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LiveJournal deletes scans_daily

While the chain of events is not all together clear, it seems Livejournal deleted the entire community of scans_daily after one, possibly two, complaints from an intellectual property owner.

Best write up is at Christoper Bird's website, who was banninated by LJ for posting a detailed review of Deathly Hallows a couple of days before its publication date. Ruining the book for everyone!

Why this is made of fail: LJ deleted suspended the entire comm, although there was a complaint about only one entry on an issue of The X Factor. On the other hand, if I was an unpaid volunteer, I wouldn't put too much time into investigating shit either. Total destruction is always Livejournal's default response to abuse complaints because they won't pay people to perform customer service.

Edit: the mods of scans_daily created a comm at IJ, [info]scans_daily, during the events of strikethrough '07. It's alive and well here (and no doubt in other locations) since LJ killed it. A mod posted information here:



I wonder how big a shitstorm this is going to generate. Scans_Daily had a huge following.
It will probably be sizable, and not go away anytime soon. I actually expect the comm to be restored, with perhaps some modifications to posting rules.
In a way, it would be kind of an interesting experiment if it were offline for a few months. A lot of people on MGK's blog are saying "show me evidence that S_D has an effect on comics sales!" So if it vanished for several months, maybe said evidence would actually be forthcoming.

But the Internet abhors a vacuum even more than nature does, and even if S_D itself didn't come back in its current or similar form, something else would fill its place pretty quickly.
I'm honestly surprised it was allowed to continue as long as it had.
I assume it continued because most IPs realized it helped them sell products. ;P
LOL I know the head legal guy for Marvel...

I don't credit any of them with the sense or foresight to realise that, no matter how true.
I agree that deleting the whole comm was a bit overboard. It's not even "suspended".

No volunteer should be put in that position -- that's what management is for!
I'm now confused about the deleted vs suspended thing. Initial reports said the comm was deleted, but now it shows in suspended status.
I hope this leads to more IJ immigration. This deserves to be the fandom home, not LJ, but even with Strikethrough people were stuck because they're too entrenched there.
Why this is made of fail: LJ deleted suspended the entire comm, although there was a complaint about only one entry on an issue of The X Factor.

I'd say it probably was about the comm being based on copyright violation. We don't exactly know who complained when to whom, but like a lot of people, I'm surprised it wasn't tossed earlier.
I am almost positive I saw an wonderful sounding announcement to the effect that LJ would go for the deletion of individual posts rather than whole journals in future, whenever possible.