May 27th, 2010

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Public from 703

[Some rustling is heard, a bit of harried scratching in the background. There's a bit of uneven breathing, and finally a female voice.] Hello? Is this on? Shit, I don't even know if I have a microphone. [The sound falls out for a moment before coming back, unsteady.] Okay. Okay, I think I found something that looks like a microphone. I think.

Whatever. Look, am I the only one that is suddenly trapped? I can't open my door or window, and I'm not sure if this is just some prank my friend is pulling or- [A loud pounding is heard in the background, followed by the sound of a chair being pushed back.] Just a sec, some asshole's making noise. [The female voice gets a bit softer, suggesting that the woman has moved away from the microphone.] What the fuck is going on in there? Luther?


[there is more banging, a mutter which can't quite be made out]

Wherein guns are shot and people yell. )

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From #1206

[The rustling of skirts as she settles in front of it and then hysterical pleading] 

Please? Somebody - anybody  - Erik, please, let me out - please, please, please let me out - where's Meg? She didn't do anything - please, please, Erik, let me out - unlock the doors, please. Let me explain, please.

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Voice, from P3

[The sound of furious banging against a heavy surface, followed by a series of snarls and words spoken in Romanian before he switches to English]

Who dares attempt to imprison Count Dracula? I have been tolerant of your inferior species for far too long - these walls cannot hold me forever, and when I am free, whoever is responsible for this will beg for death when I find them.

[The heavy sound of footsteps as he begins to pace back and forth] All of you will rue the day you crossed me, and this building will be mine, for you are merely mortal and I am superior; I will rule this pitiful place and destroy all who stand in my way.

[A pause] Mina, where are you? I can sense you, but these infernal walls will not yield.

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Voice from 202

Holmes, old chap, if you're about, we've a dangerous fellow shooting at everything that speaks or moves. Perhaps you could have a word with him? You seem to have a flair for these things, if memory serves.

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I gather we are all locked up again? So soon... does this place do nothing else? All the cursed palaces in the tales I know seem to repeat themselves, though, so I suppose it's to be expected. All in all, I preferred being trapped with company to being trapped without it.

Would anyone happen to have a version of [a pause as she looks at the title again to make sure she's correct. She sounds a bit disgusted when she continues,] Arabian Nights that doesn't have parts cut out? I need to [...] check it, and see if they've ruined it all as much as they've ruined the translation I have.

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Post from P5

[The voice is hesitant and unsure, accompanied by a halted tap of keystrokes]

Marian? John? Much? Is there anyone here?

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locked to 1007

[Continued from here.]

Don't promise yourself to that dead thing. It isn't right.

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Voice post locked to 1203A

[Posted a few minutes after the shooting dies down.]

So, Stef? I'm. I don't think I'll be able to make it up. I'm sorry. [Pause. There's some movement and the distant sound of her trying the door again.] Have you checked your doors?

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Voice post

I'm searching for the Other Beauty. I'd like to speak to her please, if anyone knows her whereabouts.

Also, I normally don't socialize within the building, as I'm generally confined above-stairs for the duration of my time here, but I was curious if anyone else feels rather disappointed with this turn of events? We have limited time here, after all, and now we are all incarcerated as well?

Locked to R1

[Hopefully] Are you out there still?

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Voice post; 202 & 706

I miss my monthly tea. [Playful, with a tangible heart of truth.] This is not much better than my awful apartment. [Irene and Iris tend to use the same possessive quite a bit. She sounds a little down on the end of a sigh, and has no plans to tell them about the professor or his threats. It's just a chat.]

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Voice post

[The muffled sound of things being shuffled and a few muttered words] Well, this is interesting, I wasn't aware that televisions - this is a television, yes? - could be used as a method of communication...

[He clears his throat a few times before speaking at normal volume] Hello? I-- well, I realize everyone is already aware of our predicament; but truly it isn't so bad. You see, if we are trapped, then that must mean that the Horseman is trapped as well. You are all much safer without him roaming free, I assure you.

Is there an... Aaron, yes; that's his name. Aaron, can you hear this? I do believe he is worried about you. Are you locked in a room as well? And there is someone else, but I cannot quite... oh, this is confusing... [His voice trails off into inaudible mutters]

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Voice Post from 607

[The voice is confused and agitated, and very much Serena's]

What the hell? Wasn't something supposed to have happened? The moon's up and I haven't changed into anything. All of you were out of your godd Why have the boards gone voice only? And why the hell can't I get out?

Oh, and if someone can explain why I'm being bowled over by waves of emo

[Locked to 806]

You're an even better liar than I thought. You really had me going there, Ja Chris. But I won't hold it against you, not after that spectacular night out.

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Voice post

[Quite strained]

It isn't that I like being locked inside my own apartment, but my dog keeps trying to bite me and I'm certain it isn't paranoia. There isn't a chance someone is outside is there?

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...the boy from last time... I'm having problems remembering your name, but are you still here? I thought... we could talk again.

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[ Loud, serious. ]


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Posted by 1202B

[Impatient huff.]

Wendy Darling is not speaking to me. So I need a new mother cause Wendy is a stubborn girl.

Is anybody REALLY good at stories? Like SUPER GOOD. With ADVENTURES!

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Voice Post

(As a direct result of this.)

[Mumbling] I cannot believe I am actually doing this...

[Louder] Um, excuse me? P3? [Audibly deep breath] How's the sparkling going?

[Clicks off very quickly]