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December 12th, 2012

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[Filtered to the Whoverse people]

I need to take a little time away from here. Don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'll be back before Christmas. Promise. I just need time to figure myself out aga


Sorry for that whole nearly dying on you thing.

December 5th, 2012

Filtered againt Lucifer and all his friends

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Jack, I have a new sympathy for all the stuff you go through.

Rose, are you okay? Tell me you're okay.

Medbay, patients, who do we have, who needs what?

And does someone want to tell me what the hell happened?

December 1st, 2012

Filtered to the people that know how to operate this bloody blue box

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Can somebody more solid than I am at the moment-

ETA: Oh come off it, just let me get this done, will you?! Can somebody come see why this bloody machine is acting so wonky beca-

ETA2: this is getting old...

[ooc: Basically, I just want someone to come be able to point out to him it is not the TARDIS....it is him. He is disappearing. Oops.]

November 30th, 2012

Filtered to The Doctor (Handy)

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This machine of yours have issues like this much? I hadn't had any issues til tonight but this voice post thing? It's not wor-

November 29th, 2012


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With all the impending insanity, I know you guys could probably use all the help you can get. I'm not medically trained in, like, any fashion at all. But I know some basic first aid. If you guys need to help, let me know? I'd rather not be completely useless in all this, and I'm really not looking to go out fighting.

November 27th, 2012

[filtered to the medbay staff]

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The Avengers Compound has more than enough supplies, so I'm going to send over some of ours to the MedBay, just in case the complex should need them more than the compound.

This includes a discretionary fund that can be used if needed.

We have a lot of chaos going on, and I feel... it's time I started actually giving something back to those who've helped me. I'm doing fantastic, and I feel rather guilty about it.

November 26th, 2012

Ms. Corman

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Tell me this, why is one of our patients now putting out ads for donations for the medbay? I was under the impression, given you are taking care of the inventory and supplies and making sure that we have everything we need, that you would be ensuring that we stay funded as well. If we need the money, shouldn't you, and not Ms. Lane, have put out a message asking for donations? For that matter, how would Ms. Lane happen to know that we might need more funding?

How is the inventory going, by the way? You haven't yet passed along any information to myself or any of the others. Be nice to know what we have to work with at the moment. If you aren't too busy, that is.

No evil

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Just a heads up, but since I can't exactly go anywhere and Rose was so kind to help me out with the incantations and materials, I'll be working on upping our stash of holy water.

If anyone needs any head to 803 and pick some up.

Also wonderful medbay people, any chance I can get some betadine solution to care for my stitches?


Hey, everyone. So it appears that the medbay needs some money in order to stock up on a few things. I know a lot of us lost the money we had because of wishes and crap, but I also know there are some like me who've got a job that wasn't magic-ed into existence and all that fun stuff. I already donated my money over to Peter's weapon acquiring project. Can I get any of you to donate some for supplies for the medbay. I have a feeling we're really going to want it to be well-stocked in case the worst happens.

Filtered Against Evil

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It seems my timing is terrible, but this isn't really anything new. I've spoken with Ginger, I've learned to use this communication device, and I've learned a bit of the basics of the evils of this world.

What I was not expecting, however, was to be bombarded with so many of them at once.

That being said, my name is Simon Tam and I'm a surgeon back on Osiris but I gather that doesn't matter here. My training is from hundreds of years in your future here, but I would still be able to offer my assistance as we deal with this difficult time. If others are going to be out fighting these demons, injuries are likely. While I'd prefer we not have to meet this way, I'm grateful to have a way to be able to help.

Filtered Against Evil

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Well this wasn't the welcome home I wanted, but I guess it is kind of the one I was expecting given the warnings. Demons I'd planned for, though. But I left with considerably more in my bank account. Now I have about $49.62. In other words, I have Rose Tyler's bank account, not Billie Piper's.

On the grand scale, this is nothing. Priorities and all. I'm just worried about the center more than anything. It's run mostly on donations, I don't have to put much of my own money in. But that's what I use for extras for the kids. And that's not okay with me. Ugh.

Not that it matters. Since I shot at three demons just getting there from the airport, I should probably close till this passes anyway.

Filtered to Team TARDIS

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Most of us normal humans should be all right, but what about you extra special non-humans? Everyone all right?

Filtered from evil

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Bloody hell! How do you humans run around with only one heart!?!

Filtered against fucking evil

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Bloody hell, not this shit again! Somebody want to explain why I'm all ghost-like again?

November 25th, 2012

Medbay Staff and Volunteers, and Allana

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Sounds like we should be stocking up on supplies, if whatever's coming our way is going to be as bad as it sounds. And possibly calling on some of the people who were helping a few weeks ago? If we find ourselves needing equipment we don't have, there should be some things on the TARDIS.

Medbay Volunteers from before, sounds like we are going to need some extra hands around. Please check in here, so that we can set up a schedule.

[Filtered to teleporters]
Hello! Hoping to get some assistance from you for the medbay. If things are about to get as dangerous as it sounds, then most likely the medbay will be in high demand. Would we be able to get your assistance in finding and bringing the wounded here, so that we can tend to them as quickly as possible? Or, in the event that someone is too injured to be moved, to bring one of us to them?

November 18th, 2012


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Fancy a trip to Italy on Monday afternoon? Venice, to be specific.

Filtered against evil.

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I was walking to my house and like five unicorns fell out of a tree and hit me in the face. When does that happen to anyone? Does that ever even happen?

EDIT: Acorns. Thanks, auto correct.

November 17th, 2012

Filtered against Evil

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Camp was an experience I won't soon forget.


I should apologize, dear. Events that day put me on edge and I seem to have taken it out on you.

House Storybrooke

Thank you for taking such great care of Lys.

Filtered against Evil

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I feel like going out somewhere that's not the medbay. Anyone fancy taking a trip?

November 16th, 2012

filtered against evil

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I think that the worst part of the holiday season for me has got to be the smells. I stopped by a few stores to window shop for prospective presents for friends and my nose was assaulted by pine air fresheners and those baskets of holiday themed scented soaps and creams. I guess it's one of those things you just have to tolerate.

Is anyone doing anything fun tonight?

October 19th, 2012

Filtered against Evil

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So who all is coming along for this trip to London? I want to make sure we don't leave anyone behind by mistake.

Also I've got the morning shift in the medbay on Saturday, so I'll probably have to drop you all off this afternoon for you to make it to your big convention in time. I'll be back over there by Saturday evening, London time, I should think, and be able to take everyone back to Lawrence on Sunday. This would be much easier if the old girl could still move through time as well as space.

[ooc: meant to post this earlier, but I've not felt well all day. So, please pretend this was all up this morning? also I feel like I've forgotten something in regards to this post, but I can't figure out what. please feel free to yell at me about it!]
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