June 8th, 2010

[info]nylonghorn in [info]bellumletale

Individually locked to 1204, 1206, 501, 1203A, 706, 605 )

Locked to 905A )

Locked to 905B )

Locked to 1104B )

[info]nylonghorn in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 1007

[Locked to 1007]

Hi Boyd,

I'm terribly sorry for springing this on you in this impersonal manner. My name is Peter Kelly, I'm in 1104. Cole and Micah asked me to help out with this whole mess with the arrest and trial. I'm a lawyer, and I'm doing what I can to make sure this all goes as smoothly as possible. I'd really like to speak to you if you're willing, if not I understand, this kind of came out of the blue for everyone and it can't be easy having everyone here aware of your personal business. So again, I'm sorry for taking liberties by contacting you.

Would you be willing to sit down and have a chat? Feel free to stop by any time, or reach me here, or give me a call at [phone number].

Take care,

-Peter Kelly.