[info]ladybelz in [info]07refugees

More GJ drama...

One of GJ's Staff has left the building.

Thank you, to my pal crystalra1ndr0p, for pointing me to this.

Edit: My apologies if this has been posted before. I read things sporadically because I work overnights and don't always check previous entries. If I annoyed anyone by this post (and I get the feeling I did by the comments alone), then I deeply apologize. It was not my intention.


Ha, that'll teach me to practice what I preach. [info]bakaness is absolutely right: [info]enamour posted this the day after it happened, and it has only been posted twice now in this asylum. Many apologies if I came off as rude or hurtful: it has been a LONG morning of wrangling with my university's financial aid department, and I am crotchety as a result.
Someone in [info]support welcomed her to IJ, too. That maybe why you thought 3?
I think it was that, or on my JournalFen friendslist. Ah, well! No harm done.