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State of the Goat, 2008

Complete with anchored category links for your convenience.


(Personally, I'm amazed that three pages in, there's still no macros...)


Actually, I'm amazed more people haven't jumped on this whole ball of oddity, which promises to be all sorts of fun when it actually rolls out.
I don't get that layout thing, but the (C) thing is interesting. I think that I'm neutral on this idea right now, since it seems to me that it might not actively do anything, and would be irrelevant if your entry was locked because news outlets (if that's really what the feature is targeting) wouldn't be able to pick up on it anyway? I'll keep an eye out for that...
If you give permission, that may mean that LJ is allowed to use admin overrides to extract information from locked entries. It would be a really bad implementation, but when has that stopped corporate LJ? *wry*

It mostly pisses me off because it's such a barefaced example of the corporate body making undisclosed money off user content with no compensation to the author.
Well the one person who seems to have come across it yet says it looks like it's opt-in, so I am *slightly* optimistic on that front, either that or I'm completely jaded to LJ's shenanigans so I almost don't care because I assume they're taking my info anyway, LOL.
I'm shocked it's opt-in (everything should always be opt-in, but so much is opt-out and you can't tell me that's done in good faith), but the fact that it exists just disgusts me. I am so, so glad I migrated.
Is it just me or has there been an upswing, this year, in Mind Police types patrolling news posts and telling everyone they have no right to disagree (or, if disagreeing, to exist)? LJ taken over by baby fascists, film at 11.

Oh, and the trolls telling fan-types they're pedophiles. That was classy too, yeah. *snorts*
there's been an upswing in that kind of crap everywhere, for the past 8 years.
That one I saw didn't even seem to be a fan-type, it was just someone referring to lost jobs. Troll harder, dude.
*wry* If it's the trollpack I think it is, I'm totally unsurprised by his amazing fail.