

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Can we get a puppy?!

Casa de Storybrooke

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Can I have a puppy?

John, Jacen, Sherlock, Harry (guy friends, basically!)

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I find myself a bit confused.

Where, exactly, does the line fall between joining a friend for outings and dating? What does one do on a date? And how do you know if you're on one?


It seems I need a woman's advice.

I need a gift. For a special person. One I care for. But I do not want it to send any sort of message that may be awkward.

What do I do?

[Bo H]

Are you enjoying school?

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[Filtered to Eponine and Enjolras]

Would you two object to me getting a dog? I do not want to cause any trouble for the two of you, so I figured I would ask first.

No evil/heaven

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I'm going to get a tattoo.

Well, technically two tattoos, because it only actually just occurred to me that I need the anti-possession one now. But I don't want that to be my only ink, so people! Help me with ideas of what to get and where to have it done!

[Filtered to Marcel]

Hey. I saw a bunch of people from your world turned up. Everything okay? Are they good people, or do I need to get Scottish on their arses?

No evil/heaven

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On a scale of one to terrible parent, how bad is it of me to be encouraging the babies to say "mama" before they say "dada"?!

They're nearly four months old now and they're making noises that might eventually form words. I just want those words to be me before Jacen! That doesn't make me too horrible, right?!

Actually, their first words will probably be Kyp or cat.
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