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More GJ drama...

One of GJ's Staff has left the building.

Thank you, to my pal crystalra1ndr0p, for pointing me to this.

Edit: My apologies if this has been posted before. I read things sporadically because I work overnights and don't always check previous entries. If I annoyed anyone by this post (and I get the feeling I did by the comments alone), then I deeply apologize. It was not my intention.


Welcome to IJ...and aren't you glad you jumped ship when you did? XD

Feel free to take. The maker is on my icons page. :)

Young John Cusack Love! :D

I was just trying to delete some of my old communities, Database errors all over!
So it was all like:

"Danger! Danger! My arms are flailing about wildly!"
(hee...so sorry...Simpsons moment...)

I LOVES me some John Cusack love!

(I also love my Wrathy icon... *poke poke poke*
Btw, may I add you as a friend? XD)