April 6th, 2010

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The envelope is slipped under the door of 601 sometime during the day following the anonymous post )

[info]wolfishane in [info]bellumletale


To the unforgivable individual: give me an email address.

[info]wolfishane in [info]bellumletale

email to unforgivable @ g*mail .com

Unforgivable how?

[info]nobleblood in [info]bellumletale

locked to R1

Are you alright? How badly did the wolf Shane injure you?
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[info]ex_peepshows656 in [info]bellumletale


[ after this ]

So. Should I think you're a complete asshole or that you simply left your place before reading the note I sent you?

[info]onestepcloser in [info]bellumletale

Two questions for the masses:

1. Who's up for some cash?

2. Are there any swim racers or something like that in the building? Might as well ask, right?

[Locked to 701 & D5]

Guess who's heading out of town.

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Miss Ella Claire -- what's all this I've seen on the forum about fairy tales? Is this some big city party thing? I don't know if I even want to know, but since I'm living here, I figure I should understand some of what's happening here.

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The postcard is tucked under the door of 601 in the early morning hours Tuesday )

[info]bellum_anon in [info]bellumletale

Publicly posted on the building forum

We have decided that it would benefit all tenants to know the tales living under our roof. This list is being posted for the protection of all residents, and is meant to be informative for new tenants. Should you know the identity of someone not on the list, or without a unit listing, inform us here, and we shall rectify the matter.

Bellum Tales )

[info]ex_peepshows656 in [info]bellumletale


[ after this ]

Okay, Ella. Is there a reason you're gossiping about me over the goddamn - calm down internet?

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Ignore that other POS PSA. This one is for superpowers and what shit people have that they can kill us with. List them anon, anons.

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I have trouble believing the claims of anyone who feels the need to hide behind anonymous posts.

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locked to 505

[after this]

James, please let me know when you get back from work? I hate this, I HATE this Otherwise, I'll head down there and camp out in the morning. With bagels or something