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February 4th, 2015

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Rose, Martha, Rory and Clara have gone.


I'm leaving Lawrence. You have until midday decide if you're staying here, or leaving with me. I'm sure you can stay at Sanctuary, if you need to.

February 1st, 2015

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I made a cake, and it didn't burn this time. AND, the control room smells like bananas.

January 23rd, 2015

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Just letting you know I'm off on a hunt with Enjolras, so our next adventure will have to wait until I get back, feel free to plan something exciting for when I'm back.

I appear to have acquired some very tempting looking cupcakes and a very impressive looking selection of wine, I was wondering if you would be free to help me with them. I'm heading off on a hunt with Enjolras but would love to have a relaxing evening with you to make up for the failed last attempt before I go, if your available.

[TARDIS + Friends]
I'm off on one of Bobbys hunts shortly, don't miss me too much when I'm away or get your fix of Jack time before we go.

January 2nd, 2015

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I've bloody well just about had it with alternate universes and all that, thank you very much, so I think I'm just going to sit here until whatever this is gets managed.

Oi, skinny spaceman! That means YOU get with with the managing right about now!

January 1st, 2015

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Happy New Year!!! This is my first one!

December 8th, 2014

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Bobby showed me how to use this and said I should say hi.

Hi. I'm Katniss.

December 7th, 2014

No Evil, No Threats

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As you all should probably expect right now, the Lawrence Youth Center is having a winter celebration. Not calling it Christmas because ha, not dealing with the PCness. Besides, I spin a mean dreidle.

So we'll hold it on December 20th and, as always, you're all invited. I can also use volunteers but I really just want everyone, especially those of you with kids, to get a chance to enjoy yourselves. We'll have Santa there, hopefully some entertainment (still pulling a few strings), games, and a white elephant gift exchange. Not for any particular holiday, cough cough, but who doesn't like gifts?

And hopefully planning it will keep my mind off of

[TARDIS Filter]

I don't want to be here for
After that, could we maybe
It's nearly been a ye

There is apparently a donut shop in Wichita that has Doctor Who donut day every Saturday.

Someone is going and getting me a Bad Wolf donut. That is all.

December 6th, 2014

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Should I study something like everyone else does, or should I just keep reading all the books in the TARDIS? I can't decide.

November 23rd, 2014


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We have two options.

One: Stay in Lawrence next week and celebrate Thanksgiving like proper not-quite Americans. Well. Except Tony but he's practically British now anyway.

Two: Get out of dodge for a few days. Anywhere.



And if we do stay and do Thanksgiving, Caroline has invited us to her celebration. I can put on my polite-to-Klaus face for a few hours.

....also I hope it's okay I've pretty much kept Toby. Oops?

November 3rd, 2014

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[Voice post]

I found a very very nice boy who says this is the best way to talk to people so everyooone can hear my voice!! Come littl... Its so silly all this, weiiiirrdos

I'm Sarah

September 29th, 2014

TARDIS filter

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Dad can we get a puppy? He can keep Becker everyone company and there's plenty of room for one.

September 28th, 2014

No Annoying evil or heavenly douches

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Right.  My dog's just had puppies.  There's five of the wriggly little fur balls that need new homes.

Anyone interested?

Puppies )

And no, this is not a test.  Or a game.

September 20th, 2014

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Did you know there is A WHOLE DAY devoted to talking like you, Hook?

I found out that Yarrr is a word. And Aye, Avast! I don't think I know what that means but it is so much fun to say!


Are you getting excited yet? How is your friend?

September 7th, 2014

No pro-Apocalypse prats allowed!

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My dad's better than your dad because he totally got in a sword fight for me. Just putting that out there.

September 4th, 2014

No Evil Etc

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I've never been so glad to be in Lawrence. Dying a second time is somehow worse Have more to live for now I suppose

Found my fiance, found my little brother (who's grounded, for the record)...

Anyone seen Grantaire? Even if he doesn't choose to speak to me I just need to know he's

Elena? Jenny? Belle? ...everyone else? You guys made it back here, too, right?

September 3rd, 2014

Filtered against Evil

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My other heart's working again!

 Well, I have two hearts again.  Same thing, really.

And I'm no longer eleven.  I'm almost disappointed.

Well, slightly.  I actually missed some of you crazy lot.  Although, Hogwarts was brilliant.  As my previous self would say, it was fantastic.

So, what did I miss?

[Rose Tyler]

I have missed you.  Two weeks without you, was far too long.

August 27th, 2014

Neverland filter minus Elena

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Look I...I didn't want to say it but it might not be Elena.

I adore that girl, she's a very good friend to me, but Pan works like this, lies and tricks and he twists things.

I'm just worried

August 21st, 2014

Neverland Filter

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Can anyone read this.

Its just a scribble but I hope maybe...

I don't know where we are, its not home. It's not the Enchanted Forest

August 15th, 2014

No Evil, no vampires

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I think I need to get out and about during daylight more often. Has anyone ever hit up the local weekend farmer's market? Anyone feel like coming with on Saturday morning?

August 5th, 2014


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So there's a week left of camp and, like Caroline so gently reminded us all, only twenty days till classes start back.

I want a vacation in there somewhere. And I want the people I love included. That means you lot.

Anyone interested? I'm thinking somewhere quiet peaceful and relaxing. But different. If there's cultural or historical aspects, all the better.

And not Paris.
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