June 7th, 2010

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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to apologize really quick for all of the boxes in the hallway downstairs. I promise I'm moving them as fast as I can! Oh, and also, hello! I'm Bethany Austin, and I'm your newest resident on the first floor. I think that this forum thing is a really awesome idea, so whoever thought it up should definitely give themselves a pat on the back. What a great way to meet your neighbors!

Anyway, I'm just moving back to the area, and I promise that I'm perfectly friendly, so please don't be a stranger. I'm in room 107, just in case you ever want to drop by and say hi. Just don't expect any sort of refreshments... I haven't even been able to find the box with my dishes in it, yet.

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[Left in the dumbwaiter, upon the return of her copy of Jane Eyre with notes in the margin, after days of sobriety.]

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