April 7th, 2010

[info]beaute_endormie in [info]bellumletale

Locked to R1

Why did you go to Shane's? Didn't I say not to do anything stupid? He didn't even do anything; everything that happened there was my fault.

[info]acatalyst in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 706

You're on your own for Juke Joint, Detective. Consider my pushing at an end.

[info]bellum_anon in [info]bellumletale

[ There is a knock on the door of 701. Upon investigation, there is no one in the hallway, but a compact disc has been taped to the door. The CD has only one song on it. ]

[info]bellum_anon in [info]bellumletale

A package arrives to RI. )

[info]dwagonslayer in [info]bellumletale


Hello, everybody at Bellum!

I'm Diego, and I have just moved in!  I arrived here the day before yesterday, and I am very excited to meet all of you in this building.  I'm in room 1201, which I know is a long climb for some of you, but I love to entertain visitors!  I recently returned to the United States from spending two weeks in Pakistan, so you can see I love to travel.  I know very little about Bellum so far, but I've heard that you all here love your stories.  So please come and share them with me!  I love to listen to and tell stories, so I would love to hear yours.

[info]nightmrholmes in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 706,

Happy Birthday.

[info]raver_red in [info]bellumletale


Hey, hey Bullum!! Party at my place at 10:30. The door's open, so come on in. Dress to impress. Or don't, I'm not going to care.

Feel free to bring your own booze, I don't know how long mine will last. If you've got tunes, bring those, too.