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Possibly somewhat Off Topic

But since this comm deals with "ex LJ people," some of whom are still current LJ people, I figured I'd post.

There's a massive power outage in downtown San Francisco (where I work). 6A is located in downtown SF.

Outage of LJ is probably unrelated to politics or online drama. PG&E expects power to be restored in another half an hour or so.


Thanks for the news about the outage, I appreciate you posting it here.
Thanks! As interesting as a hacker annoyed by lack of pr0n site would be, I'm glad it's just a fixable power outage.
Thankyou!!! It was good of you to post it here. Hugs Binky x
Hi Binky - Yeah - I was wondering too.
Thank you for this info.

I wonder if it would be helpful for there to be a community for this kind of notices. Just so we know if it is our computer/part of the world or an LJ matter.

A couple of times recently when LJ has been down it's been IJ friends who have kept me informed.
Thank you for that information! However, I doubt that a power outage in downtown SF is the sole culprit (even the status page is unreachable). It would be poor business practice for 6A to put all of their servers in one small geographic area, precisely because they'd be vulnerable to outages like this.

I have heard that several major routers in Europe and the US are down, so the problem could extend beyond 6A. No details at the moment, just rumor.
Parts of Europe, Canada, and Mexico are down as well.

Internet Traffic Report (EUROPE): http://www.internettrafficreport.com/europe.htm

Internet Traffic Report (NORTH AMERICA): http://www.internettrafficreport.com/namerica.htm

Thanks, Liz!

(Gee, if I'm going to spend more time on IJ, I'd better upload some more icons, huh? :)
I was just thinking that as well. :)
Eep internet meltdown!

I wonder what did make Internet try to make a point...
It would be poor business practice for 6A to put all of their servers in one small geographic area,

It'd be poor business practice to change their TOS without warning, ban people en mass with no reason, unban them, re-ban some of them without explanation or following their own TOS procedures, too, but that hasn't stopped them.

I don't think "it's poor business practice" would necessarily follow "I don't think 6A would do this because..."
Thanks for the info. I was beginning to think something was wrong with my computer because every time I tryed to log in to my livejournal my computer tried to hookup via dial-up and I have DSL.
I am besotted with your icon! Is it shareable?

As far as I know it is. I got it from icon_byn over on LJ, so please credit them if you take the icon.
Thank you. I will be certain to credit properly.

FWIW, I just got this e-mail from Vox, another 6 Apart entity:

Dear Vox member,

Vox is currently unavailable due to power issues in the San Francisco
Bay Area that have impacted our co-location facility. This means that
your Vox blog is not reachable at this time. This began at
approximately 1:50 pm Pacific Daylight Time today, Tuesday July 24

We are working closely with our hosting provider to bring Vox back
online as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the
invonvenience this is causing, and we appreciate your patience. We
will send another email update with more information as soon as

Thank you,
Team Vox

I am kind of amused at the typo, but I appreciate the e-mail.
Thank you very much!

ah, thanks. I thought it was my internet being funky.
Yep. I'm over in downtown Oakland, but friends in SF called me when the power was out.

Apparently SixApart, Craigslist, Technorati and Netflix were affected, among others. SixApart confirmed this on their Twitter feed, which is a handy resource:

Six Apart on Twitter
Thank you. I've been wondering what was happening. :)
But you know, this (at 7:02 PM EST anyway):


Doesn't mention jack at LJ being down, only TypePad, TypeKey, and Vox. Oh yeah, I feel the love. *SNORT!*

But thank you for the message -- they should be paying you!
Er, when I clicked it mentioned LJ. It looks like it might have been the last to be mentioned, but it was mentioned.
Yep, that's new! Wonder why they didn't add the time though...
well that is weird. I would think the timestamp would be automatic when posting. I am not putting on my tinfoil hat, nope, not doing it. ;)
Thanks for the news, but my, it's been a rather long half hour, hasn't it? Hopefully that half hour will end sometime today.
Heh. it has been long half hour. This is not a time loop, this will end at some point. Right?
I have no idea what kind of timesense PG&E has. But since I know what the cable company means when they say "we should be there before noon," I figure any other utility company might be using a "stretch-armstrong" clock that can make one hour spread for seven.
Thanks for the info.

I doubt LJ will come back before I head to bed, but at least it's good to know that the downtime is not caused by a hacker attack or other such shenanigans. ^_^
Thank you very much for the info.
Thanks for the news! I admit I had a moment of "Oh god, they've come for me!" when I couldn't access LJ, even though I wasn't doin' nothin' wrong. :)


First I thought my journal'd been suspended. Then I thought DDOS again.

Power outage. Sorry to hear.
Not for eljay.
For the folks living there having to put up with it.
Friend of mine directed me here - to be honest, I thought it was my internet messing me about - technology likes to do that with me.

But no, it was technology messing someone else about...