February 19th, 2010

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TO: Daniel Webster (needapenname@netmail.com)
FROM: XXXXXX XXXXX (waitandburn@gmail.com)
SUBJECT: Feedback post

Is this true?

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Left outside the door of 505 )

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Locked to 905

[After reading Ella's first comment]

Merde Why am I the one Vlad was supposed to- I told him- You shouldn't have found out that way. It was wrong and I'm sorry but you might have interfered. He's away from Vaughn now.

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Locked to #504.

[After this.]


Thank you for the [...] plant.

We'll see how long it survives, shall we?

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private message to 905

From: 601

subject: that information you were looking for )

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Piedmont Village

[The letter is sent via standard USPS to Piedmont Village, and it includes a page from the book of of love letters that matches the page Daniel received on Valentine's Day and a printed copy of two separate sets of the letters between Boyd and the Venetian, tied with a ribbon]

Letters sent. )