[info]ladybelz in [info]07refugees

More GJ drama...

One of GJ's Staff has left the building.

Thank you, to my pal crystalra1ndr0p, for pointing me to this.

Edit: My apologies if this has been posted before. I read things sporadically because I work overnights and don't always check previous entries. If I annoyed anyone by this post (and I get the feeling I did by the comments alone), then I deeply apologize. It was not my intention.


I'm not being rude or anything, but this is about the third (at least) time I've seen this on my friends list. It's definitely still on the front page of the journal for the asylum itself.

To the mods: is there any way a rule can be instated so that posters are encouraged to check before posting "current" news?
Ha, that'll teach me to practice what I preach. [info]bakaness is absolutely right: [info]enamour posted this the day after it happened, and it has only been posted twice now in this asylum. Many apologies if I came off as rude or hurtful: it has been a LONG morning of wrangling with my university's financial aid department, and I am crotchety as a result.
Someone in [info]support welcomed her to IJ, too. That maybe why you thought 3?
I think it was that, or on my JournalFen friendslist. Ah, well! No harm done.