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GJ: What Is Going On?

During Strikethrough (#2) this last summer, one of the options that I looked into (but was non-plussed about) was GreatestJournal. The thing that discouraged me from wanting to jump over to them was the fact that GJ didnt seem like it was very good in the technical aspects of things. Sure it had features that I would of had to pay to have if I stuck with LJ, but alot of glitches, slow access speed, and downtime was happening there. I decided that if they were that buggy then, GJ would be REALLY BUGGY when more LJ people ran there for shelter.

I see that GJ had to refer people to this site due to overload (which would confirm the logic in the previous sentence). Now Im reading more about GJ admin being lax about notifying current customers regarding downtime, glitches and services that they have had to disable to handle the overwhelming flow of traffic. I know that with LJ that really pissed me off (the not telling you and letting you find out for yourself part).

Anyone have any other information about GJ and what is going on there?


It was always a free service, no option to pay, so I always felt it was more of a hobby than anything serious. No customers, just users and the odd advertiser. So I wouldn't expect anything from them.
On and off over the past month or more they've been "working on the site" as system over there would call it, but in the time since, they've lost a member of staff, dropped the icons from 2000 to 100, back and forth from 100 to 10 before finally settling on 10 and there has been virtually no communication between system and the users.

People are backing up their journals and leaving GJ, which is saying something.
That is a shame. So many people left LJ and went through all the backup and moving process....only to probably have to move again...especially if GJ cannot recitify the problem.

Are they coming over to IJ? I ask because GJ already was referring people who wanted to create a GJ account over to us.
Most are coming to IJ, though they're scattering either back to LJ, to IJ and a few are going over to CJ. Makes keeping in touch with people all the more difficult.
Yeah. Tell me about it. I dont think there is any LJ account holder (or former account holder--whether they joined gJ, IJ or what) that is not affected by LJs choices.

What is CJ?

Holy smokes! Umm.....that is an interesting looking place. Is that a new site?
Yes, started in... oh, something like August. A word of caution, though... the owners have their own special pages of dubious honor in the Fandom Wank Wiki.
Ah, okay. I do not know FAndom Wank Wiki but I had my doubts about this site because of its name. (But what is in a name?)
There's more of that right here for the lulz, especially this part!
nebris made stupid_free over on LJ a few times too. He's got a special brand of wank.
That might explain why my account got deleted almost as soon as I created it over on CJ. Huh.
Oh, nevermind, I see that I was one of the deleted for inactivity (per otf_wank). Don't mind me.
apparently the owner of GJ has not communicated with the support staff in over 3 years... that doesn't bode well. I'd be surprised if GJ still exists at all in 6 months time.
Wow... that's just sad and crazy. Is he the Howard Hughes of LJ Clones?
I recently joked that he'd withdrawn to a hermitage in Antarctica. Now, he's stuck his nose in during the current fuss to make precisely one post -- but he offered no explanation of where he'd been, why he let things get into such a mess, or even a promise not to disappear again for another five years.

It does not augur a bright future for GreatestJournal.
I have to love how the owner of gj seems to think that slapping a tiny Band-Aid onto the site's multiple fracture wounds will somehow make it "all better."
The admin there used to be super awesome when it first started, but it's changed since then. Many suspect that he's just trying to scare people away from the server so he can close the place down or at least lower the number of users. The start of the problems seem to have coincided with that mini-migration from LJ, but I suspect all that did was bring already-existing problems to the surface. The support staff there—those that haven't jumped ship, that is—are kind of panicking as much as the rest of the users there.
No one really knows what is going on over at GJ. The people on the support team don't even know because no one communicates with them. It's a shame because I used to love it over there but now it's just a huge mess.
well for one, they refuse to update any of the open source code because they are afraid that older users will get ticked off about having to learn how to do something all over again (god forbid!). this ticks me off because despite some of the stupid choices lj has made in implementing new features, the website itself is still far better than it was 3 years ago as a whole. as a result gj is extremely obsolete when it comes to LJ clones, despite all the free services they offer. IJ seems pretty good with that sort of stuff though. also the fact taht the staff over at GJ seem like they are constantly in a bad mood is a real turn off for me.