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More GJ drama...

One of GJ's Staff has left the building.

Thank you, to my pal crystalra1ndr0p, for pointing me to this.

Edit: My apologies if this has been posted before. I read things sporadically because I work overnights and don't always check previous entries. If I annoyed anyone by this post (and I get the feeling I did by the comments alone), then I deeply apologize. It was not my intention.


Feel free to take. The maker is on my icons page. :)

Young John Cusack Love! :D

I was just trying to delete some of my old communities, Database errors all over!
So it was all like:

"Danger! Danger! My arms are flailing about wildly!"
(hee...so sorry...Simpsons moment...)

I LOVES me some John Cusack love!

(I also love my Wrathy icon... *poke poke poke*
Btw, may I add you as a friend? XD)