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Right off the bat SUP alienates its users.

Thanks to nebris over at CommieJournal.com I found this little trinket of information.


Apparently SUP is starting to remove the search capability for certain interests while keeping a double standard for those that really should be in the current ban-list.


It seems to be something implemented by LJ some time ago:

Yeah, it was initiated awhile ago but the number of things not searchable and the inconsistencies across language is new.

Reason #54 I'm glad I moved to IJ!

Does make one wonder just how much longer LJ will be around.
It started after the StrikeOut in late May/ early June, and they've systematically added more words over the past few months, without telling anyone.
so this is STILL the fault of SixApart, not entirely SUP, while SUP will undoubtedly add more words to the blocked list.
Yeah, I remember them blocking interests related to Strikethrough, much to the HILARITY of pretty much everyone involved.
I see it as an issue of continuity. There is no way SUP is going to reverse the course of censorship that has been set by 6A.

I'm also cynical enough to think that perhaps 6A did it because they were interested in selling to SUP, or because of SUP pressures. I don't recall being very impressed by the Barak's representation of SUP/6A discussion. (I can't find the link... Damn.)
Also, as pointed out, some of the terms are fairly newly added.

eg: I tend to avoid adding people who have "14/88" listed on their interests, considering how many borderline interests those types and I tend to share (that's where it ends!)... This is a problem for me now that it's banned. Of course, that's assuming anybody would be interested in mutually friending since I'm not participating that much on LJ anymore. How ironic.
...you know, I'd not thought of it like that. But yeah - if interests don't show up, how do you know someone has them/admits to them? I wouldn't friend someone who had "Drugs" as an interest, because clearly, we have a clash of feeling there, one I'm not willing to get over. So does this mean I don't get to see information people are willing to provide?
Okay, I just tried that. I added "14/88" to my Interests list, and "Genocide". Both showed up on my interests list, but are not searchable.

however, I have had "genocide" on my interest list for a long time. I discovered that it has disappeared off my interest list.

Facism_Natsoz seems to have "Third Reich" on their interests list. "Third reich" is bolded because I also have it on my interests list. But it cannot be searched.

WP88 has "14/88", "88" listed on their profile.

BUT. Both are communities.

So I've clicked around (man, my eyes are hurting -_-) and bravo! I found someone who has "14/88" listed on their info which has not disappeared.
Found another (from searching other keywords and randomly clicking around).

I'm not so sure if it's a good idea to post personal LJs onto a public forum... So I will link you and delete the comment to keep it private.

What about users who added the term "genocide" to their interests before it was banned? I am particularly interested in knowing this. Because I can't for the life of me find "genocide" on my own LJ userinfo. But, it might simply be a kink or something...
Hmmm. That is... odd as hell!
So, my hunch is that they only want to destroy communications between people who are potentially interested in these topics, since there is not yet a report of deletion of communities.

Unless further changes are made to the code.

I'm a little more relieved if it's the case, that it remains on people's userinfo. But then, the relief has little ramifications since I'm not going on LJ much except to test things these past few days.
Right - the problem is, though, as has been demonstrated, preventing people who are interested in "child abuse" from getting together also cuts out "child abuse survivors".

And the "No Spice Girls" thing? Well, much as I could get behind that... ;) it is proof of just how crappy their code was.
That's where I hope my thinking that perhaps this and this has nothing to do with the ambivalence effect of banning these word searches.

Or for Genocide.

Of course, it would make me feel happier if it was due to bad coding and stupidity rather than malevolence. But, considering how quickly certain people amassed their wealth, I'd have to bank on them Not Being Stupid.


Yes that does bite.

I hate El Jay for what they have been doing.
I am out of there totally as of December 31.

I'm on commie journal too and nebris is also one of my online blog buddies.


spice rack is also unsearchable.