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June 16th, 2015

Emotion Plot: Light's worst emotion...god-complex!

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I could be the god of this world in a heartbeat, or lack thereof, so to speak.

June 5th, 2015

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Cassius is gone, if his shifts need to be filled, I can try and handle that.

June 1st, 2015

No known Threats

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No. Just no. NO.

I am not going to .... He was trying to... I didn't ev-

So, the moon.

May 28th, 2015

No Morons Who Want to End the World

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Now. If you're all quite done plotting to kill me.

Why don't you all watch this

May 18th, 2015

Filtered to Gabriel.

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You understand that messing with the people here will turn attention your way, don't you? And not the kind of attention that I know you savor.

I tolerate you being here, but don't think for a second I ever let go of what happened back at that Mystery Spot. You keep screwing with people and I'm gonna make damn sure I finish what I started back then.

May 17th, 2015

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I'm legitimately wondering about the scientific basis around how much lightning it would actually take to deep fry an archangel.

Gabriel. Up for science?

And give me back my children.

May 16th, 2015

Against known threats

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Well that was... different. Have to say I like the bartending gig better than being a receptionist.

[Those from Dr. Sexy Show]
I vote we all get some good food, good drinks and forget that ever happened

So, the moon. Only if you can bring me back too. And I can still breath and such while there.

May 6th, 2015

network post: skye

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How about that weather, huh?

I've been trying to hack in and figure out this who weird TV thing so we can get our people back, but so far I'm having no luck at all. Which makes me thing it's definitely some kind of magical thing.

spoilers for last night's agents of shield )

No Douchebag Angels or Demons

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How's the TV watching going, kids?

[Filtered to the Television Shows]

How's everyone doing? You figured it out yet?

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Hello? This is indeed a most unusual situation. I have been told that this is the year 2015 and that I am in Kansas? I am afraid I have never been there before and even Master Star hadn't yet discovered how to time travel. Of course, if he was to put his mind to it I do have my complete faith in him that he would discover how to do so.

May 5th, 2015

Filtered against known threats.

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Gotta love waking up to a small child dangling a cat over your head in a poor attempt to reenact the Lion King.

April 27th, 2015

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Before I touch on our latest dilemma I would like to take a moment to announce that Aidan has gone four days without an accident. My son has officially become a big boy and I won't ever have to see diapers or pull ups again.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way. How many in total are we missing? Which channel do you believe they are on? And do we have any ideas on how to get them back other than waiting this out?

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Anyone turn on the tv this morning? And notice that not only are we stuck with five choices of crappy television, but that some of the faces in the casts look extremely familiar?

April 5th, 2015

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Okay. I think I'm using this thing right now. Took me a couple days, but I think I got it. Technology's never been my strong suit.

Either way, I'm Korra, and I'd really like to know who has my powers right now, as I read something people are switching powers around apparently.

So, if you woke up and were able to control earth, wind, air, and fire, congratulations, you're the new Avatar. And I seem to be faster, stronger, and I want to drink blood. Blood.

So...yeah. I'd really like to know what I am now. Thanks.

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April 3rd, 2015

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Great. This is just perfect.

Because being kidnapped is always a highlight.

No dick bag angels or demons.

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Lolololol )

September 28th, 2014

No Annoying evil or heavenly douches

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Right.  My dog's just had puppies.  There's five of the wriggly little fur balls that need new homes.

Anyone interested?

Puppies )

And no, this is not a test.  Or a game.

September 17th, 2014

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Thanks for the ranting guys. But I'm fine

He took it a step to far, so did I, he's better at escalation. But we're good
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