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December 12th, 2012

December 12th, 2012

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[Filtered to Henry]

We've been invited to Lois and Clark's for 'Thanksgiving', since Lois was sick during actual Thanksgiving. You've also been warned not to get between her and her apple pie. Sorry, kid. I said we'd go. Somehow, I didn't think you'd have a problem with that particular gathering.

[Filtered to Graham]

So. Lois is having this post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. Since she was in the hospital over actual Thanksgiving and all, and she's a fan of the holiday, and Clark's kind of an awesome boyfriend. Everyone was given a 'plus one', basically. This isn't me inviting you as my plus one. This is me telling you that she basically told me to invite you. I mean, I probably would have anyway but

So. You in? This Thursday night?

[Filtered to Snow and Lois]

I was talking to my doctor the other day and we're working out a birthing plan and god doesn't THAT make it sound real? and she asked if there was anyone I actually wanted with me when the baby is born. You two are the only people I really trust with that.

Lois, I know it might be kind of awkward, but you've read all those baby books, might be something to consider? Like the final exam.

And Mom...no one else I'd rather have with me.

So, this is me officially asking if you'd want to.

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[Jules, Elena, Martha]

Tell me I'm not entirely insane for wanting to invite Guy to a dinner thingy I was invited to.

Or, if you'd rather, tell me I'm insane. Whichever.


I still owe you a film. I did promise, after all. I'd suggest Friday but um... With that face, you're not going to want to be anywhere near a theatre that day. So how about tomorrow evening?

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[Filtered to the Whoverse people]

I need to take a little time away from here. Don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'll be back before Christmas. Promise. I just need time to figure myself out aga


Sorry for that whole nearly dying on you thing.

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How are you doing?

Can we talk?

Considering getting out of town for a couple days with Kat.

Filtered against baddies

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Really glad that's over. Reminded me of Quartoth a bit, lots of monsters in that place too. Maybe more Every is day a fight to survive, but good hiding spots for breaks But I'm okay now. Gonna head out in a little while, maybe a movie or to check out Gamestop or something. Anyone's welcome to come along if they want.

text to Dean

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Don't make any plans tonight love.

autofilter against Evil

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I went outside.... there were birds in the trees. But they didn't sing. They couldn't, their voices were scared away by the darkness and tension. They're still afraid, waiting for more death. It's in the air. Buildings are rebuilt but life is forever altered. The fear and knowledge.

But they'll lock it away and pretend. They will lose their voice like the birds and instead being marionettes of normal lives. All the while wondering.


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You are both going to the camp, the next time it is offered.

Filtered against evil

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So, now that things seem to have settled, I wish to know how to combat these creatures that laid waste to the city so I am better able to fight them should it happen again.

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[Filtered to Avenger Warehouse residents, Tony Stark, Janet van Dyne, Felicia Hardy, Loki, Darcy Lewis, Peter Parker, Spike, Emma, Snow, Kevin Masterson]

So the Christmas party I'm thinking should probably be on the 21st if that's agreeable to everyone? This way people can let loose and party and still be able to spend the actual Christmas time with their family/friends.

Lights and trees and everything decoration wise are getting there though I am not going to turn down any help for planning/food/more decorations.

I know too that some people might want to bring someone else along and I know there probably won't be any complaints about it. One rule is check the drama at the door. This is about having fun and relaxing.

Filtered from Evil and Enjolras

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Would someone mind teaching me my numbers? And your language properly. This still makes what I write and see French and I don't speak your tongue near well enough. I want to be able to do the numbers for the inn and talk to people better away from this.

I read and write French which is more than most. Hung around a lot of smart people. Learned some things but not enough.

After the holidays of course, and I have money. I can pay.

And please, don't tell Enjolras I asked for help. I won't have him thinking I'm stupid because I don't know numbers well. I want to surprise him

Thank you.


Are you avoiding the outside as much as me lately. Between the fighting and that...picture of our story.

I don't want to go anywhere really.

Maybe we could stay in...together, talk, read, watch some of the TV?


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Are you recovering well?


I know the timing is slightly less than ideal, but I
I have business to attend to in Asg
Would you be
I may have found someth

How much of the 'myths' of this world have you read?

Screw You Evil!--ugh, FINE, and police type people wtf Crankypants

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Today is a very special day in the once again life of one Lydia Brittany Bennet. And you, dear displaced people of Lawrence, are invited to join in the celebration! Everyone meet in the complex lobby at 9pm looking sexy as hell but not as sexy as the BIRTHDAY GIIIIIRL, WAT?!?

We are going to LIGHT IT UP TONIGHT, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filtered to Marian

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This is no better. I'm tired of inside.
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