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September 27th, 2014

September 27th, 2014

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Jack's gone.

[TARDIS people]

I'll get my stuff out as soon as I sort out a new place to stay.

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Pros and Cons

1. Waking up in a graveyard (bad)
2. Having no bullet wounds (good)
3. Not knowing where I am (bad)
4. Having a phone that works (good)
5. Not being able to remember anyone's number (bad)
6. Getting mud on a pair of shoes worth more than a month's rent (bad)
7. Being relatively sober (undecided)

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Assez vu. La vision s'est rencontrée à tous les airs.
Assez eu. Rumeurs des villes, le soir, et au soleil, et toujours.
Assez connu. Les arrêts de la vie. - Ô Rumeurs et Visions !
Départ dans l'affection et le bruit neufs !

[OOC: Poetry of Arthur Rimbaud. Rough Translation:

Seen enough. The vision has met all the tunes.
had enough. Sounds of cities at night, and the sun, and always.
enough known. The judgments of life. - O Sounds and Visions!
Departure in affection and new noise! ]

no evil

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so is this what my show is gonna be like this year? cause i want to watch then

Cutting so the video doesn't take over the screen )

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This place again, eh?

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Don't get me wrong, I'm seriously loving the class of this graveyard arrival and I really admire your originality and I would love to shake hands with you and congratulate you on it, but . . .

No. Not really.

Could we have at least done this in Gotham? The atmosphere there is much more fitting for cryptic kidnappings, don't you think?

Filtered to the brothers who speak to her, Caroline and Stefan

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Okay. I'm counting four arrivals from our world.

Does anyone want me &/or Stefan to come back early? Please say no, please say no, please say no Or can it wait until Monday?

[Filtered to Henrik]

Seriously, if you want me to come back, I will. You're the most important to me and if you need me, I'm there.

[ETA: Texts to Caroline]

» Love you.


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I'm glad you have your best friend back.


Are you going to be okay?

No evil, heaven, people from TVD/TO (except Lexi!), friends of Damon

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I have a grumpy.

I should not have a grumpy, it was only a week ago that I was celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my gorgeous wife.

Now I'm wanting to burn certain wife-murderers again.

Someone talk me down from that urge.


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I saw some people from your world showed up.
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