May 26th, 2010

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This better not be as much of a disaster as Daniel's post was

As most of you are aware, the Full Moon is less than 48 hours away. Some of you might have made plans to keep yourselves and others safe. Everyone at this time should be aware of what the moon entails - changing into 'stories' or 'fables' which are dormant for the rest of the month. In the past, there's been various people who have been put in danger.

If you're able to stay in your room and keep your fable within their and safe so much the better - a group of us are willing to help with barricades should you need them. We'd like everyone to keep safe and ensure that no one is harmed by events of the moon. Certain people might be able to keep their fables protected by various means - if you need assistance, we'd be happy to help.

Let's keep in mind that everyone here should have the same goal - everyone, no matter what their fable is, needs to be kept protected.

Should you feel unsafe or are willing to move to an area that has better reinforcements and is better prepared for our [...] fable counterparts, there's a proposal for you. If we pooled our money together for a first floor apartment, with the proper preparations, we could have it as a 'safe room' for the moon. This would be temporary, for this moon and perhaps the next, until we know how well it works or have a better plan. If we all chipped in, for the safety of the community, it shouldn't cost that much.

We'd like to elect someone who the community can agree on as being safe to have on guard, for afterwards. While we encourage everyone to come up with a plan to keep themselves and those around them safe, we'd like to know if you need assistance as soon as possible. Time is ticking and we need to get to work now, if preparations need to be made.


If you're willing to make a donation, head over to Cole in 802. If you'd like to make use of the safe room, head down to the first floor at 3. We'll begin settling in then.

[Locked to 703]

I'm getting you coffee, coke, and caffeine pills. How long have you been without sleep before?

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P1, Random Internet Posting

[Locked to P1]

What does a man need to do to be lucky enough to take his favorite former babysitter out to dinner?


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By: xxhairlessbabe69

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Group Lock

[ Group lock to 1203A, 1204, 1104A, 802, 706, 401, 605, R1, 202 ]

Okay, so the "first floor panic room" idea is a go. Luther and I will be starting set-up really soon so we can get this ready for the moon.

Now in the interest of "Going Green," I am giving you all the opportunity to help the environment at the same time as we keep the crazies in Bellum from eating each other. I need materials, and I can use pretty much anything. Cardboard boxes, old papers, newspaper, bottles, cans, whatever. Packing peanuts work. Basically anything that isn't rancid or decomposing.

If you have some junk you want to get rid of, bring it down to 109 on the first floor. I'll be there in about an hour and will probably be there the entire time between then and the full moon. Bring a can of coke with every donation and I might love you a little bit.


And if anybody asks what you're doing, please say you're just taking out the trash.


- Your Friendly Supplier

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Locked to R1

I feel ridiculous Although the fact that you still need to be 'checked up on' is not very comforting

What are your plans for the moon this time around?
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Private to 802

Hey you


You haven't talked to Micah recently, have you?

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R1, 601

[After her chat with Ella and definitely NOT sent from 601.]

Locked to R1
I didn't tell him.

Locked to 601
Mind tellin me why?

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So. What's the game plan, gorgeous? I know I'm cutting it close but things have been a little hectic. We endlessly brewing coffee or are we calling it a night? I've been having a week and sleep sounds prett

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Hey y'all my name is Summer Cassidy. I'm new here and I just moved into the building. I have to say, the people I've met here already are some of the nicest folks I've ever met. And I lived in Texas for some time so y'all know that I know all about southern hospitality. Room 309--come say hello and I'll whip us up a pot of coffee and dole out a piece of pecan pie.

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[She clears her throat and begins speaking calmly and sounds composed but it is clear she is a bit stressed by the situation]

Excuse me, I cannot be kept here, I cannot be locked up like this. Not again. Nothing good ever came from locking someone away. I can see that I am not the only person in this position, should someone find their way out, I do hope you will share the secret with the rest of us. What if there's a fire?

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Locked to 108

[Sometime Wednesday afternoon]

Hello - a friend of yours told me that you and your siblings live in 108. I'm Inspector Luther and working to keep everyone safe for the moon. I'm not sure if you're aware of the work going on next door, but we have a 'safe room' being set up. If that seems like an option that'd help you, I recommend coming over with your family at 3 tomorrow.

If not, I'm happy to help with furnishing locks to keep dangerous types out of your apartment. We'd like to keep everyone safe for this moon.

If you need anything feel free to call this number [# Luther's cell]
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Locked to 802

Assembled. Be by with him in 30. have you tried hiding a reconstructed skeleton in a garment bag? Cutting it close, I know. Complicated day.

[No replies, since sundown is 45 minutes away in game.]

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Voice, from 1204

I would like to speak with the person responsible for my incarceration.

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Voice from 906

No. No. No! I... why am I locked in here? I thought she was gone! I was free before to do as I wished and he took me away and...

Have I done something wrong to be trapped in here? To be locked up once again?

Please. Someone. Anyone. I cannot stay in here like this any longer!

[There's the sound of fabric shifting and slippered feet moving to the door, fists pounding on it again in desperation]

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Okay this is the biggest load of bullshit ever. I'm fucking drowning in candles and beans. You all better be fucking suffering too.

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Voice from 108


Peter? I know what number is yours. Somehow. But I don't know if you're there? I'm not in my room tonight, boy. If you fly there, you won't find me.

Is there anyone else out there listening? I've heard other voices. I don't know where I am, and I've lost my brothers. Or... I think it might be me that's lost tonight...

[voice wavers a little] I hope they're alright...